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Re: You're a dream to me---Cranberries

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  • thepathofthesunflower
    ... see ... ordinary ... over ... return ... to ... authority ... This is wonderful, you sharing your dreams Matthew. This is how vast a subject dreaming is.
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 17, 2006
      --- In steiner@yahoogroups.com, "Mathew Morrell" <tma4cbt@...> wrote:
      > On the topic of dreams, the other night my angels were giving me
      > music lessons. Usually they appear to me in the form of authority
      > figures---police men, doctors, etc,---though this time I did not
      > them at all. They were formless voices "from above" telling me how
      > to better perform a certain bass-guitar riff that I was practicing.
      > In my dreams I've yet to see my angels in their traditional form---
      > winged. Instead I see them from a perspective that is more
      > than how most people report seeing their angels. I see them as
      > every day folk. If I'm dreaming of riding a car they'll pull me
      > in a cop car, tell me to leave my car, and then proceed to make
      > adjustments on the engine, chassis, fuel system, etc. When I
      > to my car (a symbol for the physical body) all the mechanical
      > problems have been fixed and I drive away, to awake shortly
      > thereafter.
      > Because I am generally obedient to authority figures I've yet to
      > question my angels when they appear to me as police men or as
      > soldiers or as doctors or, sometimes, as workman who visit my home
      > fix leaky pipes or the electrical system. My obedience to
      > definitely has some advantages in regard to the fact that I allow
      > these intelligences to heal my body while I jump from dream to
      > dream. I haven't been to the doctor in the physical realm in over
      > twenty years.
      > Mathew Morrell
      > www.kcpost.net

      This is wonderful, you sharing your dreams Matthew. This is how vast
      a subject dreaming is. In your case because you have angels with
      you, also called guides, but you are correct to call them angels for
      they are our guardian angels - in this case, this sounds like
      conscious out-of-body-state.

      Although, the ancients were familiar with this state it seems to have
      gone into hiding and re-surfaced again with many accounts today
      of 'dreaming' with guides and been shown symbolic situations.

      I am not an expert in this subject but have had a few powerful
      conscious dreams or states. and in fact only recently have I met my

      I also had a very powerful out-of-body experience where I went right
      through my lounge glass window.

      I fall asleep on my lounge couch and was woken up by a loud loud
      ringing noise almost like a fire siren (later i wonder if this was a
      trumpet) my spirit rose from me and dived into the floor.

      Here I had a vision; I was standing in clear blue water wherein there
      were three circles of blood. This was at my work (a recording studio
      and it was next to big speakers)

      I then come out of the floor/vision and with a speed that was so
      dymanic and went right through the glass window.

      My body was like a solid shadow, if I may call it that. I rose above
      the trees in my garden and said 'Glory to God in the Highest' (my
      voice was very soft coming almost from my stomach although my stomach
      wasn't there I felt my stomach and all my organs to be there).

      I thought to myself I'd like to go and see my Mom (who lives 600km's
      away) a thought-voice come to me 'you cannot do that'.

      I then thought of my body and immediately went down (with this speed)
      into a bush in the garden. Right in the middle of the bush. Here I
      saw I had the blanket around me, the one my body was under on my
      couch. Everything around me was a blackish colour, including me (it
      was night) but this blanket I saw to be the blue colour it was.

      I rose out of the bush, even took a twig out of my non-hair, with
      such speed, went back through the glass window and back into my body.

      I was thrilled. This happened in August this year I've had another
      experience but not as profound as this.

      Anyway, just my experience. I'm keen to hear further of yours
      Matthew. The conscious state in dreams and out-of-body seem closely

      My regards

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