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  • Durward Starman
    ******* Well, it s a tradition in anthroposophic communities to intensively study a book together during the 12 Holy Nights. And we ve done it here for 6 years
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 23, 2006
      ******* Well, it's a tradition in anthroposophic communities to intensively
      study a book together during the 12 Holy Nights. And we've done it here for
      6 years now successfully---although last year wasn't very successful, and
      for the same reason, not setting it up far enough in advance.

      Of course, this group could do a longer study together anytime it
      chooses to, with no time-pressures. We tried that a few years ago after the
      12 Nights' study, but it didn't happen. If anyone has a suggestion for one,
      go right ahead.

      I think the real problem is that the study of occultism encourages
      Luciferic forces which make you want to be alone and look down on other
      people. This is why Dr. Steiner pointed to the great importance of
      socializing in a society and meeting other real human beings studying the
      same things. You will notice the terrible atmosphere of other online groups
      where nothing is done to counteract Lucifer: the imperious pronouncements,
      attacks on others as less intelligent and/or deceivers or traitors to the
      'cause', etc. No society, farm or school could function with people acting
      like that. So, to start a real study together I suggested using the 12 Holy
      Nights with the hope of stimulating conversation. Of course we can do one
      together anytime in the coming year. Ideally, it should just naturally
      spring from whatever people are working with and interested in using in
      their lives---- Waldorf Education, anthroposophic medicine, etc.



      >From: Sarah Ford Elliott <sarahfe@...>
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      >Subject: [steiner] Study
      >Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2006 09:17:53 +0000
      >Perhaps what is the problem, is not people's lack of enthusiasm for
      >the holy nights study, but the size of the task. To so justice to a
      >whole chapter and produce a summary of it fit for other people's
      >consumption would probably take me at least 3 days of solid work.
      >Valuable work though it undoubtedly would be, those of us with
      >families, local anthro groups etc. also have other commitments.
      >In our college of Teachers during recent months we have taken quite a
      >practical approach to study. We have taken key sentences and really
      >worked with them. The results have been really quite powerful, and in
      >some cases given us quite strong directions for our work.
      >Perhaps taking a similar approach would enable more people to take part?
      >A thought, anyway,
      >Sarah FE

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