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Re: Rudolf Steiner - A Biographical Sketch

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  • Nina
    Dear Caryn,Chantel and everyone, Had read this myself recently. Thank- you both. I serve reporter function here only. Do not have personal knowledge base. In
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 1, 2007
      Dear Caryn,Chantel and everyone,
      Had read this myself recently. Thank- you both. I serve reporter
      function here only. Do not have personal knowledge base.
      In paragraph preceding one earlier quoted fr Cotterell, he relays
      esoteric philosophies the Nazi's embraced: "To esoterically
      illustrate their grasp of the secret higher knowledge(the
      superscience of the sun) they arrogantly adopted the mark of the
      radiating solar wind...the swastika, as their emblem - knowledge of
      which escaped modern science until 1963 with the advent of Mariner
      II space mission..."
      Errors are always possible. Cotterell has done comprehensive
      research. (with that recognition, share his fine wk)
      Cayce was asked about Hitler in reading 3976-13:
      Analyze Hitler's attitude toward the Jews. When the CHARACTER of
      those that have received, in a manner their dictations of the
      activiry of the director in affairs - is considered, then it will be
      understood how that this is but that diction which was given of
      old;and how that those peoples though they WERE called - have
      wandered far afield, and their rebelliousness and their seeking into
      the affairs of OTHERS has rather brought THEM into THEIR present
      position. Read they not that which has been given?"When ye forsake
      my ways, ye shall be scattered, ye shall be without those things
      that would bring ye into the knowledge - until that time is
      fulfilled."Hence the attitude that is assumed is rather a
      fulfillment of that prophecy that has been made and is the beginning
      of the return that must come throughout the earth."
      Is HITLER psychically led?
      Psychically led; for the understanding of psychic is that the
      relationships between the mental activities and the source and the
      spiritual influences are being directd or ARE directing, the
      physical activities of the body. Hence it may be said that he is
      psychically led, for he is called for a purpose- as has been given;
      not only in the affairs of a nation, but as in affairs of the
      world. and he stands much in the position as did Jehu, as regards
      that people that THINK themselves oppressed.
      Will you give us at this time any other info regarding Hitler and
      his policies that will be of interest and of help to us?
      It would be well that each interested in the policies, and in that
      which is the directing influence in the life of the dictator or of
      Hitler, study that which has been the impelling influence in the
      MAN - as a man , in the MIND as it has acceded to power; for few
      does power not destroy, as men..."
      A later reading 3976-15
      Explain the relation between the info just given regarding Germany
      and the changes for this year, and the info already given through
      this channel on Hitler."Read that, my children, that has been given,
      that there was the destiny for the man, if he did not allow
      Imperialism to enter in - and it is entering. Hence must be called
      into question."
      If too OFFLIST please forward to Caryn/Chantel. Thanks - NINA
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