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breasts of a Virgin

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  • James Wyly
    Beelzebub then turned to Hassein and spoke as follows: This definite concept, now existing there under the name of art, is one of those automatically acting
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      Beelzebub then turned to Hassein and
      spoke as follows:

      "This definite concept, now existing there
      under the name of 'art,' is one of those
      automatically acting data, the totality of
      which gradually and almost imperceptibly,
      yet very surely, converts these unhappy
      favorites of yours— beings who have in
      their presence all the possibilities for
      becoming particles of a part of divinity—
      merely into what is called 'live meat.'
      --chapter 30, art




      breasts of a virgin

      " . . . . the 'SPHINX,' was the emblem,
      and was called 'Conscience.'

      "It represented an allegorical being,
      each part of whose planetary body
      represented one part of the planetary
      body of some definite form of being
      existing on the Earth, which, according
      to the notions crystallized in the three-
      brained beings there, expressed to
      perfection one or another being-function.

      "The mass of the planetary body of this
      allegorical being was represented by the
      'trunk' of a terrestrial being of definite
      form called 'BULL.'

      "This bull trunk rested on the four legs of
      another form of being existing there called
      'LION'; and to the part of the trunk called
      the 'back' were attached two large wings,
      similar in appearance to those of a powerful
      bird-being breeding there called 'EAGLE.'

      "And at the place where the head should have
      been, there were fixed to the bull's trunk by
      means of a piece of 'amber' two breasts
      representing the 'BREASTS OF A VIRGIN.'

      "'This allegorical figure is the emblem of the
      Society of Akhldanns, and serves as a stimulus
      for all its members constantly to recall and
      awaken in themselves the impulses corresponding
      to those it represents.

      "And he went on to say:

      " 'Each part of this allegorical figure arouses
      in every member of our society, in the three
      independently associating parts of his common
      presence, that is, in the body, in the thoughts,
      and in the feelings, a shock calling forth
      corresponding associations for the separate
      realizations which, in their totality, alone make
      it possible for us to rid ourselves little by
      little of the maleficent factors present in every
      one of us, both those factors transmitted by
      heredity and those we have ourselves acquired,
      which gradually engender within us undesirable
      impulses, as a consequence of which we are not
      what we might be.

      " 'This emblem of ours constantly reminds us and
      indicates to us that it is possible to attain
      freedom from those factors only if we unremittingly
      compel our common presences to think, feel, and act
      under all circumstances in accordance with what is
      expressed in this allegorical figure."
      --CHAPTER 23, the fourth sojourn of Beelzebub

      the bull -- tenacity, work, labor, etc. for the
      attainment of freedom to avoid touching those
      impulses inherent in them of self-love, pride,
      and so on representing those "factors
      crystallized in us, both inherited and personally
      acquired, which engender in our presences those
      maleficent impulses can be regenerated only by
      indefatigable labors—those labors for which,
      among all the beings of our
      planet, the 'BULL' is particularly fitted."

      the lion -- " 'That this trunk rests on the legs
      of a lion means that these labors must be
      performed with the awareness and feeling of
      courage and of faith in one's 'might'—that
      property possessed in the highest degree,
      among all the beings of the Earth, by the being
      to whom these legs belong, the mighty 'LION.'"

      the eagle -- Those of us Royal Swans in this
      fourth way have no choice in the matter over
      those who are incapable of choosing for themselves
      and so the only intelligent course of action,
      as Christ taught, is to let the dead bury
      their dead.

      "'The wings of the strongest and highest-soaring
      of birds, the 'EAGLE,' attached to the bull's
      trunk, constantly remind the members of our
      society that, during these labors, and while
      experiencing this inner psychic property of
      self-respect, one must meditate unceasingly
      on questions not concerned with the manifestations
      directly required for ordinary being-existence."


      -- "'As regards the strange image of the
      head of our allegorical being in the form
      of the 'BREASTS OF A VIRGIN,' this means
      that 'love' should predominate always and
      in everything during the inner and outer
      functionings evoked by one's consciousness—
      such a love as can arise and exist only in
      the presence of concentrations formed in
      the lawful parts of every whole responsible
      being in whom the hopes of our Common Father
      are placed."

      James Wyly
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