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Da Vinci is "code" for --> subjective "essence-opinion"

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  • James Wyly
    . . . . that vice, long since fixed in the abnormal process of the ordinary existence of terrestrial three-brained beings of recent centuries, which is
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      " . . . . that 'vice,' long since
      fixed in the abnormal process of
      the ordinary existence of
      terrestrial three-brained beings
      of recent centuries, which is
      called 'SUGGESTIBILITY' . . . . "
      --chapter 37, France


      "Now, my boy, I wish to inform you about
      the specific aspects of the psyche of those
      three-brained beings of France in such a way
      that you may at the same time realize to what
      extent a deterioration has taken place among
      your favorites in the normal capacity for
      crystallizing all the being-data for ruminating
      impartially and personally, and how a subjective
      'essence-opinion' is formed in them about every
      reality, at times entirely opposite to what it
      would be if they perceived that same reality
      directly through their own impressions."
      --chapter 37, France


      The novel involves a conspiracy by the Catholic
      Church to cover up the "true" story of Jesus.
      In the story, the Vatican knows it exists
      according to, supposedly, a lie, which is true
      in many respects and is why the Church is
      steadily losing force but not for the reasons
      shown in the Da Vince Code story. The Church
      continues to exist apparently "knowingly"
      to keep itself in power which would suggest
      conscious evil. The novel has in it questions
      concerning the Holy Grail legend and the role
      of Mary Magdalene in the history of Christianity.

      The story by Dan Brown is fiction and, as a
      writer, Brown applied literary license to twist
      certain known facts to fit the fiction.
      Consistent with the fourth way idea that
      the laws are everywhere the same, Gurdjieff
      put this issue of the Da Vince Code to rest
      long before this idiocy began in chapter 38
      of Beelzebub's Tales, very simply by categorizing
      it as that hasnamussian phenomenon mentioned
      here --->


      "But inasmuch as that period of time
      coincided with the intensified
      functioning of a certain aspect
      of the strange Reason of your
      favorites, namely, the periodic
      INTO ERROR, and also because many
      of them were then striving to be
      called 'learned'—learned, of course,
      of 'new format'— they inserted all
      sorts of 'absurdities' in most of
      the notes and descriptions set down
      by the witnesses of this sacred
      process for transmission to future
      generations. For example, in addition
      to the incontestable information that
      Jesus Christ had been crucified on a
      cross, and that after the crucifixion
      he was buried, they demonstrated Just
      as convincingly that after his
      crucifixion and burial Jesus Christ
      was resurrected and continued to exist
      among them and to teach this and that—
      and only afterward did he raise himself
      with his planetary body to Heaven."
      --chapter 38, religion

      "Someone asked him on one occasion during
      a talk whether there was anything real and
      leading to some end in the teachings and
      rites of existing religions. 'Yes and no,'
      said G. 'Imagine that we are sitting here
      talking of religions and that the maid Masha
      hears our conversation. She, of course,
      understands it in her own way and she
      repeats what she has understood to the porter
      Ivan. The porter Ivan again understands it in
      his own way and he repeats what he has
      understood to the coachman Peter next door.
      The coachman Peter goes to the country and
      recounts in the village what the gentry talk
      about in town. Do you think that what he
      recounts will at all resemble what we said?
      This is precisely the relation between
      existing religions and that which was their
      basis. You get teachings, traditions, prayers,
      rites, not at fifth but at twenty-fifth hand,
      and, of course, almost everything has been
      distorted beyond recognition and everything
      essential forgotten long ago.


      'For instance, in all the denominations of
      Christianity a great part is played by the
      tradition of the Last Supper of Christ and
      his disciples. Liturgies and a whole series
      of dogmas, rites, and sacraments are based
      IT. But, as a matter of fact, nobody
      understands what this was precisely, or what
      was done by Christ and his disciples that
      evening. There exists no explanation that
      even approximately resembles the truth,
      because what is written in the Gospels has
      been, in the first place, much distorted in
      being copied and translated; and secondly,
      who do not know it can explain nothing, but
      the more they try to understand it, THE

      'To understand what took place at the
      Last Supper it is first of all necessary
      to know certain laws.

      'You remember what I said about the
      "ASTRAL BODY"? Let us go over it briefly.
      People who have an "ASTRAL BODY" can
      communicate with one another at a distance
      without having recourse to ordinary physical
      means. But for such communication to be
      possible they must establish some 'connection'
      between them. For this purpose when going to
      different places or different countries people
      sometimes take with them something belonging to
      another, especially things that have been in
      contact with his body and are permeated with his
      emanations, and so on. In the same way, in order
      to maintain a connection with a dead person, his
      friends used to keep objects which had belonged
      to him. These things leave, as it were, a trace
      behind them, something like invisible wires or
      threads which remain stretched out through
      space. These threads connect a given object
      with the person, living or in certain cases
      dead, to whom the object belonged. Men have
      known this from the remotest antiquity and
      have made various uses of this knowledge.

      'Traces of it may be found among the customs
      of many peoples. You know, for instance,
      that several nations have the custom of
      BLOOD-BROTHERHOOD. Two men, or several men,
      mix their blood together in the same cup and
      then drink from this cup. After that they are
      regarded as brothers by blood. But the origin
      of this custom lies deeper. In its origin it
      was a magical ceremony for establishing
      a connection between "ASTRAL BODIES." Blood
      has special qualities. And certain peoples,
      for instance the Jews, ascribed a special
      significance of magical properties to blood.
      Now, you see, if a connection between "ASTRAL
      BODIES" had been established, then again
      according to the beliefs of certain nations
      it is not broken by death.


      'Christ knew that he must die. It had
      been decided thus beforehand. He knew it
      and his disciples knew it. And each one
      knew what part he had to play. But at the
      same time they wanted to establish a permanent
      link with Christ. And for this purpose he gave
      them his blood to drink and his flesh to eat.
      It was not bread and wine at all, but REAL

      'The Last Supper was a MAGICAL CEREMONY
      similar to "BLOOD-BROTHERHOOD" for establishing
      a connection between "ASTRAL BODIES." But who
      is there who knows about this in existing
      religions and who understands what it means?
      All this has been long forgotten and everything
      has been given quite a different meaning.
      The words have remained but their meaning
      has long been lost."

      This lecture and particularly its ending
      provoked a great deal of talk in our groups.
      Many were repelled by what G. said about
      Christ and the Last Supper; others, on the
      contrary, felt in this a truth which they
      never could have reached by themselves."
      --chapter 5, ISO

      It is necessary to understand the idea
      brought forward by Gurdjieff how it is
      that people misunderstand everything based
      on the superficial assimilation of impressions
      read or heard.

      Those of us Royal Swans in this fourth way
      have no choice in the matter over those who
      are incapable of choosing for themselves what
      is true and what isn't and so the only
      intelligent course of action, as Christ taught,
      is to let the dead bury their dead.

      As Gurdjieff so pointedly himself said
      somewhere in the available material, life
      of itself and the people caught up in it
      is more entertaining than going to the
      movies. The only thing we get from movies,
      for the most part, is more of the same
      confusing tales told by idiots which we
      can get from observing others while sitting
      in a coffee shop without having to pay a
      cover charge. The same applies from sitting
      in our internet coffee shops online but we
      must be merciful and remember that all of
      life is our teacher and one of our tasks is
      to "milk it" for everything we can get for
      the sake of conscious evolution. . . it is
      in this way that we leave the world a
      better place or an internet list a better
      place than the way we found it and this will
      not come about by way of our false altruistic
      attempts to "help" others by way of socialistic
      schemes, movie propaganda, and false prayers
      which do not work as history has repeatedly

      Gurdjieff demonstrated in the FIRST TALK of
      the Third Series that it was due to a certain
      abnormality in us Americans and Europeans, I
      say Americans AND Europeans because it is true
      that Americans originally came from Europe and
      so it follows that Americans "inherited" the
      same abnormality that exists in Europeans,
      that it was due to this abnormality having to
      do with suggestiblity that everything tends
      toward the mechanical, toward the unreal.

      James Wyly
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