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  • James Wyly
    ... [the special connector is the internet] Between Gornahoor Harharkh and myself there was also a special connector, so that once inside the
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      > A physical wall in a house is made
      > up of studs and drywall. The studs
      > function to support the actual wall.
      > The studs have been severed from the
      > tree, so in a manner of speaking
      > they are no longer alive.
      > Now picture this:
      > The studs are telling the tree outside
      > of the house about leaves, how to brace
      > itself against storms, about the earth
      > and how to take in the necessary nutrients
      > and water from the earth, about the sun
      > and how to receive life energy.
      > Ned

      > Respect informs appropriate behavior...
      > when someone beloved dies, we are
      > momentarily transformed...questions of
      > convention become moot.
      > s.w. of e_o list

      [the "special connector" is the internet]

      "Between Gornahoor Harharkh and myself there
      was also a 'special connector,' so that once
      inside the 'hrakhartzakha,' when the
      atmosphere had been pumped out to produce an
      absolute vacuum, we could easily COMMUNICATE

      [There is real value in understanding what is
      intelligent use of the internet; something akin
      to conscious role-play which is so essential
      in this fourth way, and can be role-played
      here by way of this FOURTH WAY INTERNET METHOD,
      as a method for keeping a check on all tendencies
      regarding involuntary manifestations. In this is
      OVER THE INTERNET without the usual and law-
      conformable concerns that arise if any of us
      participants on these lists were to meet in
      the flesh, to imagine what it would be like,
      etc., ---> you must remove all concern about

      "One end of this connector was fitted in a certain
      way, by means of appliances on the helmets, to my
      organs of 'hearing' and 'speech,' and the other end
      to those of Gornahoor Harharkh.

      "Thus a sort of 'telephone,' as your favorites call
      it, was set up between my future essence-friend and

      > Fear and loathing often parade
      > around as wisdom and politeness,
      > sleazy turds that they are.
      > s.w.

      "While I am recalling these events of a period
      so long ago in my existence, the wish arises to
      make a sincere confession to you— just to you,
      one of my direct heirs, who will inevitably
      represent the sum of all my deeds in the course
      of my being- existence. That is to say, I wish
      to confess to you in all sincerity that although
      my essence, with the consent of the parts of my
      presence subject to it alone, HAD DECIDED TO
      WAY INTERNET METHOD] about to take place within
      Gornahoor Harharkh's new invention, and although
      I had entered its chief demonstrating part without
      the least compulsion from outside, yet this same
      essence of mine had allowed to creep into my being
      and to develop there, side by side with the strange
      sensations I have described to you, a CRIMINALLY

      ["criminally egoistic anxiety for the safety of my
      personalexistence" ---> FEAR OF DEATH]

      "However, my boy, so that you may not be too
      distressed by this confession, it is not superfluous
      to add that this was the first time this ever happened
      to me, and also the last, throughout my entire

      "But perhaps it would be better for the present not
      to touch on questions that concern only our family.

      "Let us rather return to my tale about the
      Omnipresent Okidanokh and my essence-friend
      Gornahoor Harharkh who, by the way, was once
      recognized by ordinary three-brained beings
      everywhere as a 'great scientist,' but is today
      no longer considered 'great'; indeed, thanks to
      the fame of his own result, that is to say, his
      son, he is now a 'HAS-BEEN' or, as our dear Mullah
      Nasr Eddin sometimes says in such cases, 'He is up
      to his neck in an old American galosh.'

      [notice the above refers to Gornahoor Harharkh as
      no longer considered "great" in connection with
      "ordinary" three-brained beings. Like Cincinnatus,
      perhaps, and then retiring from such worldly fame
      and position, etc. allowing his son to work and
      pay for his own arising.]

      "Well, my boy, although I watched everything that
      went on very attentively and everything I saw was
      impressed in my essence 'pestolnootiarly,' that is,
      forever, I could not now, however much I might wish
      to do so, put into words a hundredth part of what then
      took place in that small fragment of an intraplanetary
      formation. Nor shall I even try to do so, for I have
      just thought of a way of actually showing it all to
      you so that you too can soon be an eyewitness of
      that astonishing cosmic process.

      [pestolnooriarly ---> integration ---> integration
      is "forever" and this is the law-conformable
      consequence of the results of the "inexpressible
      anguish" which Gurdjieff talked about in Holy
      Planet Purgatory]

      "I was obliged to do this on account of the
      SINS OF MY YOUTH. For when I was pardoned by His
      Uni-Being Endlessness and allowed to return to my
      native land, certain Sacred Individuals decided to
      demand of me that this sacred process be performed
      over my essence, both as a precaution against my ever
      again manifesting myself as in the days of my youth,
      and so that nothing similar would recur in the Reason
      of most of the Individuals dwelling at the Center of
      the Great Universe.

      [Gurdjieff is talking here of the days of HIS
      youth] as stated by
      Gurdjieff in LIFE IS REAL, page 18:

      ". . . there were recollected in me all my BLUNDERS
      in my former searches.

      "While from one side I constated my BLUNDERS and in
      gereral the IMPERFECTIONS of the methods previously
      applied by me, from the other side it became clear
      how I ought to have acted in this or that instance."
      --Gurdjieff, LIR, p. 18

      > Erudition is often tinsel shrouded
      > ignorance touted to high heaven.
      > s.w.

      [The above is perhaps a product of the sins of youth
      of a fourth way authority.]

      Another nail in the coffin?

      Gurdjieff continues:

      "You probably do not yet know what the sacred
      'aliamizoornakalu' over an essence means. Later
      I will explain that to you in detail, but
      meanwhile, I shall simply turn once more to our
      dear Mullah Nasr Eddin, who describes this process
      as 'giving one's word of honor not to poke one's
      nose into the affairs of the authorities.'

      ["THE AUTHORITIES" -- fourth way authorities?]

      "And this all-gracious promise was given me just
      after my return from exile, when my first duty was
      to present myself to our All-Quarters Maintainer,
      the Arch-Cherub Peshtvogner and, prostrating myself
      at his feet, to perform before him what is called
      the 'essence-sacred

      "I was obliged to do this on account of the sins
      of my youth."

      [the sins of Gurdjieff's youth]


      " . . . in the whole region of my spine
      there began an intense, almost unbearable
      itching and in the very center of my solar
      plexus an equally unbearable colic, and after
      a while these two mutually stimulating sensations
      gave way suddenly to a peaceful inner state such
      as I experienced in later life only once, when the
      ceremony of the "GREAT INITIATION" into the
      was performed over me."
      --chapter 1, arousing of thought

      Gurdjieff continues in chapter 18:

      "He then continued: 'I am now going to demonstrate
      how and by what combinations of the processes of
      "djartklom" and the "striving to reblend into a
      whole" of the active parts of Okidanokh there arise
      in planets from the "minerals" composing their
      interior presence certain definite formations of
      varying densities, such as "mineraloids,"
      "gases," "metalloids," "metals," and so on."

      > I am talking about the terror of the
      > situation. I am talking about the Black
      > Magician and his sheep. Do you know to
      > what I am refering?
      > s.w.

      > The sheep are under so many orders of
      > manipulation that only an extreem shock
      > can break the spell. Yet, let us not forget...
      > We can Work.
      > s.w.


      " 'God is God, and not vindictive and
      evil like man. Certainly He will not
      punish you or take revenge upon you,
      as you would have done to the vandal
      who destroyed the goods it had taken
      you years to collect.

      " 'It goes without saying God forgives
      everything—this has even become a LAW

      " 'But His creatures—men in this case—should
      not abuse His all-gracious and everywhere-
      penetrating Goodness, it is their duty not
      only to watch over all that He has created
      but also to maintain it.

      " 'Yet here on Earth men have even divided
      beings of all other forms into "CLEAN" and
      "UNCLEAN." Tell me, what guided them when
      they made this division? Why, for instance,
      is a sheep "CLEAN" and a lion "UNCLEAN"?
      Are they not equally beings? This also was
      invented by men. But why this invention, why
      this distinction? Simply because the sheep
      is a weak being, and moreover stupid, and
      they can do just what they like with it.

      " 'But men call the lion "UNCLEAN" only
      IT. The lion is cleverer and above all stronger
      than they are. Not only will the lion not allow
      itself to be destroyed, it will not even let
      people come near it. And if anyone should
      venture too close, this MISTER LION would
      give him such a crack on the noddle that our
      hero's life would fly away to regions concerning
      which the less said the better [Hell].

      " 'I repeat, a lion is "UNCLEAN" simply because
      men are afraid of it; it is a hundred times
      STRONGER than they are, a hundred times
      SUPERIOR. A sheep is "CLEAN" because it is much
      weaker than they and, as I said before, much more


      --Gurdjieff, chapter 19, Beelzebub's Tales

      from CHAPTER 18
      The arch-preposterous

      BEELZEBUB continued:

      "My first meeting with the three-centered being who
      later became my 'ESSENCE-FRIEND,' and thanks to whom
      I saw these experiments with the
      'Omnipresent Okidanokh,' took place in the following


      "You must know that at the beginning of my exile to
      that solar system, certain ESSENCE-FRIENDS of mine,
      who had not taken part in the events that caused my
      exile, carried out in relation to me personally the
      sacred process which exists in the Universe under
      the name of the sacred 'vznooshlitzval,' that is to
      say, they implanted in the presence of certain
      corresponding three-centered beings, by means of
      another sacred process called 'askalnooazar,' the
      impulse that Objective Science describes as 'TRUSTING

      [Delegation of authority is the process that
      Gurdjieff is describing above]

      "Well then, soon after my arrival in the solar
      system Ors I began visiting its various planets.
      And when I first descended to the surface of the
      planet Saturn, it turned out that one of the beings
      who had undergone the sacred action of 'vznooshlitzval'
      in regard to my person was what is called there
      the 'harakhrakhrookhry' of all the three-centered
      beings arising and existing on that planet."

      [Consistent with and in terms of the above mentioned
      process of delegation of authority, the HARAKHRAKHROOKHRY
      is the "head" of all the three-centered beings arising
      and existing on that planet]

      "On the planet Saturn 'harakhrakhrookhry' is the name
      given to the sole chief of all the other beings on
      that planet.

      "Such being-chiefs also exist on every other planet
      where three-brained beings breed; on different planets
      they are differently named, and on the Earth such a
      chief is called a 'KING.'"

      "Well . . .

      "When I descended to the surface of the planet Saturn,
      and began to mingle with the three-centered beings
      there, it chanced that on the day after my arrival
      I had occasion to have a meeting with the
      HARAKHRAKHROOKHRY himself. In the course of our
      exchange of subjective opinions he invited me to
      stay in his own 'harkhookhry,' that is, HIS PALACE,
      for the whole of my sojourn on his PLANET." --
      chapter 18

      "So, my boy, once while we were talking, simply
      according to the flow of 'associative being-mentation,'
      we happened to touch upon the question of the strange
      results that arise from the manifestations of the
      particularities of the Omnipresent Okidanokh. The
      venerable harakhrakhrookhry of the planet Saturn
      mentioned that one of his learned subjects by the
      name of HARHARKH, in order to study certain previously
      unexplained properties of that cosmic substance, had
      recently devised an exceedingly INTERESTING APPARATUS,
      the chief demonstrating part of which he called
      --ch. 18

      "And so, my boy, I shall not repeat these conversations
      word for word, but simply give you their meaning in our
      language, continuing of course to use those 'terms' and
      'specific names'—or rather those combinations of sounds
      produced by the being-vocal cords of your favorites on
      the planet Earth—which, owing to their frequent
      repetition in my tales, have by now become familiar
      to you and easily understood."

      "Before going into this, perhaps I should warn you
      once and for all that my conversations with three-
      centered beings dwelling on the various planets of
      that solar system where I was obliged to exist for
      the 'SINS OF MY YOUTH'— as for instance the
      conversation with Gornahoor Harharkh—were all held
      in languages still unknown to you, whose consonances
      were sometimes quite 'indigestible' by the normal
      being-functions meant for this purpose."
      --Beelzebub to Hassein, chapter 18,
      --the arch-preposterous

      [Gurdjieff is clearly referring to himself in some
      way here regarding the sins of his own youth]

      "Having said this, he again pointed to the
      'hrakhartzakha' and added that by means of this
      experimental apparatus any ordinary being could
      clearly understand in detail the properties of
      the three parts—entirely independent in themselves
      and in their manifestations—of the 'unique active
      element' whose particularities are the chief cause
      of everything existing in the Universe. Furthermore,
      any ordinary being could become categorically
      convinced that no results normally obtained from the
      processes through which this omnipresent world-
      substance passes can ever be perceived or sensed by
      beings. The only results of these processes that can
      be perceived by certain being-functions are those that
      for some reason or other occur abnormally on account
      of causes coming from without, either from conscious
      sources or from accidental mechanical results."

      [In the above, Gurdjieff is saying that it is not
      possible to perceive directly the results of the
      blending of higher influences with those processes
      that connect affirming forces together with denying
      forces . . . . this is in connection with
      manifestations of clairvoyance and also archetypal

      > Faeries, as I use the term, refers to
      > insubstantial folk who flit in and out
      > of the real world.
      > s.w.

      It is only by self-remembering, either from conscious
      sources or from accidental mechanical results, that
      you have any ability at all to separate out what is
      false in association with the aforesaid psychic
      phenomena . . . only then is the real world revealed
      and you are then liberated from the unfortunate
      results of conscious-evil-manipulations of living
      archetypal phenomena, that is to say, living law-
      conformably according to laws of a higher reality
      transcendent of the ordinary.]

      " 'And it has ceased because by pulling that lever
      just now I introduced into the process of the clash
      between the two opposing parts a current of the third
      component part of Okidanokh, whereupon this third part
      at once began to blend proportionately with the other
      two. And the result of this blending of the three
      component parts of the Omnipresent Okidanokh, unlike
      the process of the non-law-conformable clash of its
      two parts, cannot be perceived by beings with any of
      their being-functions.'
      --chapter 18

      [Again, Gurdjieff is saying here that the results
      of higher influences introduced by the "pulling" of
      "that lever", or CONSCIOUS LABOR, cannot be directly
      perceived as can the affirming and denying forces.
      Life of itself is made of time and teaches us, in
      terms of the fourth way, that timing is everything.]

      "After this explanation, Gornahoor Harharkh proposed
      that I should venture with him inside the demonstrating
      part of his new invention, so that there within I might
      become an eyewitness of certain particular manifestations
      of the omnipresent and everywhere-penetrating active

      "Without thinking long about it, I decided of course
      to do so; and I agreed at once because I expected to
      receive in my being an unchangeable and imperishable

      "As soon as he had my consent, my future ESSENCE-FRIEND
      gave the necessary orders to one of his assistants.

      > Lithium, Mr. Wyley, not Liberty nor
      > Death...Lithium.
      > s.w.

      Self-appointed psychiatrist?


      Wishful fantasy for want of reputation, and to
      hold office?

      It is like trying to understand Kurt Cobain at the
      moment of his last breath, as if this were possible.

      Gurdjieff spoke of those men and women alike,
      who had some knowledge of and interest in his ideas,
      and he was especially attentive to the psyche of those
      who had begun to attempt to practice EXPERIMENTS on
      themselves, such experiments as were supposed to
      correspond to his ideas. Usually in such cases there
      proceeded something so completely wrong that it was
      noticeable even to ordinary people in life of itself
      involved in those professions which require a certain
      knowledge of observation which even most medical
      professionals, including those "annointed" by their
      "peers" with the title of "psychiatrist" regardless
      of the hasnamuss nature of ordinary psychiatric
      "science", and that this is acknowledged as a fact
      without argument, or, as Mullah Nassr Eddin would
      say: "No hokeypokey about it!"

      James Wyly
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