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  • thepathofthesunflower
    ... Organum by P. ... derived from ... also ... like ... theory, and ... So I ll ... just say ... understanding ... known ... being ... is in that ... which
    Message 1 of 10 , Nov 13, 2006
      --- In steiner@yahoogroups.com, "Durward Starman" <DrStarman@...>
      > ******* Well, as I said, I have worked with the book "Tertium
      Organum" by P.
      > D. Ouspensky for many years, and it contains thinking exercises
      derived from
      > the work of the mathematician Hinton, the Theosophist that Steiner
      > lectured on. I'll tell you a bit out of the book, but it's just
      > iGoethe' s theory of colors ---- it's one thing to hear it as a
      theory, and
      > another to do the exercises and arrive at the perception yourself.
      So I'll
      > try to put it in a way we are you can see what's meant, rather than
      just say
      > that the theory says this and that.
      > One of the starting points mathematicians used to approach
      > the fourth dimension a century ago was what was then the well-
      known "
      > Flatland analogy". If you imagine a plane of two dimensions and a
      > living in it, he or she or it would only be able to perceive what
      is in that
      > plane. A three-dimensional object -- -- -- or rather, an object
      which WE can
      > perceive in three dimensions -- -- -- could only be known by the
      plane being
      > as the section of it which is in its plane. Imagine a cube, for
      > passing through the "flatlander's" plane: if it passed through it
      > perpendicular to the plane, the plane being could perceive only a
      SQUARE. as
      > that section of the cube passed through its plane. If it didn't
      > through perpendicularly, but rather first one corner passed
      through, then
      > the rest of the cube, the plane being would sense a changing
      variety of
      > figures, starting from a point when the corner first penetrated the
      > expanding into a growing square, and so forth. {This would of
      course be
      > easier to explain with the help of drawings, but most people here
      have their
      > e-mail set to either not rerceive images included or attached, or
      else they
      > just go to the web site to read the messages, and embedded images
      are not
      > saved there, so if I go through all the trouble of creating the
      drawings and
      > then refer to them, what I say would make no sense to somebody
      unable to see
      > them. C'est la vie....)
      > Hinton and Ouspensky go from this to analogize our experience of
      > three-dimensional space. Whatever one a being cannot sense as a
      dimension of
      > space, it senses as changes in the space it can perceive. So, if we
      see a
      > series of changes in three-dimensional space, that can be
      understood as an
      > object having a fourth dimension which we can't perceive as one,
      > through our three-dimensional space. In other words, the higher
      > of the objects in the world around us ---- which we cannot yet
      perceive as
      > dimensions the way we currently perceive the length, width and
      depth of
      > objects----- instead of being perceived as a static dimension of
      space in an
      > object, appear to us as a series of CHANGES to our space, in other
      > what we call change in time.
      > So, the appearance of a plant out of its seed into its young
      form, then
      > the lower shoot becoming the root and the upper shoot the stem, the
      > of leaves, then the formation of flowers and fruit---- all this is
      a series
      > of changes in an object through time to us, but to a being who can
      see the
      > fourth and other higher dimensions, those are all parts of the
      > shape. It does not come into existence and then disappear in time,
      > rather that appears to happen to us because of the limitation of
      > perceptions----- just as, before a cube passes through the
      > space, the square section of the cube that he will perceive, he
      would say is
      > in the future, while once it passes through the plane, he would say
      > figures that appeared in his space are now something in the past.
      > This is the true connection between the idea of the fourth
      dimension, or
      > rather fourth and all possible higher dimensions, and Time. Many
      people were
      > experimenting with these ideas a century ago, but the person who
      arrived at
      > the true solution, Ouspensky, was largely ignored, while the person
      > arrived at the false solution, Einstein, was made into a god by
      people who
      > proclaimed he had solved a great mystery while not understanding
      his stupid
      > theory in the least. (I'm speaking about his general theory of
      > which is an absurd mishmash and which has completely ruined the
      ability of
      > people to think about these things in the way that helps lead to
      > spiritual aspect -- but then, one couldn't expect anything Einstein
      did to
      > lead to the spiritual. Just look at the way he treated his wife,
      and the way
      > he led a spaced-out life in New Jersey. It's absolutely amazing
      how the
      > scientific establishment has put him over as an intellectual giant
      to people
      > who never study what he actually speculated---- but then look how
      > made everyone believers in Darwin whose followers have still found
      > evidence for his theory. )
      > In relation to human life, as you say this also leads to an
      > of how one period of time is related to another. There's another
      great book,
      > " A Dweller on Two Planets", a history of Atlantis which was spirit-
      > in the 1880s to a young man in California by a being who called
      > Phylos the Thibetan, which Edgar Cayce used to quote from in his
      > and which is well worth studying by anthroposophists. In it he also
      > the correspondence of epochs by the analogy of a screw thread
      > through a plane: with a full turn, you are back at the same place
      on the
      > screw but on a higher level. So he says we in America are Atlantis
      > back, but not exactly the same as Atlantis was, because we have
      > Looking at a shorter period of time, our age can also be understood
      as a
      > repetition of the Egyptian civilization according to Steiner.
      > The correspondence, like many other phenomena, is
      understandable once
      > you expand the concepts "object" and "dimensions" as Tertium
      Orgnaum shows a
      > way to do. But as I said, just hearing someone summarize it is very
      > different from doing the thinking/perception exercises yourself.
      That's a
      > great place to begin.
      > -Starman

      I have one book of PD Ouspensky's 'The psychology of man's possible
      evolution' which I throughly enjoyed and think it deserve's a re-
      reading soon. I wouldn't mind reading Tertium Orgnaum.

      I totally agree with what you say regarding Einstein. If i am right
      to say this train of 'undimensional squashed thought' started with
      Aristotle disregarding the quintessence, the very susbstance which
      holds things together. Because it cannot be measured it is

      Democractic intelligence reaching its point of no return; me thinks.

      It is co-incidential you write about Atlantis, Starman. Over the
      weekend I was re-reading 'Lemuria the lost continent of the Pacific'
      published by the Rosicrucian Order of California 1931. And what you
      say in America .. Atlantis come back. It does seem like a cycle, Dr
      Steiner's Samsara symbol might describe this well on a macro scale.

      To me; what is happening in the world today is exactly the same prior
      to the destruction of Atlantis the only thing which is different is
      the background.

      Although, the Atlantians and prior the Lemurians had reached
      a 'civilization' (not our understanding of civilization today) far
      beyond ours of today. They were so advanced in their relationship to
      the Cosmic Mind. First of all operating in a moneyless society
      (shows are great deal of maurity to do this) and second having their
      pineal organ developed to such a degree that sixth sense connecting
      to the Cosmic mind was normal. Also they had knowledge of the fill
      potential use of minerals and metals; therefore having air and sea

      With the sinking of these two great continents and migrating (to the
      East and Egypt) This organ become under-developed. It was a literal
      organ - a 'bump' protruding from the forehead. It is said with
      practice in developing this organ it will come back through the
      generations. California is part of the original Lemuria, very

      Interesting you also talk about the writings 'A Dweller on Two
      Planets' dictated by the being Phylos talking about Atlantis, to
      someone in California.

      I have a book 'Atlantis to the Latter Days' It is known as
      the 'Osirian Scripts' inspirationally dictated to HC Randall-Stevens
      by the Masters Oneferu and Adolemy of the Osirian Group. Adolemy
      being incarnate under the name Osiraes (not to be confused with
      Osiris) in the reigns of Amenhotep III & IV and Oneferu been
      incarnate under the name of Men-Aton during the reign of Akhnaton. It
      is published by The Knights Templars of Aquarius 1957. It was said HC
      Randall-Stevens is the incarnation of El Eros and a later incarnation
      of Akhnaton.

      It is a dedication of Adam Ptah El Daoud and his divine twin Evam, to
      the master teachers of Earth.

      A wonderful find (in a second hand-book shop a few years ago) I am
      sure here we will find parallels to the writings you have on
      Atlantis. It is said the 'latter' days is the shift of the sun from
      Pisces into Aquarius.

      Getting a bit off the subject of dimensions; but maybe not really
      because possibly the dimensions is discovering these worlds; as the
      metaphor of the plant - releasing the element of scent.

      Have a great day.
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