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a drive-by fly-by, or "sweep"

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  • James Wyly
    When the captain of the ship had left the place where Beelzebub was seated, Hassein ran to his grandfather and, sitting down as usual at his feet, coaxingly
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      "When the captain of the ship had
      left the place where Beelzebub was
      seated, Hassein ran to his grandfather
      and, sitting down as usual at his feet,
      coaxingly asked him to continue his tale
      of what had happened to him after his
      departure from the capital of that large
      community of the beings of the planet
      Earth, then called 'St Petersburg.'"
      --chapter 35, a change in course

      One of my aims when writing these posts is to
      follow the instructions as written by Gurdjieff
      and suggested, as in previous posts written and
      submitted by me on these lists, for you to observe
      your reactions to them, and, in fact, I have done
      this repeatedly, and my fourth way internet
      method experiment has demonstrated again and
      again and continues to demonstrate that most
      of you readers are more concerned about the
      morality or immorality of one thing and another
      than you are about understanding the idea brought
      forward by Gurdjieff how it is that people
      misunderstand everything based on the
      superficial assimilation of impressions read
      or heard.

      False morality as it involuntarily manifests
      for many of us can be observed to be equally
      detestable as that immorality which we see
      negatively and, for some of us, negatively
      clairvoyantly, in others, which is to say that
      it is in the nature of such negative "one-way"
      perceptions of others based on premeditated
      intolerance and prejudice, etc. that there
      is not practiced the Second Commandment of
      Christ! All identified organizational types
      perceive the world unrealistically in this
      way and so it is no wonder that officers from
      all kinds of agencies have constant battles
      with those "criminals" outside of their
      peculiar organizational set-ups. And we are
      speaking of criminals both good and bad,
      that is to say, Above and Below. It is for
      this reason that all such agencies will in
      time and according to the law of octaves
      become their own opposites. Self-love behind
      the guise of altruistic and philanthropic,
      that is to say, "well meaning," intent is a
      tight circle on whatever level of being and
      Objective Reason of the Hasnamuss that may be
      attained. The fact remains that because
      conscious shock, or self-remembering, is not
      allowed for, then it follows that many "good
      officers" become "bad officers" for want of
      the usual concerns such as good income to make
      a living with and support a family, to be able
      to buy that RV to go on hunting trips with as a
      reward for "good service," retirement benefits,
      union concerns, pay raises and bonuses,
      meritoriously making points with the "boss,"
      promotion in rank as though this were the
      primary aim, etc.

      "This original problem I have devised
      is that, through active mentation, you
      are to deduce those logical data, the
      totality of which should reveal to you
      the very essence of the reason why these
      particular beings, in whatever part of
      what they call their 'Fatherland' they
      happen to be, invariably observe the
      innocent custom, whenever they gather
      for some 'solemnity' or other, or are
      simply 'on a spree,' [or 'sweep'] of
      singing one and the same song, composed
      by themselves and in the highest degree
      original, consisting of the following

      Blödsinn, Blödsinn,
      Du mein Vergnügen,
      Stumpfsinn, Stumpfsinn,
      Du meime Lust

      "Well, my boy, if you can make anything
      out of this riddle, there will be fulfilled
      in your common presence the wise saying of
      our dear teacher Mullah Nasr Eddin, expressed
      in the following words: 'The greatest happiness
      is to obtain the pleasurable along with the
      --chapter 36, a wee more about the Germans


      It is known that Gurdjieff worked as an agent
      for the Russian government and so attained real
      experience and knowledge of police methods. It
      follows that he attained a certain mastery, or
      ability, along with everthing else he attained
      mastery at, to anticipate all police everywhere,
      including the German police types when in France
      during the Second World War.

      Police surveillance 101:

      "And this concentration can only be
      obtained from an intense expectation,
      or from a process taking place in them
      which they express by the word 'faith,'
      or again, from the emotion of 'fear of
      something about to happen,' or finally
      from those passions whose functioning
      has become inherent in the presence of
      these beings, such as 'hate,' 'love,'
      'sensuality,' 'curiosity,' and so on and
      so forth."
      --chapter 33, Beelzebub as hypnotist

      The "man-machine" can do nothing. To him and
      around him everything happens in the only way
      it can happen. In order to "do," it is
      necessary to know the law of octaves, to know
      the mi-fa moments and, in this way, be able to
      create necessary "additional shocks."

      "Our Common Father Uni-Being Endlessness,
      having decided to change the principle of
      the maintenance of existence of that still
      unique cosmic concentration and sole place
      of His Most Glorious Being, first altered
      the functioning itself of these two primordial
      sacred laws [the two primordial cosmic laws
      called the sacred 'Heptaparaparshinokh' and
      the sacred 'Triamazikamno'), and He made the
      greater change in the law of the sacred

      "This change in the functioning of the sacred
      Heptaparaparshinokh consisted in the alteration
      of what is called the 'subjective action' of
      three of its 'stopinders.' In one He lengthened
      the law-conformable duration, in another He
      shortened it, and in a third, disharmonized it.

      "To provide the stopinder between the third
      and fourth 'points of deflection' with the
      required property of absorbing for its
      functioning the automatic inflow of all
      surrounding forces, He prolonged its duration.

      "And this is the stopinder of the sacred
      Heptaparaparshinokh which is still called
      the 'mechano-coinciding mdnelin.'"
      --chapter 39, Holy Planet Purgatory

      My experiment all along, during the last three
      years, has been the fourth way internet method
      for the production of these shocks.

      As an agent or officer of some capacity and if
      you spot an adversary, it is important to not
      make it obvious and so the method here is DO NOT
      LINGER. It is also a guideline to follow that you
      should not allow your eyes to meet with the
      adversary's eyes as this is a dead giveaway.
      It is necessary to always have something to do
      such as have a book or paper to read and immerse
      yourself in it like it's the last thing you will
      ever do. Do not allow your eyes to dart or zip
      around as this is the stuff of an amateur.

      "Induce them [the 'enemy,' or 'opponent,'
      as it were] to adopt specific formations,
      in order to know the ground of death and
      --Art of War, Sun Tzu

      "It will be profitable for you because you will
      have ideal practice for your active mentation,
      and pleasurable, because you will satisfy your
      desire to understand the specificity of the
      psyche of the three-brained beings belonging to
      this contemporary European group.

      "Since the beings of this contemporary group, as
      I have already told you, are the direct successors
      of the ancient Greeks as inventors of every possible
      kind of 'science,' and since your deductions from
      the problem I have set you might be diametrically
      opposite to 'logical confrontation,' I find it
      necessary to help you a little by giving you two
      more facts.

      "The first fact is that certain words of this song
      are untranslatable into any of the other languages
      there, in spite of there being so many on that planet
      that it is called a 'THOUSAND-TONGUED HYDRA', and the
      second fact is that when it finally became inherent
      in the beings of this group, just as in the ancient
      Greeks, to invent every sort of maleficent means for
      already sufficiently weakened without this, they also
      invented a so-called 'GRAMMATICAL RULE,' according to
      which during any 'exchange of opinions' they always
      place the particle of negation after an affirmation—
      for instance, instead of saying 'I do not want this,'
      they say, 'I want this not.'"
      --chapter 36, more about the Germans

      Forget about the arbitrary rules and constraints
      set up as requirements on any of these lists.
      There seems to exist the delusion on the part of
      participants having to do with being identified in
      some way in connection with the fourth way usually
      having to do with involvement in an organization
      apart from really being in it as a living point.

      Knowledge does not come to us by organizational
      details, but by way of Light from Heaven!

      What is archetypal refers to what is deep in level.
      Psychiatrists and psychologists who tend towards
      "behaviorism" reject what is in the "depths" because
      these positivist types are only interested in
      observable and quantifiable aspects of behavior
      having to do with personality but not of "essence,"
      that is to say, in terms of the inner life which is
      the concern of this fourth way.

      Depth means "behind the scenes." It is precisely
      this that the fourth way directs our attention. The
      fourth way directs our attention to Real "I" behind
      the inexplicability of all of our other ordinarly life-of-
      itself "I"'s on the surface of the personality.
      Behind Real "I" lies God.

      It is only in socialistic organizations and systems
      whereby the members are forced to fall in line and
      AGREE, or else FACE EVICTION and DEATH, or whatever.
      It is also these same idiots in the form of officers
      who identify with their positions who believe that
      everyone should follow pretty much the same rules
      that are peculiar to the agency or department in
      the form of what are called "requirements."

      It follows that, like all other psychopaths who
      exist as perpetual motion machines, such identified
      officers demand it anyway from almost everyone they
      meet in the general public with the exception of the
      city mayor and other "important" officials and so
      everything degenerates toward the bread-and-circus
      world of the hasnamuss. Bread and circus because
      there is a whole lot of justification that
      manifests in the form of false altuistic and
      philanthropic motives.

      Anytime that there can be seen altruism and
      philanthropy manifest "to be seen" from agencies
      and departments, such as the Chief of Police
      playing for position by making public welfare
      statements of one kind or another over the
      television, it is a clear sign of corruption
      within the organization. It is then that such
      identified government officials become just
      another gang in the business of money changing
      and extortion for the local government as I have
      seen for myself in the county where I live. I have
      seen it first hand and have accumulated evidence
      of federal crimes of a felonious intent and this
      accumulation of evidence is an ongoing operation.

      Several federal investigations have already
      been initiated based on the evidence I have
      uncovered and submitted. I have also accumulated
      a certain amount of evidence which includes an
      eye witness, by way of a certain federal officer,
      of illegal entrapment activities performed by
      certain agencies and soon I will have a complete
      report to submit regarding this activity which
      is for nothing more than a money changing and
      power play and, not to mention, to satisfy
      their own sexual lusts which I have seen for
      myself are projected quite prominently and
      neurotically in many of the county and city
      officers here.

      Some list participants imagine that some kind
      of damage is being done. The real damage is to
      not be specific when dealing with the inner life.

      This is something I have learned objectively
      during the last three years since I started
      participating on these internet lists and that
      is that there are many list participants that
      know only to attack in terms of generalities
      without any attention given to specifics. It
      is for this same reason that I attained a very
      important victory for my family in relation to
      my home county here in California in that I
      successfully anticipated every move by corrupt
      officials locked into brazen lines of cause
      and effect for the committing of acts of greed
      and extortion all of which can be foreseen
      according to the law of octaves.

      > Work on oneself is difficult if
      > you are alone, we need others for
      > help!
      > Leona

      When everything can be foreseen according to
      the art of Divine War, not Worldly War, then
      it is possible to know what to do always and
      in everything in all situations.

      > I have to agree. The last post by
      > Mr. Wyly was exceptionally written.
      > Speaking of exposure, just returned
      > from Harbin hot springs, a place where
      > your "self" is easily exposed on many
      > levels and I was reminded that I am more
      > than a body with clothes.
      > Lisa

      Esoteric sacrifices are necessary not only to
      attain, or create from Above as it were, such
      an ability as this but also to maintain it;
      Laws of World Creation and Maintenance.

      One then becomes a sort of Fourth Way Officer
      of Reciprocal Maintenance concerning only, of
      course, the development and evolution of the
      inner life, the life of Christ. This makes
      necessary the constant sacrifice of lust, greed
      and glory along involutionary lines of cause,
      crusade and agenda such as those that are
      seemingly well meaning, altruistic and
      philanthropic, and other disguises behind
      which lie corrupt activity.

      Behind Real "I" lies God.

      Behind False "I" lies corruption.

      It is like a pact with the Devil but, nevertheless,
      makes one a slave of Satan, or the Devil, who was
      sent away from Himself, Our Father in Heaven,
      placed by Him in such an invidious situation here
      on Earth as such a one of His nearest and by Him
      animated only for the way of pride proper to any
      incompletely developed being upon whom a force
      was bestowed equal but opposite to His own as
      described by Gurdjieff on pages 19-25 of the
      Third Series.

      The song remains the same in that no effort is
      made to really understand anything. What this
      shows is that identification is the problem and
      self-love and vanity, the cherubim and seraphim
      of the Devil, also as "fiery serpents"
      (Num. 21:6, 8; Deut. 8:15; comp. Isa. 14:29; 30:6)
      sent by God as his instruments to inflict on the
      people the righteous penalty of sin, etc. and
      all of this prevents outside shocks from entering.
      It is such buried serpents as these that lead many
      officers in various departments to fall to
      temptation, to follow the easy, or left-hand path
      and some even go about it like sport and keep score
      within their own "cliques" on the force, etc. Such
      activity is not official but it goes on anyway as I
      have seen in many departments where I worked with
      so-called "top secret" clearance and is really the
      result of mechanical lines that run from a truly
      anti-American malevelent pension for what Gurdjieff
      described precisely as one of the characteristics
      of the Hasnamuss -------> SPORT:

      "But when some time later there appeared at the
      head of these hordes that arch-vainglorious Greek,
      the future hasnamuss, Alexander of Macedonia, there
      began the clean sweep of the last remnants of the
      results of the very saintly intentional labors of
      our now Common-Cosmic Most Saintly Ashiata Shiemash—
      after which it was again, as they say, just the
      'old, old story.'
      --chapter 29, FRUITS

      "Strictly speaking, the capacity to cook up
      'fantastic sciences' and to devise new methods
      for ordinary being-existence did not pass from
      the ancient Greeks to the beings of contemporary
      Germany alone; the same capacity was inherited,
      and perhaps no less, by the beings of another
      contemporary community, also independent, and
      in its turn enjoying dominion.

      "This community of your favorites is called

      "There has even passed to the beings of this second
      contemporary community, and directly to them alone,
      one of the most maleficent inventions of the ancient
      Greeks, which the English beings have thoroughly
      assimilated and put into practice.

      "This particularly harmful invention of theirs was
      called by the ancient Greeks 'diapharon,' and
      contemporary beings call it 'SPORT.'
      --chapter 29, FRUITS

      "Now let us talk about that particularly maleficent
      invention of the ancient Greeks which is practiced
      today by the beings of the community of England,
      and which is called 'SPORT.'

      "These beings of contemporary England, who make the
      most use of this particularly harmful invention of
      the ancient Greeks, have thereby added one more sure-
      fire factor for shortening the duration of their
      existence, already trifling enough without this.
      Furthermore, experiencing in their turn the
      'GREATNESS' of their community, they have now become
      'AUTHORITIES' for the three-brained beings of other
      communities, and having made the practice of this
      invention their ideal and its propagation their aim,
      they are infecting by every possible means the beings
      of all the other large and small communities of that
      ill-fated planet.

      "As for the beings of the contemporary community of
      England, who have become the chief victims of that
      particularly maleficent invention of the beings of
      the ancient Greek civilization, they not only practice
      it in the process of their own existence but they try
      as hard as they can to infect the beings of all the
      other communities with this same evil . . . "
      --chapter 29, FRUITS

      " . . . if you should speak to a man who is convinced
      about something else [apart from the fourth way; apart
      from the inner life], everything you say will sound
      HAVE BURNED THEMSELVES. Those who have not sought and
      who are not seeking DO NOT NEED IT. And those who have
      not yet burned themselves DO NOT NEED IT EITHER."
      --Gurdjieff, p. 244, ISO

      There isn't anything in this fourth way that is "new"
      or "pre-new" to anyone. The fourth way is a system of
      organization of ideas that all of us who have burned
      ourselves are already familiar with. It is the
      organization of the ideas, the "magic pill," as it
      were, that is new, as well as the terminology used.
      The ideas of themselves are not new. For example,
      Gurdjieff taught the following in IN SEARCH OF
      on page 61:
      "The comparison of a man to a house awaiting the
      arrival of the master [Real "I"] is frequently met
      with in Eastern teaching which have preserved traces
      of ancient knowledge, and, as we know, the subject
      appears under various forms in many of the parables
      in the Gospels.

      "But even the clearest understanding of his
      possibilities will not bring man any nearer to
      their realization. In order to realize these
      possibilities he must have a very strong desire
      for liberation and be willing to sacrifice
      everything, to risk everything, for the sake of
      this liberation." --Gurdjieff, page 61

      > . . . in journeying far in order
      > to somehow suffer such manifestations
      > in complete isolation - that is,
      > isolated from those very manifestations
      > they were seeking to "suffer" from,
      > they invented anovel and terrible form
      > of suffering.
      > yet those monks (the orthodox sect of
      > this wiseacred havertvoni) lacked the
      > "SWAGGER" of most three brained beings,
      > afdsjk

      In addition to the material posted by me in
      BeelzebubStudy list having to do with anti-self
      attitude, Gurdjieff emphasized again the
      importance of a proper selfish attitude in this
      fourth way as follows on page 57 and 58 of IN SEARCH OF:

      " . . . possibilities of evolution exist, and
      they may be developed in separate individuals with
      the help of appropriate knowledge and methods. Such
      development can take place only in the interests of
      the man himself against, so to speak, the interests
      and forces of the planetary world. The man must
      understand this: HIS EVOLUTION IS NECESSARY ONLY
      the forces which oppose the evolution of large masses
      of humanity also oppose the evolution of individual
      men. A man must outwit them. And ONE man can outwit
      them, humanity CANNOT. You will understand later on
      that all these obstacles are very useful to a man;
      if they did not exist they would have to be created
      intentionally, because it is by overcoming obstacles
      that man develops those qualities he needs."
      --page 57 and 58 of IN SEARCH OF THE MIRACULOUS

      The only constraints that have any basis in reality
      on any of these internet lists are those having to
      do with the fact that we are communicating by way
      of a text-based forum. We do not make eye contact,
      hear one another's voice and changes of intonation
      in connection with negative states and emotions,
      identification, internal and external considering,
      imagination and fantasy, Imaginary "I," False
      Personality, etc. on these lists. And yet, the
      majority of people who submit posts to these lists
      will talk, act, think and feel as if we were all of
      us sitting together in a coffee shop like in ordinary
      life. People who interact in this way over the
      internet as they would "normally" do in ordinary
      life do not understand the fourth way and not only
      do they not understand it, but they make it clear by
      the nature of what they post that they really are not
      interested in understanding anything whatsoever. All
      of this indicates, again, the truth as taught in the
      fourth way that there is only so much materiality of
      consciousness to go around. A man cannot "steal"
      consciousness from others unless they reject it
      first. The fact remains that it is the duty of all
      in this fourth way to steal from others any which way
      that is possible because it will be lost otherwise.
      Those of us who are honest with ourselves, however
      painful, about the truth of this idea taught by
      Gurdjieff will, of course, inevitably meet. Whether
      we meet on the internet, in the flesh, or in other
      ways, doesn't matter, we will meet and it is then we
      know one another as brothers and sisters because there
      then occurs the phenomona of osmosis. Such exchanges
      and transfers of materiality will inevitably occur
      having to do with loving your neighbor as yourself.

      Such transfers and exchanges will cause inner
      sensations of "loss of soul" but this is illusion.
      There can be no loss of soul if there was never any
      soul in the first place. Soul formation is a way of

      Is it true that these kinds of transfers and exchanges
      can happen over the internet?

      The real connections are within us,
      and we are all of us One.

      Separation from illusions is what develops the real
      inner world world wide web connections between us on
      a level of reality governed by a higher order of laws
      and so is transcendant of this earth and the physical
      world wide web internet network, made up of physical
      copper wires, rf satellite links, etc.

      The ignorant as well as the wise meet here on the
      common ground of the internet as extremes will always
      do at points of correspondence along involutionary and
      evolutionary lines and at these crossings in the streams,
      something is exchanged. These interference patterns are
      represented in some sense by those of us who participate
      on these lists because it is true that one definition of
      correspondence is communication by exchange of letters.

      Nothing is born of theories and no one is born of
      theories. Results and progress depend on the intensity
      with which true knowledge is practiced and then one is
      no longer one of the mass of educated people who have
      knowledge but not understanding. There are those who
      have yet to learn the distinction between what can be
      grasped by the educated and rational mind and what
      only higher mind can formulate and know. Higher mind
      merges with the intuition and it is then that
      the mind is as a point of focus, or prism.

      James Wyly
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