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United Nations --> criminally written

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  • James Wyly
    ... It was the Lentrohamsamin who came up with the invention which formed the basis of all the great and small maleficent activities of those learned beings
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 27, 2006
      > "No ordinary reason is enough
      > to enable a man to take the
      > Great Knowledge to himself,
      > and make it his inalienable
      > possession. Nevertheless it
      > is possible for him."
      > --Gurdjieff, page 19, Views

      It was the Lentrohamsamin who came up
      with the invention which formed the
      basis of all the great and small maleficent
      activities of those 'learned' beings of
      ACADEMIA, United Nations, etc., and of all
      their unconscious harmful manifestations
      leading to the destruction of the last
      remnants of the results, so beneficent
      for the three-brained beings on earth,
      of the very saintly conscious labors of
      the Essence-Loving Ashiata Shiemash.

      "In the name of justice I must say
      here that the prime initiative for
      the destruction of the holy labors
      of Ashiata Shiemash did not spring
      from those learned terrestrial beings
      then assembled in the city of Babylon,
      but rather from the invention of a
      well-known 'learned' being who had
      existed on the continent of Asia
      several centuries before these
      Babylonian events. His name was
      Lentrohamsanin, and this being,
      whose highest being-part was coated
      into a definite unit and perfected
      to the required gradation of Objective
      Reason, became one of those 313 Eternal
      Hasnamuss Individuals who now exist on
      the small planet bearing the name of
      --Gurdjieff, chapter 24, fifth flight

      It is Destiny that America will lead
      the world forward into a Golden Age and
      the inevitable dissolution of the U.N.
      will be received as an evolutionary step.

      It is a view that is prevalent among many
      participants on these lists who reduce things
      to a whining and crying complaint about
      quibbling over the past and that all of
      the so-called "unresolved" and "unpayable"
      debts avail us nothing for want of real change.

      It will happen not by force, but by
      withdrawal. This will manifest as
      withdrawal of the blood money that is
      pouring into it from the United
      States. There is justification for
      this because of the abuses taking
      place there but because America is
      in a struggle to put its own house
      in order, the money will continue to
      bleed outward as food for the moon to
      that lunar encampment called the U.N.

      To be awake is everything.

      The idea, or aim, is to awaken to the
      fact that such a maleficent factor that
      exists in the world in the form of the
      U.N. is there as a reminding factor for
      us, so this necessitates that we are
      merciful. Mercy is necessary if America
      is to put her house in order. Therefore,
      it is necessary to "reverse the flow"
      and this is merciful because it means
      simply to get out of the way and let that
      institution which is built on a sandy
      foundation to fall under the weight of
      its own abuses. Since it is principally
      the material support from the United
      States that feeds this monster, then
      there will not be enough available from
      other outside sources for that organization
      of vampires to bleed in sufficient quantity
      to fill their hollow centers.

      Eventually, these U.N. vampires will be
      rendered impotent to do any more harm in
      the world and will dissolve of itself for
      lack of any real purpose to justify its
      continued existence. There may have been
      purpose in the beginning of this institution,
      but that purpose no longer exists because
      either it has been served or opportunity
      was lost and the window is no longer open.

      This would explain the progression along
      the line of deflections at every step. The
      situation of the oil deals with Saddam was
      one of those steps, obviously. It involved
      the Secretary General Annan and his son, as
      well as several other high officials in the
      U.N., and several "nations" as France,
      Germany, Russia, and some "high up" officials
      in Britain such as Galloway, etc.

      Since the right thing was not done, there
      occured yet another deflection. Abuse is
      the logical and law-conformable consequence
      of involutionary progressions because the
      situation has degenerated according to the
      law of the animal. Continuous progression
      along these involutionary lines results
      in the organization becoming one of a
      criminal nature.

      It has also been said by some list
      participants that when one can forget
      justification and right-wrong thinking,
      one has enough energy for work on one's
      self. And then they go on to say that by
      changing one's self, an opportunity is
      provided for others to change also. Let
      us separate from this attitude and consider
      only the question as to what there is to
      change into, if anything?

      What is it?

      The conscious inner circle?

      . . . And what is that?

      Ouspensky explained in In Search of
      the Miraculous that the fourth way,
      as explained by Gurdjieff, could not
      be of a charitable nature:

      "I was attracted by the absence of any
      element of sentimentality, of
      conventional talk about 'altruism,' of
      words about 'working for the good of
      humanity' and so forth."

      Is this not the disguise behind which
      the U.N. hides?

      There aren't any of the checks and balances
      there which, according to the law of
      reciprocal exchange, would reflect the
      Constitutional form of government of the
      United States of America.

      What is this situation a reflection of

      As above, so below.

      It can only mean pouring from the empty
      into the void.

      Many seem to be of the view that what is
      happening now is the free fall of civilization;
      ideas, emotions, physicality, etc. are tumbling
      into chaos and they base this on the notion that
      America is an idea, an emotion, and a physical
      place without a Constitution and these self-same
      three-brained "freaks" who follow this view also
      support the United Nations which, unlike the
      United States of America, does not have a system
      of fundamental laws and principles that prescribes
      the nature of certain functions as well as limits.
      There can be no limits if there is no

      Ponder on what "accountability" means in connection
      with "requirements" and "rules" set up by list
      moderators for list participants. Accountability
      in terms of the real world is not a system of
      requirements, that is to say, what is meant by
      "requirements" in terms of the fourth way. This
      includes so-called "dirty" photos.

      Is it the photos that are dirty?

      Or is it the eye of the beholder who perhaps has
      a dirty attitude that is projected like a flea

      Isn't this what a bathroom is for?

      A bathroom is a real world place where there
      are no arbitrary requirements in terms of the
      real world "fact" that every man, woman and
      child shits and wipes their asses in the same

      Sources of divine
      rejoicings, revolts, and sufferings,
      direct your actions upon us

      James Wyly
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