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    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 23, 2007
      --- In steiner@yahoogroups.com, "Durward Starman" <DrStarman@...>
      > *******I am back from my honeymoon. (My wife, by the way, is a
      member of
      > this group.)
      > Of course it's OK to post the excerpt from Meditations On the
      Signs of
      > the Zodiac. I'm surprised that so many anthroposophists are so
      > anti-astrology, but I'm not. I guess it's just that 'free will'
      thing they
      > repeat like robots. Naturally, as an astrologer I recognize
      everyone has
      > free will: if I were to tell you you're going to get married or hit
      by a car
      > next week, well, obviously you could lock yourself up in your room
      > prevent my predictions from coming true, so it's pretty silly to
      > astrological forecasts overrule free will. From my experience, it's
      > that makes people anti-astrology, along with egotism ("I'M not
      ruled by any
      > darn PLANETS!!!!!"). Dr. Steiner gave so many indications for the
      renewal of
      > the art of astrology, and it can be put to so much good.
      > Starman
      > www.DrStarman.com
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      > >Subject: [steiner] Aquarius
      > >Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2007 09:37:55 -0000
      > >
      > >Greetings all. Dr. Starman .. Dr. Starman .. are you still
      > >it up on honeymoon! I hope it is okay to copy John
      > >Jocelyn's 'Meditations on the Signs of the Zodiac' Rudolf Steiner
      > >publication - here for the month of Aquarius (I do hope to post
      > >the other month's as well)
      > >
      > >Trust it is in order with you but if not please let me know.
      > >Regards to you, Mrs. Starman and everybody.
      > >Caryn
      > >
      > >Aquarius – The Waterman
      > >
      > >Aquarius, the Waterman, is symbolized by The Man who bears a water
      > >pitcher out of which there flows the water that revitalizes the
      > >Earth, dried up for want of the spirit of truth and the wisdom of
      > >love. As an object of meditation, this symbol is immensely rich,
      > >especially in this day of dearth of the Spirit, on the threshold of
      > >the Aquarian Age. In this sign of the Son of Man, the matured man
      > >comes more than man – a man Christed with the help of the Angel in
      > >man.
      > >
      > >Awakened responses to this Angel-Man sign deals with the
      > >yet in the sense of the Christ-universal; hence it fosters
      > >and brotherhood. The Waterman is bound up with the human and the
      > >humane; it embraces all humanity, and its characteristic features
      > >its love of human beings, a feeling of cosmic kinship with all
      > >mankind.
      > >
      > >As a man's physical form is the mould that some time must receive
      > >higher birth, the spiritual birth of Christ, so Aquarius is the
      > >matrix sign that receives, synthesizes, and balances the forces of
      > >all the other zodiacal signs. The centering powers of the Zodiac
      > >the four fixed signs, each fixed sign having two companion-signs,
      > >it were, one on each side. Taurus, the Bull, is the fixed,
      > >force between Aries and Gemini; Leo, the Lion, between Cancer and
      > >Virgo; Scorpio, the Eagle, between Libra and Sagittarius; Aquarius,
      > >the Man, between Capricorn and Pisces.
      > >
      > >The eagle, representative of the bird creation, bears in its whole
      > >body specialized forces that correlate with the human head. The
      > >is largely a rhythmic system. The bull is predominately a
      > >organism. Man combines and harmonises these three elements of the
      > >eagle, the lion, and the bull- head system, rhythmic system, and
      > >metabolic-limb system- in a balanced manner. Thus, Aquarius, the
      > >Man, is the sign of signs, the synthesis of all of the twelve signs
      > >of the Zodiac. It is understandable, therefore, that Aquarius
      > >rule the science of the stars.
      > >
      > >In Aquarius, the highly evolved individual matures into a
      > >spiritualised being, the `perfect man' of Christ, described by St.
      > >Paul in Ephesians 4:13 `Till we all come in the unity of the faith,
      > >and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto
      > >measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ'. This describes
      > >the balanced Aquarian, one who has come of soul age by making
      > >independent, though coordinated, the soul forces of thinking,
      > >and willing, correlated, respectively, with the head and nerve-
      > >system, the rhythmic system, and the metabolic-limb system.
      > >
      > >Today, most Aquarians are as yet far from being perfect men. No
      > >takes the lofty love and light of Aquarius, nor becomes a member of
      > >that brotherhood of initiates fitted to take the love of heaven and
      > >earth and to transmute the hate received from the reactionary and
      > >retarded people, nor becomes worthy to serve as a leader and
      > >spokesman for mankind, unless he has met, and is moved by, his
      > >self, the Christ-Angel within, called by St. Paul `the Lord from
      > >heaven'.
      > >
      > >Highly evolved souls, responding to the mighty mood of Aquarius,
      > >become conscious of the Spirit in the Earth, the Cosmic Christ, as
      > >well as conscious of the guiding eternal being, the spiritual self
      > >within. These awakened ones become conscious cooperators with the
      > >Christ in the evolution of the cosmos. The Aquarian Age, the age
      > >altruism and brotherhood- when the Sun by precession of the equinox
      > >will be in Aquarius for 2160 years- will not properly prevail until
      > >the Sixth Post-Atlantean Civilization, which will follow our
      > >one. For brotherhood to blossom then, preparation must be made
      > >The preparers are those awakened ones who respond to the spiritual
      > >call of this Angel-Man sign, as did John the Baptist, the preparer
      > >for the Christ.
      > >
      > >In John the Baptist there lived an Angel who had to go before to
      > >announce the approach of the Christ-Ego that would live in Jesus of
      > >Nazareth as the Lord from heaven. John the Baptist who baptized
      > >Jesus in the Jordan, was able to be the bearer of this Angel
      > >he had taken his initiation in the sign Aquarius, the sign of the
      > >Angel. In virtue of John's baptism with water, there was brought
      > >about a loosening of the etheric body from the physical body during
      > >the immersion. At that moment, the baptized were made incisively
      > >aware of the significance of the impending Mystery of Golgotha, the
      > >great world-historic Event and Deed of Christ.
      > >
      > >Through baptism with water, John the Baptist, the Waterman, brought
      > >to birth in the baptized the needed light of self-knowledge. This
      > >true knowledge flows from the fount of the cosmic Christ-ethers by
      > >way of the Uranian sign of the Son of Man, Aquarius, for it is in
      > >this sign that the individual, soul-matured and Christ-conscious,
      > >say `I know that my Redeemer liveth'. The purpose of Aquarius is
      > >fittingly pictured by the symbol of the man pouring water out of an
      > >urn upon the earth. This is no ordinary water, but the new Christ-
      > >etheric, vivifying, spiritual force. Thus Aquarius might be
      > >designated `the Etheric Man'.
      > >
      > >Intense sensitivity is a pronounced trait of Aquarius, a
      > >that is mental, psychic, and spiritual. Aquarians have a marked
      > >psychic power and an intuitive mind, the effect of the Christ-
      > >element, making them as powerful and intense as the natives of
      > >Scorpio, yet with a quality and impression different from that of
      > >Scorpio for in Aquarius there is an airy-etheric-mental something
      > >which ever eludes or transcends the understanding of even those
      > >with fine insight into human character. It is likely to hurt or
      > >incommode those lacking in true self-knowledge or wisdom. In this
      > >fixed air sign, Aquarius, thought power is fixed or concentrated
      > >until thinking becomes incandescent or alive in an etheric sense.
      > >The word `man' is derived from the Sanskrit manu, which means `to
      > >think'. Through making thinking firm and alive in Aquarius, life
      > >last becomes life in the sense of the Christ-Spirit, the higher
      > >the true I.
      > >
      > >No man can become free until he knows the truth, and this freedom
      > >be gained in this sign of the Son of Man, because man may raise
      > >himself as a qualified Christ-soul up to the light of the realm
      > >truth abides. In the Gospel of St. John 16: 12-14, Christ says;
      > >
      > >`I have many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now.
      > >Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you
      > >all truth: for he shall not speak of himself, but whatsoever he
      > >hear, that he shall speak, and he will show you things to come. He
      > >shall glorify me: for he shall receive of mine, and show it unto
      > >
      > >Indications of the Aquarian spiritual water are to be found in the
      > >Gospels and throughout the rest of the New Testament in statements
      > >pointing to the New Age, telling of a humanity reborn and made free
      > >through knowledge of the truth.
      > >The forces of the future flow from Aquarius, revealing `things to
      > >come' in the true, Uranian, innovating, originating manner,
      > >and `turning the world upside down'.
      > >
      > >The hieroglyphic symbol of Aquarius, consisting of two wave-like
      > >lines, reveals much more than can mere words to those in whom the
      > >mood of meditation is innate. Here the intellect is helpless, but
      > >meditation is fruitful. In the cyclic evolution of the Ego through
      > >all the signs of the Zodiac in successive earthly lives, Aquarius
      > >the sign where the circle is left behind for the spiraling ascent
      > >mental, psychic and spiritual progress. In this sign is the needed
      > >fixed-air quality and the dual forces of polarity, symbolically
      > >expressed by the two wavy lines, indicating the cosmic ethers in
      > >constant movement, equalizing and harmonizing the lower earthly Ego
      > >and the higher I.
      > >
      > >In every sign of the Zodiac there are souls that respond to the
      > >negative influences, which are the reverse of the awakened
      > >In Aquarius are many who have not yet been `made a quickening
      > >spirit'. Among them are swollen egotists, hidebound and
      > >The higher birth does not take place until the man reverses and
      > >raises his rhythm, correcting ill destiny and bringing the lower
      > >into a growing power of fine self-control through self-knowledge.
      > >
      > >All too often, Aquarians display a static quality, an element of
      > >inertia, indicating that the soul's awakening has not yet taken
      > >place; their promises remain unfulfilled. Because of their
      > >their splendid faculties go to seed. Although the majority of
      > >individuals still seek their own interests, the influence of this
      > >humanitarian sign is nevertheless making itself felt. Acts of
      > >altruism, group awareness, and free activity are evident
      > >
      > >It should be noted that periodic states of silence, seemingly
      > >strange, are characteristic of Aquarians. In fact one of the
      > >traits of this sign is the need and will to be quite and
      > >concentrated, to be utterly alone at times. `Reticence becomes
      > >meditative power' is therapeutic for Aquarians. In their silence is
      > >their strength.
      > >
      > >He who would seek an understanding of Aquarius to grasp its
      > >significance must meditate much and often upon this fifteenth
      > >of St. John's Gospel. It shows what hatred the awakened or
      > >Aquarian must take from the world and then transmute, to help the
      > >world in its evolution. The Lord says, `If the world hate you, ye
      > >know that it hated me before it hated you. If ye were of the
      > >the world would love its own; but because ye are not of the world,
      > >but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth
      > >you … But this cometh to pass, that the word might be fulfilled
      > >is written in their law. They hated me without a cause'. St. John
      > >15: 18,19,25.
      > >
      > >The Christ-born and etheric-conscious Aquarian experiences all
      > >humanity in himself. He knows nothing of aliens or foreigners; he
      > >actually experiences the truth expressed in the motto of the Great
      > >Seal of the United States, `E pluribus unum' – Out of many, one;
      > >many in one. Which portrays the gift of God into which humanity
      > >come as ever more men open themselves to receive the Christ-Spirit.
      > >Since the United States of America – with the Moon in Aquarius and
      > >Uranus ascending – is an Aquarian-Uranian country, whose
      > >are from all races and nations, we find here the early evidences of
      > >this spirit.
      > >
      > >To Aquarians, no one is a stranger or an alien, not even the person
      > >who lacks love entirely, or loves himself solely. They know that
      > >humans beings are related, despite marked differences in their
      > >evolutionary status. The advanced Aquarians seeks to have human
      > >beings become not only citizens of the world but citizens of the
      > >cosmic. Aquarius is the opposite of the royal and kingly sign Leo,
      > >in that it fosters democracy. In Aquarius, we may attain to
      > >democracy and, at the same time, to the dignity of man; this will
      > >the more apparent the more men will take in and work with the
      > >of love and the spirit of truth.
      > >
      > >The Aquarian, aware of and responsive to the Christ-etheric world,
      > >can never change his conviction of truth or move from his fixed
      > >purpose. The faith of Aquarius is rooted and grounded in knowledge;
      > >the spirit-lighted reason must be able to solve the riddle of life
      > >and death in such a way as to satisfy both the mind and the innate
      > >religious sense. Aquarius dislikes indecision and disloyalty. The
      > >Aquarian has convictions of truth by which he abides with rocklike
      > >firmness and according to which he acts, regardless of the world's
      > >disapproval. As a Christ-etheric sensitive, he knows that the
      > >suggestions he receives are from a realm more rarefied than that of
      > >the earth. He obeys such touches with truth, and when his soul is
      > >well matured and expresses wisdom, such a Water-bearer can pour
      > >his pitcher into human hearts, the veritable water of Christ-life.
      > >
      > >This creative, cosmic sign is ruled by the awakener, Uranus, which
      > >means `heaven'. It orbits beyond Saturn, which is the outermost
      > >planet arising within our solar system. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto
      > >had a different origin; hence they are referred to as
      > >planets. The axis of Uranus is almost at right angels with the
      > >of the Earth. It is not surprising, therefore, that Uranus tends
      > >upset convention and to break up everything rigid and standardized.
      > >It makes non-conformists and reformers. It brings completely new
      > >orientation. To those who can respond, the orientation is cosmic
      > >scope. The influence of Uranus is lightning-like, always acting
      > >surprising suddenness and speed, and producing unexpected events.
      > >
      > >Sometimes Saturn is assigned as co-ruler of Aquarius. The
      > >of Saturn and Uranus depends on one's stage in evolution. Weak
      > >that have not learned the lessons of the other signs – especially
      > >those of Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn – may still need the
      > >pedagogy of Saturn and make little response to Uranus. At present,
      > >undisciplined Ego's react unfavourably, unpredictably, and
      > >erratically to its influence.
      > >
      > >The truly mature and evolved Aquarians possesses all the practical
      > >and persevering qualities of the preceding Saturnine sign,
      > >yet with the added Uranian power of instant intuition, lofty
      > >and a natural ability and ease in reading character. They are
      > >refined, artistic, intelligent, faithful, and humane. Inwardly
      > >tranquil, very quite, but extremely intense, strong, forceful,
      > >incandescent souls, they impress one with their innate, etheric,
      > >psychic power and marked mentality, combined with a disposition
      > >delightfully open and naïve. The joyousness of this angelic sign
      > >sometimes gives an air of apparent frivolity and this tends to
      > >mislead others as to the true worth of Aquarians.
      > >
      > >Hypersensitive and high-strung, they act with swift speed.
      > >they are able to resist fatigue, they are apt to injure their
      > >if they apply themselves incessantly to some particular prolonged
      > >work. Exposure, likewise, may be a cause for ill health, for
      > >Aquarius rules the sense of warmth, making Aquarians particularly
      > >sensitive to atmospheric changes and fluctuations in temperature.
      > >There is a tendency to poor circulation and cold feet. The ankles
      > >are the gift of Aquarius to the marvelous physical body of man.
      > >
      > >To attain to height and worth in Aquarius, we must look upon Christ
      > >as the living water; St. John 4-
      > >
      > >`Whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never
      > >thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well
      > >water springing up into everlasting life'.
      > >
      > > It is God's plan for every man to become a master. It is fitting
      > >that Aquarius should be the symbol for the Gospel of St. Matthew,
      > >which portrays Christ Jesus primarily as the Man. St. John gives
      > >the soaring Scorpio-Eagle thoughts of the Christ. St. Mark
      > >the Leo-Lion Sun Power of the Son of God. St. Luke pictures divine
      > >compassion and love, symbolized by the sacrifice of the Taurus
      > >The three elements of thinking, feeling and willing are balanced in
      > >Man-Aquarius. St. Matthew traces the geneology of Jesus through
      > >three times fourteen generations, showing how, through ages of
      > >a very special body with prepared within the Hebrew race, which
      > >thereby performed a mission for the whole of mankind. In the
      > >Man, Jesus of Nazareth, there incarnated Christ at the Baptism by
      > >John the Baptist.
      > >
      > >It is significant that St. Matthew is the only gospel writer who
      > >relates that Christ Jesus, at the moment of betrayal addressed
      > >his betrayer, as `Friend' (St. Matthew 26:50) Throughout his
      > >St. Matthew describes Christ Jesus as the Son of God in the human
      > >form of Man. This very highest ideal-man become God-man-become a
      > >reality in Christ Jesus. Our remoteness from this divine goal,
      > >is our human destiny, fills us with humility; but the ideal-reality
      > >in Christ Jesus gives us hope that we may ultimately attain this
      > >highest measure of Man.
      > >
      Welcome back Dr Starman and Mrs Starman hope you had a wonderful time!

      Thanks for your reply. It is a funny thing people view Astrology with
      suspicion whereas Astrology is the essence of Creation. I always
      think of it as 'Astrology is the creation lore of God's law' and Dr.
      Steiner knew this well.

      I can see where the issue arises over free-will. My thoughts are
      each sign and planet has its positive and negative - our free-will is
      choosing the positive in any situation or the negative.

      And with this, no we are not ruled by the planets. We partake in the
      creativity of their essence. As Beings aspiring to their lofty

      This reminds me of: Fate or Desinty. Do we fall into our fate or do
      we awaken to our desinty.

      Not an easy question or answer!

      In a birthchart, it is said, the position of the planets show our
      past life(s) - what we have achieved and the aspects show the
      challenges we have chosen. Emphasis on we have chosen.

      And it is interesting what you say about prophecy in Astrology. I do
      think if it says it is prophecised to happen it will. This is
      because I have this theory 'it has already happened therefore it is'
      and when I spoke to someone else about my theory they immediately
      brought up free-will.

      Interesting debate.

      Thanks for the Calendar I am noticing everything said for the week is
      just about true! Nina, I thought your reply was great! :)

      Best regards
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