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al-Zarqawi and the Golden Age of America

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  • James Wyly
    Judging by the latter part of this etherogram, the process of the total destruction of this second great religion [Islamic religion] is bound to start or has
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 26, 2006
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      "Judging by the latter part
      of this etherogram,
      the process of the total
      destruction of this second
      great religion [Islamic religion]
      is bound to start or has already
      done so, on account of the order
      promulgated by the power-possessing
      beings of the community of Turkey.

      "The point is that this community
      of Turkey is one of the largest
      communities there whose beings
      profess this religion.

      "I must first tell you that from
      the beginning of the Islamic
      religion, certain beings of this
      community took in this teaching in
      its ORIGINAL FORM very well and
      gradually incorporated it into their
      daily existence, just as the Essene
      brethren had done with the
      Christian doctrine.

      "And therefore, although the Islamic
      religion was gradually changed
      under the influence of the power-
      possessors there, yet among the
      particular beings I have mentioned
      its teaching passed from generation
      to generation in an unchanged form.

      "So until now there has remained at
      least a faint hope that, if one day
      the strange beings of the planet
      Earth should suddenly settle down
      a little this teaching would come
      back to life and actualize the aims
      for which it was created by the FULL-
      OF-HOPE Saint Mohammed."

      --Gurdjieff, chapter 38, religion

      It was necessary for al-Zarqawi to die because it
      was not helping to settle things down by setting
      Shiite against Sunnite in the same way that the
      Europeans (and we also came over from Europe, us so-
      called "Americans") in the same way that the Europeans
      originally were responsible for having participated
      on such a scale that this setting of one sect against
      another went so far as to "leak" down so deep to the
      bone; to the level of organic hatred, and maintained
      by the Europeans over hundreds of years. It was a big
      sin for al-Zarqawi to play God, LIKE THE EUROPEANS,
      and deciding who lives and who dies and only God does
      that. This man was not a true follower of Mohammed, or,
      for that matter, any of the others making up the so-
      called al-Qaeda organization. This was, in the real
      world, a victory for Mohammed what happened to
      al-Zarqawi, and, therefore, a victory for the Golden
      Age of America, therefore, for America.

      What we see happenning today is a
      distortion of the original teachings.
      The true teachings and full-of-hope
      visions of Saint Mohammed, not unlike
      my own visions, all of them the same,
      are in connection with a Golden Age
      which is precisely what Mohammed had
      foreseen. The true teachings of Saint
      Mohammed are beginning to "pour out"
      from these Muslim "core areas"
      designed to bring Sunnite and Shiite
      together, that is to say, UNITED, and
      this means war will flare up again as
      all of the different sects of the Muslim
      religion come together by force, friction
      and fire. America participates in this by
      focussing attention on the extremists,
      which is what has been happening. What
      America does not understand is that she
      has many sins of her own to pay for as
      can be seen with all of the police state
      phenomena in association with organizations
      and agencies of every kind and all of the
      corruption that goes with it. This means
      that the heads of the American military
      are clouded with delusions that all
      Muslims "are the same", which they are
      not as explained by Gurdjieff, and, that
      being the case, this is precisely why
      2500 American soldiers, more or less,
      have died in this War with Iraq. The
      American "heads" do not know how to
      anticipate what the Muslims are doing
      and what it is that drives them with
      tremendous force. If they anticipated
      al-Zarqawi it was precisely for the
      same reasons aforementioned in that
      he committed the same evil that
      manifests from America. Evil against
      evil ---> the Old Law. This is a
      product of the "dumbing down" situation
      in America which is a real evil here
      committed by bureaucrats behind altruism
      and philanthropy. It is a real evil in
      America when we see something like what
      happened at Waco by federal agents who
      themselves are psychopathic. The rank-
      and-file of the Department of Justice,
      is made up of non-entities and all of
      this is behind the guise of altruism
      and philanthropy so no one ever actually
      sees the evil that they commit. They
      themselves do not see it. For example,
      for all of their attempts at "nabbing"
      so-called "sex-offenders", it is again
      a situation of evil against evil. With
      the power that a police officer has,
      then we see from this how it can happen
      that there exist "pools" of police evil
      in the form of burearcratic agencies
      which are themselves made up mostly of
      sex offenders, only LEGAL!!! I and a
      friend witnessed this at the local

      The Head Start organization is an
      example of an evil in this state
      of California.

      James Wyly
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