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to pay for sins is FOREVER!!!

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  • James Wyly
    Let us . . . return to my tale about the Omnipresent Okidanokh and my essence-friend Gornahoor Harharkh who, by the way, was once recognized by ordinary
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 26, 2006
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      "Let us . . . return to my tale about the
      Omnipresent Okidanokh and my essence-friend
      Gornahoor Harharkh who, by the way, was once
      recognized by ordinary three-brained beings
      everywhere as a 'great scientist,' but is
      today no longer considered 'great'; indeed,
      thanks to the fame of his own result, that
      is to say, his son, he is now a 'HAS-BEEN'
      or, as our dear Mullah Nasr Eddin sometimes
      says in such cases, 'He is up to his neck
      in an old American galosh.'

      "Well, my boy, although I watched everything
      that went on very attentively and everything
      I saw was impressed in my essence 'pestolnootiarly,'
      that is, forever, I could not now, however much I
      might wish to do so, put into words a hundredth
      part of what then took place in that small
      fragment of an intraplanetary formation.
      Nor shall I even try to do so, for I have
      just thought of a way of actually showing it
      all to you so that you too can soon be an
      eyewitness of that astonishing cosmic process.

      [pestolnooriarly ---> integration --->
      integration is "forever" and is the
      law-conformable consequence of the results
      of the "inexpressible anguish" in Holy
      Planet Purgatory]

      "I was obliged to do this on account of the
      SINS OF MY YOUTH. For when I was pardoned by
      His Uni-Being Endlessness and allowed to
      return to my native land, certain Sacred
      DAYS OF MY YOUTH, and so that nothing
      similar would recur in the Reason of most
      of the Individuals dwelling at the Center of
      the Great Universe."
      --Gurdjieff, chapter 18

      " . . . in the whole region of my spine
      there began an intense, almost unbearable
      itching and in the very center of my solar
      plexus an equally unbearable colic, and after
      a while these two mutually stimulating sensations
      gave way suddenly to a peaceful inner state such
      as I experienced in later life only once, when the
      ceremony of the "GREAT INITIATION" into the
      was performed over me."
      --chapter 1, arousing of thought

      > What do you mean by "abilities of
      > negative clairvoyance" if you are
      > refering to myself I am unconcious
      > of it as I don't know what your
      > talking about. Please help me........
      > lost

      > Yes, I have a special bond with
      > James Wyly, we have been through a
      > similar hell, for years and years,
      > which is beyond description. There
      > maybe others ways to this common
      > ground that I am experiencing, but
      > I do not know about them.
      > Ned

      When we prepare ourselves as cadidates for
      work in connection with the fourth way, in
      connection with America, or Philadelphia,
      City of Brotherly Love, then we must "forever"
      sacrifice ordinary life of itself interests
      as aims in themselves, that is to say, those
      interests such as are at the expense of what
      is higher in level and which always and in
      everything cause ill being toward others and
      evokes the same in response.

      This is pestolnooriarly, and one cannot go back
      after passing the point beyond which preparation
      can no longer help. You are then Real "I" and
      helping God, and so only God, no one or anything
      else, can help you! The only way that another
      can help you in terms of the 2nd Christ Commandment
      is somehow or other assist in remembering your
      own consciously egoistic connectedness and
      obligation with God. This is what is meant by
      that kind of agreement between those in true
      masonic brotherhoods and, FOR THAT MATTER,
      TRUE FOURTH WAY BROTHERHOODS, which are very
      few in number, having to do with helping a
      brother in need. This has nothing to do with
      life of itself needs!

      > I get clear revelations as rewards
      > from hard work on myself, that's
      > what formatory organizational types
      > do not understand. This is like the
      > wall trying to tell the tree how to
      > make fruit.
      > There is something else.
      > Ned

      > I do know one thing, you have to give
      > up the belief that you are ok and things
      > are going to turn out alright, that is
      > simply not the case. It would be a rare
      > event for someone to take this step, but
      > in my opinion it is the only way. A
      > tremendous series of shocks may be
      > necessary, which few people are willing to
      > bare, or better yet who are not allowed to
      > escape from.
      > Ned

      To want to go back to ordinary life of itself
      interests as aims in themselves is involuntarily,
      for further involution, to follow some corresponding
      organic fate which usually leads to organic death.
      If not organic, then psychological death. Either
      way, it makes sense then that this will lead to
      involuntary rebirth, or recurrence, into organic
      life, in this life or the next, and the
      corresponding fate that goes with it.

      > There may be many other examples in our
      > daily lives - that change us or can create
      > good for others. This is only a question,
      > maybe a crazy one. Is "C" influence
      > inclusive, maybe of this outside influence
      > - I am not sure?
      > unsure

      At the moment of awakening, it is a very simple
      thing to surrender to higher influences, to the
      Work, but to stay surrendered is an art, like
      walking between snowflakes, like the art of Divine
      War, like deadly invisible combat.

      It is a way of life of throwing yourself over
      the cliff and trusting in higher influences,
      "In God We Trust," as the rope.

      Everything for personal benefit in terms of
      life of itself is empty and tasteless. Therefore,
      personally distressing experiences in terms of
      life of itself are of no more interest than
      something we enjoy in connection with the outer
      world of life and events.

      Notice, for example, your ordinary life
      conversations with "friends" and "relatives."
      They have to do with personal preferences and
      personal desires of every kind.


      Some might think that to remain subject to
      higher influences as a way of life is a
      mystical property achieved and lived only by
      those in some monastic order. The tendency is
      to mix spiritual desires with ordinary life
      desires. The result of this then is that so-
      called "spiritual" desires become reflections
      of ordinary life desires colored with altruistic
      and philanthropic sentimental-romantic-aristocrat
      ideas, for example, about how things in the
      world "ought to be."

      > Each individual has to learn the Work
      > and wake themselves up.
      > Maybe you were in a group for 40 or
      > 50 years with people who knew, but how
      > is that going to help you now?
      > Ned

      Being a member of an order can be useful as
      preparation, but if we do not recognize what
      our machines hunger for, then how can we guard
      ourselves outside the walls and security of the

      Perpetual self-calming desires are constant.
      We justify ourselves:

      "This is what I need . . . .
      I am hungry . . . .
      I worked hard, so why not? I am horny;
      I worked hard, so why not? I am unhappy . . . .
      I worked hard . . . . so why not?"


      "Certainly there is no harm and I owe it
      to myself, I deserve it. What is one minute
      out of 24 hours in order to take what is
      certainly my rightful due? After all, it
      is such a small thing . . . . really."

      [James Wyly rubbs his hands together and
      ever-so-slowly continues]

      When you make a mistake and see your mistake,
      can you say "no" to it next time?

      When we are hungry we are quick to take the
      bait. When we are full we do not strike, but
      when hungry the hook and line vanish from
      sight and we go with it hook, line and sinker!

      Do not be dismayed by the making of mistakes
      because mistakes are valuable to help us to
      remember what to avoid. If you repeat the same
      mistakes, then you are not observing and
      remembering anything.

      James Wyly
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