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Head Start to insanity

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  • James Wyly
    The following is an example of the kind of insanity run by bureaucrats behind the usual guise of altruism and philanthropy within that indoctrination program
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 26, 2006
      The following is an example of the kind
      of insanity run by bureaucrats behind the
      usual guise of altruism and philanthropy
      within that indoctrination program called
      Head Start (taken from their "executive
      summary" for this county):

      "Just imagine! Imagine what our communities
      would be if we placed a priority on our
      youngest children – those yet developing
      in the womb and those in the most critical
      period of brain development and social-
      emotional development – those children between
      the ages of 0-to-5 years old. What if our
      youngest children were treated as treasures
      by their parents and caregivers as well as by
      members of the general community? What if their
      environments allowed them to establish trusting,
      loving relationships? What if they were well-
      nourished and cognitively stimulated? What if
      they were raised in healthy communities --free
      of violence, free of smoke, free of substance
      abuse? What if their health and development
      were attended to in ways that ensured their
      optimal physical, social, emotional, mental,
      spiritual and intellectual functioning?"

      The whole thing is here in the above statement.
      Indoctrination from beginning to finish. Any
      parent in his or her right mind would be a fool
      to let their children be cared for by those

      I have seen them! I have been observing these
      idiots for a long time.

      There is a Head Start across the street from me
      where I live.

      They have more women working over there than
      the number of children that they care for at
      any given time. I have seen and continue to
      see truckloads of paper, by the tons, delivered
      to that office for what is obviously a shit
      load of red tape and bureaucratic "job creating"
      nonsense to keep all those women busy in that
      strange "day care" center over there.

      The women that work there look disgusting and fat.
      All of them!!! FAT!! With big elephant FAT ASSES!

      Their disgusting fatness SAYS IT ALL!!!

      It is a whole lot of make-work shit that the
      hasnamuss "inner circle" community has set up
      so they can have a place to keep their
      own kids while they go about their daily
      bureaucratic task of robbing the honest people
      in this community in all kinds of ways. Again,
      as I have stated before, I have accumulated
      evidence of federal crimes by the people here
      in this "it takes a village" community and
      also the ongoing accumulation of evidence of
      illegal entrapment activities by the police here
      including names of several witnesses, and
      names as well as statements, written and
      signed, by some of the kids that the police
      use as "decoys". In effect, the police
      behave in the capacity of "pimps" with
      regard to how they direct some of those kids,
      the instructions they give them, etc. It is
      absolutely bizarre what these kids are
      telling me. The police here have absolutely
      no idea what they are doing.

      It must be terrible for those poor young children
      in the Head Start to have to look up at those
      elephant ass panty lines and probably will grow
      up disturbed and neurotic for life.

      And the Head Start across the street
      IS NOT A SAFE PLACE! During the last
      two years: A 14 year old kid died over
      there at the corner in an accident. I have
      repeatedly called the city to have a street
      light placed there before and after that
      event happened. An old man that lived next
      door to me was disgruntled with the county
      for something they were doing to him
      and he decided to drive his truck into the
      entrance of the Head Start and killed the young
      woman there in that front office. On another
      occasion, a police car was chasing someone,
      the officer lost control of his car and
      crashed into the entrance of the Head Start
      like the old man before him.

      I have seen the burearcrats that work over there
      drive their cars up and down the public sidewalk
      in front of the Head Start.

      And the insanity in this town never ends!

      James Wyly
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