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BABY APE BRUCE, an ape story

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  • James Wyly
    ... I was already writing my shit in this post when you wrote the shit above, but that is my fault. ... If what you say above is so, do not say so, that is, if
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 26, 2006
      > It's not ALWAYS about sex James.
      > Lisa

      I was already writing my shit
      in this post when you wrote the
      shit above, but that is my fault.

      > I did not read the entirety
      > because it was too long for me
      > today, but what I did read toward
      > the end hit the nail on the head.I
      > often practice mentation in the face
      > of an adversary, and it is so true ,
      > the things you mentioned about your
      > fourth way experiment. Thanks for
      > sharing. I also like the reminders
      > you give from the great teachers.
      > It's so true that we all have
      > filters based on previous
      > experience. I'm going back to
      > Harbin in July for a self
      > remembering reminder!
      > Lisa

      If what you say above is so, do not
      say so, that is, if you wish to
      keep this new found treasure. Follow
      this method with me as of this
      point, commit yourself a little to
      it, and then you will keep what
      you have found. You are writing the
      above as someone who is thanking
      me and it is sincere. But do not
      get caught in the illusion that it
      was something that I did as if I
      were God and could perform that
      kind of miracle. We all know what
      happened to al-Zarqawi for
      committing that very sin. For now,
      first instruction is this . . .

      Do not reveal your aim. There is no
      treasure without aim, so there
      must be an aim, and if there is aim,
      then it must also remain hidden. One
      goes with the other. The case may be
      different where rules are set for
      groups in other places, but since
      this is the fourth way internet method
      and different unavoidable real world
      rules apply here which do not elsewhere,
      then you must keep silent as suggested
      above, otherwise you are behaving again
      as someone in ordinary life, in some
      group in ordinary life, apart from the

      Do not reveal this here. What you are
      saying above is very good and we will
      make use of it. I am "picking you up"
      now and you may actually be feeling this,
      so that you may continue to the next step.
      Ponder on aim, aim will develop with
      accumulation of material, or treasure,
      and then the next step, what to do, will
      be revealed. "Doing" is substance; it is
      material, and it must be protected like
      you would protect your own child. Sometimes
      it may happen that you can actually see
      the inner child by sitting with tension
      and not reacting to people around you
      involuntarily. This happened to me here
      in town when I as the target of an
      entrapment, or "sting operation" by what
      is a psychopathic mental health community.
      A statuesque woman, stunning actually,
      and revealing, very strong sexual energy
      and strong enough that I saw what looked
      like a chastity belt form around me. She
      looks like the James Bond girl I have
      posted in the photo section. She was, her
      tits, that is, how should I put it, she is
      one of those kind of women who has
      developed an ability with breasts which is
      a secret weapon with certain women who use
      their sex for power and abuse sexual energy,
      handbledzoin, illusion, so-called "prana",
      kundalini, etc. and the psychopathy never
      ends. It is always the case with police
      women who look the way she does that a
      one-way ability can develop; negative
      clairvoyance, and can yank at a man's dick,
      even making him do something involuntarily
      just by proximity. I have seen it happen. I
      have seen a woman, a young woman, from the
      opposite corner of a room in one of the
      government offices here fall into a sweat
      and orgasm where she was standing. The
      vision that arose at that moment was
      King Kong. It is because she was yanking
      at my dick from across the room and her
      "wilfulness" reversed back on her. Many
      times a woman has tried this with me and
      her ability then passes to me, and then
      usually what happens is it passes to
      another woman who is poor in spirit and
      has gravitated to a place in her development
      that she sets free men rather than trap
      them. She liberates them. Unconsciously,
      at first, because it is always the honest
      woman that attract this ability, develops
      it, and then it happens that they may
      indulge in temptation to use it for other
      reasons than what such an ability would be
      intended for in terms of evolution. Then
      you have the police women, the Electra,
      on a path of retribution, and she will
      follow that line of fate until she meets
      someone like me. It is then that deflection
      occurs, she is toast, because this is what
      Robin Hood does --- steal from the rich and
      give to the poor. Ponder on what this means
      in terms of the inner life.

      It has to do with attitude and what a
      person is doing with his or her sexual
      function. If I was wearing one, a chastity
      belt, then she was also. It is then that
      the Hidden Hand reveals the one round that
      only one who is quick can see and then know
      what to do in order to walk on the winds
      of change that always prevail after. The
      Hidden Hand can only do this once,
      according to law. Your obligation to
      that same higher law, created by God and
      cannot be interfered with even by Him, is
      to remember yourself by remembering your aim.
      If your aim is a good aim, not for something
      worldly, then you will see what is revealed.
      One of us may see, the other may not see,
      this also is revealed. If only one sees,
      and, consequently, since it is clear that
      the other does not, simply follow your aim,
      make your escape, and that other adversary
      will deflect according to law without
      taking you down with him or her and taking
      your treasure also.

      My work was to sacrifice a fantasy that
      arose at that moment when the woman came
      toward me while I was sitting in Wal Mart
      harmlessly observing everyone which is
      necessary for my work, and for my writing
      in precisely the same way as it was for
      Gurdjieff. Gurdjieff did this everywhere
      in Paris, would sit for hours, writing,
      and a lot of observing.

      Within my chastity belt, while my eyes were
      hopelessly locked on her nipples which
      appeared to me as sunflowers, warm yellow
      ones proud and prominent with authority,
      as she walked past, like I was fucking
      Maximus the Gladiator chosen to pleasure
      this wealthy woman who has attained
      manifestation of fullness of her potential
      and using her magnetism to a level that I
      don't know if I have ever confronted such
      power, sexual power, in a woman before,
      except for the big bus full of rainbow
      women out at the lake, but that is another
      story, yet, to continue, was quite
      extraordinary, and she was full of treasure
      looking to steal some more. I saw a baby
      angel child, about one year of age, inside
      of me, reach with the left hand and throw
      the food she had just given me back in her
      face, what otherwise would have errupted
      like a King Kong Volcano involuntarily,
      possibly even at that moment because this
      did happen to me in another restaurant
      here in town, that is to say, I orgasmed
      at my seat, walked out with the big wet
      stain, proudly, and made my escape. It was
      unplanned, sometimes that happens. But it
      was a woman that looked like her. Only,
      in this case, which just happened a few
      days ago, the inner child arose, the sexual
      function mastered from Above which is what
      the angel would represent, and I then saw a
      lightning bolt strike through the middle of
      that woman, a lightning bolt of Love from
      Zeus. It paralyzed her, but she still had
      a hold of me.

      The next thing I did was walk to the
      entrance of the Wal Mart, and then a sudden
      flash rain broke, a flood, with the Sun
      shining bright, at that very moment,
      miraculously, a beautiful rainbow made
      its appearance like a work of art, and
      I didn't want to get my $70.00 jacket
      wet, so my vanity was hooked. While I was
      waiting and watching a truly unusual rain
      event, I noticed a married couple, two
      people whom I have been observing for about
      two years. They are strong on spirit, poor
      in spirit in the meaning of the Gospels,
      truly a bond between them, sincere. I asked
      her if she could pass my books over to me
      which were across from her where she was
      sitting with her husband on the concrete
      ground. My hand waved over her breasts,
      her breasts very gently floated, or
      gravitated, of themselves, upward toward
      my hand, a tension was lifted. Something
      was passed to her, and also this insured
      that I would be able to do the necessary
      work later to seal myself from any further
      retribution. What appeared was a wonderful
      white horse, like Pegasus, and then in order
      to proceed onward to that great crystal
      within where women go, there was the Sphinx,
      the guardian, and it turned into dust, like
      I was in the Sahara Desert because usually
      pyramids will appear like in ancient Egypt.

      It is then and only then you know you have
      been liberated from a long line of tension
      across space and time, the stuff of the causal
      body. I was at that moment free from the bond
      with the other woman who was a police predator
      and was not going to quit. For two days, I
      was inside of this police woman and Baby Ape
      Bruce here in the Core Area, with the Golden
      Fleece over all three of us, and the healing
      was of a very great degree, feel like I can
      breathe better now. I saw visions of
      marriage ceremonies, a great white wedding
      cake, an exercise bicycle, an officer's
      badge with sergeant's stripes, farms, pastures,
      more beautiful horses, sheep, simple school
      houses and churches in the old days before
      they all were poisoned with organizational
      shit. Gifts for this town from Above. A
      grand healing.

      > Dr. Phil and Oprah are also good
      > examples of non-entities doing
      > damage in the guise of helping
      > humanity. We are all so caught
      > up in suggestibility, surface
      > insight and the like from our
      > conditioning (worship of a higher
      > social class) that we cannot see
      > the forest through the trees.
      > Ned

      I live in a welfare town;
      a Dr. Phil and Oprah town.

      The industry here used to be an honest
      one, the lumber industry in Northern
      California. The environmentalists shut
      all that down. This town is the fastest
      growing in the entire nation at the present
      time and everything here is welfare and
      service industry. Every police agency
      that exists in America are here in this
      town, along with MS-13 and 350 other gangs.
      I am personally acquainted with several of
      these officers, as well as some of those gang
      members. Some of those police officers have
      actually assisted me and there is one that
      does this in secret, but there are many, I
      should say most, who see me as a threat. And
      for all of their own sins and sexual malice
      in connection with constantly attempting to
      entrap me wilfully, for three years without
      any avail to them, for what, I do not know,
      they have failed miserably simply because they
      do not work and pay for their own sins. What
      more can anyone do to me? I have seen death
      probably worst than anyone in the history of
      anyone in existence, including Christ. What
      more can anyone do? I have suffered all of
      it, more than Gurdjieff.

      The people here in this town use their own
      kids as "decoys" for their "sting" operations
      on the people in this community, and, in
      effect, turn their own kids into whores,
      hustlers and prostitutes because they are
      getting police training on how to fool with
      the police, which is what half of them end up
      doing later if they don't pursue a career in
      the same insane bureaucratic rank-and-file
      police agency nonsense. To them, it is "easy
      work" and "easy money" what with the millions
      of laws and monetary fines associated with
      those laws; and the very recent large sum of
      government money granted to the city so-called
      anti-gang unit which is, itself, a gang unit. I
      was thoroughly victorious in throwing a monkey
      wrench into this money changing operation with
      results that reached the desk of Arnold, the
      governor of California, and then up and down
      California because I handed over all of the
      evidence to the Regional VA Office
      down in San Francisco.

      Now, in the case when two people meet, the
      Hidden Hand deals a round, and if both are
      quick, honoring those higher influences
      together, an extremely rare event happens.
      This was only a few days ago also.

      This huge man appeared out of nowhere but
      was as sweet as a loving little baby boy ape.
      It was obvious that something happened to this
      poor fellow, a near-death event to be sure.
      A very wide ocean of stuff "waved" through
      the "gladatorial arena" all around this man
      astrally packed with all kinds of stuff which
      looked all blown apart, stuffed like the
      backpack he was wearing. He appeared like a
      BIG BOYSCOUT! I immediately remembered the same
      state I was in in 1981 and 82 when I was blown
      apart all over everywhere, like a
      Cosmic Comet Orgasm.

      The Hidden Hand appeared. The Hidden Hand
      was like the Palm of God outstretched over
      the entire food court arena where this event
      took place, faced upwards, and this was
      triggered by the entrance of Baby Ape Bruce.
      Also, what was quite a wonder to behold,
      that same Grand Palm also appeared as a Great
      Pussy, very hairy. The associations of danger
      signals were raging within me on a level of
      HIGH ALERT. The psychics were in place and
      were directing Baby Ape Bruce. One seemed to
      hold the thought form fairly firmly steadily,
      the thought form which appeared around his
      head was red in color. The, let us say,
      so-called "psychic agent" sitting next to him
      was in a state of terror. He looked like a book,
      or file, that lost its cover, and it was
      through him that my own understanding of Bruce,
      that is to say, what the material of knowledge
      was necessary for me at that critical moment
      to be able meet with Burce intelligently was
      data transferred to me from that book which may
      explain the state of terror on the face of
      that gentleman as he may very well have felt
      like he was "losing his soul."
      This feeling of loss of soul, as I have explained
      before, is illusion, simply because if you
      experience such a sensation, then you never had
      a ship, or vehicle, that was shipworthy and
      sea worthy in the first place and it is better
      to have to endure such a thing to find balance
      over the long term.

      And then . . . .

      The data that was passed to me from Bruce,
      from forehead to forehead, like a laser beam,
      (something similar to the so-called
      "death ray") quite astoninshing, from this man,
      that he had traveled hill and dale from wherever,
      from some very great people, to finally meet with
      me, after we were first introduced 23 years ago
      in a vision which I am presently helping him to
      remember. The plan that was wilfully set before
      him in this bureaucrat entrapment scheme to nail
      me as I also had spotted, or "marked", because
      this is what a trained assassin does, and saw
      those who were guiding him with power of
      suggestion. His psychic abilites are phenomenal
      and without a master. He was programmed to pick
      me up like he was King Kong and Me the long
      blond haired woman like we see in the movies.
      But something happened which prevented this.
      All in a moment, I saw what is his problem and
      what to do to lift this big devil possessing
      him, as it were. Christ did this a lot,
      very big devils! I did the usual thing with my
      eyes and headed straight at him. I did not wait
      for "their" plan, by those who were guiding this
      poor fellow, this poor fellow who simply needed
      some proper attention and wasn't getting it.
      What I saw was instant love.

      I saw a heart shaped form emanate from his
      forehead and an uncontrollable smile like a
      naughtly little boy would perform when
      "caught" at something. He immediately rushed
      me with full force, like a football player,
      and I met with it, also with force, and with
      a tremendous Hidden Hand, greater than at
      any other time, it was so great. We were
      both witnessing this together. Were arrested
      by it. I said a certain word to him, he
      hesitated for a moment and it was ALL I
      NEEDED, to master this poor baby ape. He
      was absolutely in love with me. He yelled:
      "Why are you staring at me!"

      I said a certain very necessary word,
      call it a magic word if you wish, to
      force the moment of hesitation. At that
      point, he was like my son. I was in love
      also, and still am. I instantly became his
      father, and even taught him how to do a
      proper handshake which certainly was also
      necessary long enough to keep him sitting
      still and anchored to the ground, with me,
      long enough for the message to come out of
      the bottle and into me. I was then Master
      of this poor animal, only now he is less an
      animal than what he was. He found what he
      was searching for and this remains a secret
      between us, for him and me only, also
      according to the message received, and
      this even after he lost his mind from some
      kind of great shock which blew him into the
      stars, and, like me, became a Lucifer, and
      also, like me, was looking for a way to pay
      for some sins.

      His sexual urges, and mine, were completely
      mastered during those few moments. A great
      thoughtform, like some kind of devil, was
      then lifted and a vision then appeared of
      being near the Colliseum in ancient Rome.
      It was lifted by the grace of God, by our
      love, baby ape "Bruce", and myself. We only
      had to sacrifice our insanity in connection
      with the sexual function. On my end of the
      stick, extreme self-denial to the point of
      sometimes carrying a mountain of shit around
      me everywhere, and him on the other end of
      the stick to the extreme in sexual malice
      and maybe many orgasms in a day. Super
      Monk met Super Male Sex Monster Child, or
      "Giant" met with me, the "Chameleon".

      Bruce sits with me in the prayer area of my
      home, the meditation center here in town, one
      with me, a pilot on my ship, my F-117 which
      I sit in myself constantly, in the Core Area
      that I have set up here with special equipment
      invented by my electronics USAF tech sergeant
      long-time friend and associate, Larry "Ahoon."
      It is a sound system design specially made in a
      certain way that still remains unknown to the
      general public and assists extremely effectively
      in the opening of the star gate. I have reached
      as far back as Atlantis with the apparatus that
      we have constructed, but more on this later.

      By following your aim, it will reveal itself to
      you as all other living things do that evolve
      on this way and according to the same laws.

      No one here knows what mine is, it isn't
      possible that anyone reading my material can
      understand and it is true that Gurdjieff
      suffered the same and so it is my work to
      follow his instruction written by his own
      hand and NOT BY OTHERS, so it is SO IMPORTANT
      TO UNDERSTAND, that so-called "direct lineage"
      is the product of Kundalini and since Kundalini
      and THIS IS A LAW, then it makes sense that the
      true path is liberation from all of this
      manipulation and nonsense about
      direct lineage.

      There are too many useless problems and much
      useless suffering associated with "psychic
      reading" abilities and negative clairvoyance.
      True hermeticism has to do with the sealing
      of these kinds of leaks.

      It is true that my work over the internet
      has to do with reversal of following this
      easy "psychic reading" path, or left hand
      path, as it were.

      For any of our internet interactions to have
      any value must strictly manifest along the
      evolutionary line of divine psycholgical
      warfare . . . not the ordinary organizational
      life-of-itself cause, crusade or agenda kind
      of psychological warfare that most people are
      blindly and mechanically caught up in for not
      wanting to sacrifice hate, negativity, ill-will,
      jealousy, envy, neurotic impulses,
      delusions, etc.

      [the "special connector" is the internet]

      "Between Gornahoor Harharkh and myself there
      was also a 'special connector,' so that once
      inside the 'hrakhartzakha,' when the
      atmosphere had been pumped out to produce an
      absolute vacuum, we could easily communicate
      with each other."
      --chapter 18

      "One end of this connector was fitted in a
      certain way, by means of appliances on the
      helmets, to my organs of 'hearing' and 'speech,'
      and the other end to those of Gornahoor Harharkh.

      "Thus a sort of 'telephone,' as your
      favorites call it, was set up
      between my future essence-friend and
      --chapter 18

      " . . . the question arose,

      --chapter 30, Art

      What is evolution of humanity apart from
      long eons of time corresponding to the
      evolution of the planets?

      Gurdjieff talks about the manifestations
      of a normal planet all throughout Beelzebub's
      Tales. He says that there exists on a normal
      planet, like all other normal planets in
      existence everywhere in the universe, that
      there exist one king, one "being" chief, of
      the entire planet. His position is based on
      beingness, or the inner life. That this can
      happen here on the earth today is not the
      stuff of socialistic psychopathic fantasy.
      This is something that can only happen by
      revelation, not by calculation and scheming
      of socialist and fascist types on both extreme
      ends of the stick.

      It cannot be seen in totality but only in
      steps and stages. As America and the world
      in totality evolves toward a Great Golden Age,
      so will the "chosen few" amongst all peoples
      of the earth, the "foundation stones" of all
      nations, etc. evolve along a path of
      self-remembering of golden ages that have
      existed in the past in
      places of their arising.

      Could it be that this is what Gurdjieff is
      talking about? Having to do with a certain
      thing that needed to done by a certain time
      limit? Nothing is mentioned in In Search
      of the Miraculous about what this certain
      thing is that needs to be done by a certain
      deadline. We are left to discover this for
      ourselves and the reason that was given is
      stated there in In Search Of to the effect
      that people would go to war over it along
      with everything else that people go to war

      "Humanity neither progresses nor evolves.
      What seems to us to be progress or evolution
      is a partial modification which can be
      immediately counterbalanced by a
      corresponding modification in an
      opposite direction." - Gurdjieff quoted
      in: "In Search Of The
      Miraculous" p 57

      It could be said that the French Revolution
      was one end of a stick and the American
      Revolution was the other end. Evils of
      marxism and socialism arose out of what
      Nostradamus called the "vulgar advent" of
      the French Revolution and there are those
      evils of capitalism at the
      other end of the stick.

      There is one story after another in the news
      of bombings in Iraq--by the Muslims of the
      Christians, etc.

      What this says is that religious groups don't
      know how to apply their religious ideas to
      contemporary life, and to human beings
      rather than just to their own community.
      It is a terrible example of the failure
      of religion to meet with the world of today.

      The United States of America is a model for
      the earth becoming a normal planet. Here
      were thirteen different little colony nations
      that decided to act in the mutual interest,
      without disregarding the individual
      interests of any one of them. So it will be
      with all nations of the world which is to
      say that people will not be forced to live
      a certain way according to arbitrarily
      established rules of some strange socialistic
      planetary system supposedly under the
      direction of that criminal organization
      known as the United Nations which would
      drive everyone into the ground least-common-
      denominator- sameness. This is absurd,
      disgusting, and unrealistic.

      This is what the Great Seal is all about.
      In the Great Seal is the statement of the
      ideals that brought about the formation of
      the United States.

      On the dollar bill, observe the pyramid on
      the left. A pyramid has four sides. These
      are the four points of the compass. There is
      somebody at one point, and there is somebody
      at another point. When you're down on the
      lower levels of this pyramid, you will be
      either on one side or the other. But when
      you arrive at the top, the points all come
      together, and there the eye of God opens.

      The United States of America is the first
      nation in the world that was ever established
      on the basis of reason instead of simply
      warfare. The founding fathers were eighteenth-
      century deists. We see
      it written, "In God We Trust."

      > "No ordinary reason is enough
      > to enable a man to take the
      > Great Knowledge to himself,
      > and make it his inalienable
      > possession. Nevertheless it
      > is possible for him."
      > --Gurdjieff, page 19, Views

      On the bottom of the Great Seal there is
      an inscription in Roman numerals, 1776. When
      you add one and seven and seven and six, you
      get twenty-one, the age of reason, or responsible
      age. It was in 1776 that the thirteen states
      declared independence. The number thirteen
      is the number of transformation and rebirth.

      At the Last Supper there were twelve apostles
      and one Christ, who was going to die and be
      reborn. Thirteen is the number of ascending
      out of the field and bounds of twelve into the
      transcendent thirteen.

      There are the twelve signs of the zodiac and
      the sun.

      The founding fathers were conscious of the
      number thirteen as the number of resurrection
      and rebirth and new life.

      Meeting on the Level,
      Parting on the Square,
      Such as We,
      We the People,
      In God We Trust.

      James Wyly

      --- EcoColors <haircolor@...>
      > It's not ALWAYS about sex James.
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