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METAPHYSICAL EXPO and psychic fair ["gay 'Old Man' " lifestyle]

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  • James Wyly
    ... Free gift my ASS??? ... Participants on this list prefer to follow the easy path, and comment on ME but not on the actual material itself as written in
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 26, 2006
      > so I wonder what James Wyly is selling,
      > especially in photo 9 - or maybe it was
      > just a hot day? I'll have to remember
      > that the photo section here is JamesWylys
      > private play area. Actually he looks very
      > hot, for someone who is 50, maybe he'll get
      > what he's looking for.
      > Leona

      Free gift my ASS???

      > Two things (n'jamais deux sans trois)
      > first; thanks for not sharing your poetry,
      > second; the things that are happening down
      > here, aside from objective weather, are
      > really insubstancial in the deepest sense.
      > I recall what Castenda said about standing
      > on the real grass, what a sensation it was...
      > almost unbearable.
      > s.w. of e_o list

      > I read thoughtforms and dreams but
      > have to have something to go on
      > before I can start any past life
      > search unless that person is already
      > extremely close to me.
      > Cheers..
      > n. of t_t_t list

      Participants on this list prefer to follow the
      "easy" path, and comment on ME but not on the
      actual material itself as written in the Tales.
      As I have stated before, this is unavoidable
      because the internet falls on the involutionary
      scale and so the law of the animal is at work
      here. Our struggle is entirely and precisely all
      about this: to separate from the animal and master
      it. People delude themselves into thinking they
      can accomplish this by mastering others
      without taking into consideration that this is
      not possible unless they have mastered themselves
      first of all. To do this, self-remembering is
      necessary, not by way of PSYCHIC READINGS by
      vampires at METAPHYSICAL EXPOS who cannot keep
      what they attain for SUCKING UP to others in
      some way or other. In the end, such psychic
      reading vampires lose everything for not
      understanding what they attain. Gurdjieff
      made a vow to himself to constantly reverse
      this "inherency" of his in connection with
      telepathy and hypnosis:

      "What is there contained in my general
      presence which, if I should remove it
      from myself, would always in my various
      general states be reminding me of itself?

      Thinking and thinking, I came to the
      conclusion that if I should intentionally
      stop utilizing the exceptional power in my
      possession which had been developed by me
      consciously in my common life with people,
      then there must be forced out of me such a

      Namely, the power based upon strength in
      the field of "HANBLEDZOIN," or, as it would
      be called by others, THE POWER OF TELEPATHY

      Thanks mainly to this my INHERENCY, developed
      in me by myself, I, in the process of general
      life, especially for the last two years, had
      been SPOILED and DEPRAVED to the CORE, so that
      most likely this would remain for all my life.

      And so, if consciously I would deprive myself
      of this grace of my INHERENCY, then undoubtedly
      always and in everything his absence would
      be felt.

      I take an oath to remember never to make use of
      this INHERENCY of mine and thereby to deprive
      myself from satisfying MOST OF MY VICES. In the
      process of living together with others, this
      beloved INHERENCY will always be a REMINDER
      for me."
      -Gurdjieff, pages 19-25, Third Series

      > The problem is not with our thinking,
      > corrupted by reason as it may be, but
      > with the state of our hearts...the
      > lack of meaningful enthusiasm...absence
      > of Aim.
      > s.w. of e_o list

      Preparation is necessary before one is able to
      transmit knowledge as well as to receive it.
      Aim is necessary for this. We cannot give or
      receive knowledge if we are constantly testing
      everyone and behaving "testy" as a reactive and
      mechanical response to those whom we imagine are
      testing us. This is especially so if someone
      is "testing" your aim like an ordinary school
      teacher as though it were for nothing more than
      an ordinary life-of-itself classroom assignment.


      > Use everything. Even an aversion and
      > certainly a phobic consideration imbalance
      > has enormous energetic potential. We are
      > stringing beads here.
      > s.w. of e_o list

      > I am leery of people who use the word
      > conscious applied to anything. Sex is
      > at best reciprcal maintenance. The danger
      > comes from the imagination. The interplay
      > of hormones is wonderfully healthy...if
      > only we could remember in the heat of it
      > all to breathe and be grateful . . .
      > s.w. of e_o list

      Obligation to Aim must be met with by way of
      conscious effort, not by neurotic and orgiastic
      compulsion used of riotously by drunken
      merrymaking as in "a night of bacchanalian
      revelry" as it would manifest from such ancient
      Roman depraved festivals "in honor of Bacchus;"
      or as a "carousing band of drunken soldiers"
      pictured by Gurdjieff according to the laws of
      "mentation by form" in chapter 34 on Russia
      having to do with the influence of alcoholism
      by those Russian vodka drinking "pillars" and
      other "free standing vertical supports" of
      society, such pillars as will turn, similar
      to the "sexual turns" of the ancient Romans,
      instantly into inflamed flea dicks irrupting
      from oneself or others in the sense of the
      mechanical man "hoping things will get better."

      The above is a description of the typical
      ordinary life of the so-called "gay" old man
      and of the "gay" so-called "lifestyle" in

      > I think the reason for this shocking
      > language is that "love" can be a barrier
      > to the effective use of sex.
      > j.t. of e_o list

      > Work encourages results, brings doing
      > into the heart, but most hearts are
      > filthy and capable only of Dirty Work.
      > s.w. of e_o list

      If there is a real purpose for testing and for
      tests in general, it is not for the purpose of
      being an aim in itself; it cannot be our aim nor
      as a desire for any of us to want to test others
      or to be tested and then to feel reactively and
      mechanically, therefore, falsely, obligated to
      "pass" any test given to us by others as though
      that were an aim in itself and for no higher aim
      . . . as though there were nothing greater than

      > For the very reason that America is
      > one of the two countries in the unfoldment
      > of human "civilization" to ever even
      > partially exhibit a capacity for self
      > regulation, she is regarded and treated
      > as threatening by certain individuals
      > who have a remarkable track record for
      > getting things to go "their way".
      > s.w. of e_o list

      > There are practical energetic reasons
      > for avoiding man on man sex, in my opinion,
      > that is for me. Sex as a power trip is
      > dangerous and destructive.
      > s.w. of e_o list

      > and be grateful for Death, the great
      > provider. Screwing around is dangerous
      > throughout the octave.
      > s.w. of e_o list

      It does not help to impose on other people what
      they "should do" or "ought to do" about the state
      of the world and not just "hope" things will get
      better and then we shall avoid war, etc. This is
      not much better than living in constant neurotic
      and orgiastic fear of death which happens to be the
      real world, and for most people it is the world of
      the so-called "unconscious" of which they are unaware
      as well as deny, like Peter denied Christ until
      his own event of Rebirth after the COCK crew three
      times. Christ then saw Peter in his state of joy of
      a Reborn Conscience. And then Peter looked eye
      to eye with Christ and WEPT because it was in that
      state of awakened Conscience that Peter UNDERSTOOD
      IN FULL for the first time everything that Christ
      taught him. This state of joy and weeping can only
      happen in a state of Objective Conscience, or
      Grace. It was then that Peter became Peter the

      "A man can merely hope for Objective
      Consciousness, but hope will not give
      it to him. He has to work on himself
      here and now, and not hope that he
      will be given it in some other
      existence. So this system promises
      nothing. But if a man works he will
      get something. Let us say, he will
      receive leather with which to make
      shoes. But he must make the shoes
      himself, so that they fit him. They

      The fourth way does not promise anything to anyone
      regardless of position in the world, or how wealthy
      and successful in the ordinary life of itself sense,
      etc. and we are all of us equal as beggars before
      God in this respect. This is not very well understood
      about the fourth way. Nothing comes by "entitlement."
      Nothing is "owed" to you.

      > the things that are happening down
      > here [on earth], aside from objective
      > weather, are really insubstancial in
      > the deepest sense.
      > s.w. of e_o list

      You must pay for what you want, and pay with effort.
      Gurdjieff said that a man must begin by realizing
      what he actually is now, that he is not yet conscious.
      He begins this by remembering himself. Gurdjieff also
      said that because people do not begin in this way,
      then they base themselves on such things as hope
      for a life after death and that some promised
      Messiah will come and do it all for them; all of
      this is in a state of sleep.

      It will not lead to anything if the testing phenomenon
      is an aim in itself and this reveals to us other very
      important features that people expose of themselves when
      they behave in this way. They are not working and
      preparing themselves, training themselves or receiving
      training, for when the time comes when all of their
      preparation will meet with opportunity ---> reciprocal
      exchange. It is one of those aspects of the horror of
      the situation regarding the fourth way idea that we are
      all of us locked in a prison and if we are truly sane
      beings, then our only desire is to want to escape. Can
      it be definitely said that everyone here on this list
      is doing this? We are all of us caught up in life-of-
      itself agendas of every kind and this is our prison.
      How to escape is the question.

      So, it goes without saying, Gurdjieff having already
      said it for us in Chapter 1, the arousing of thought,
      of the Tales, that such preparation mentioned above
      is necessary in addition "to the extent permitted by
      data already formed in [our] whole presence and
      thoroughly rooted in it for such a manifestation,
      data, by the way, which are generally formed in man's
      nature during his preparatory years, and which later,
      during his responsible life, determine the character
      and vivifyingess" of the results of all of his
      preparation to meet with opportunity.

      Gurdjieff was honest in the objective sense when
      he wrote all his own material and said that he
      expected without the slightest doubt that owing
      to his writings there will completely disappear
      in the majority of readers all the "treasures"
      they have attained from life experience of itself,
      treasures acquired either by inheritance or by
      their own labor, in the form of self-calming
      notions that evoke only fantastic and bizarre
      images of their present lives or unrealistic
      dreams about the future.


      > Femdom. Men want to have sexual
      > relations, kicks, thrills with
      > dominant women. They want fetishes.
      > So every time they see 'matriarchy'
      > they see 'dominant woman.' What do
      > they see? Autonomy, freedom for women,
      > independence? No, of course not,
      > they see,
      > 'Dominating strong women who will
      > cater to my emotional, physical and
      > sexual needs.'
      > And so of course, femdom men are eager
      > for matriarchy. But is it out of the
      > goodness of their hearts? Are they
      > committed to the cause? Will they
      > enhance the women or only burden them?

      > Women all around me I see believe in
      > these men and I scream as loud as
      > I can,
      > Rasa Von Werder

      This entire post written with the aim that it
      can be taken by the reader in one of two ways:

      1) Personally, negatively and reactive
      mechanically. or,

      2) Objectively, from seeing that we are all of
      us in this stew of life-of-itself together and
      our real love-your-neighbor-as-yourself work here
      is to pull one another out of each other's hair,
      pull our flea dicks out of one another's asses,
      pull our faces out of one another's pussies,
      dust off useless suffering, false morality,
      useless mechanical feelings of guilt, and GET
      ON WITH IT!!

      You must choose. I cannot choose for you.

      " . . . . whether these circumstances arose
      accidentally or were created intentionally
      by extraneous forces I do not yet know I only
      know that these circumstances bid me write not
      just some trifle for reading oneself to sleep,
      but thick and weighty tomes.

      However that may be, I begin . . . "

      --Gurdjieff, arousing of thought

      "he wrote reams and reams" . . .

      James Wyly
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