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Re: looking forward to the Sixth Epoch?

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  • Robert Mason
    ... the natural depopulation of Russia (i.e. East Slaves) and the genocide committed against the Jews by the Nazis. ... depopulation along with the West, at
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 22, 2006
      To Matthew Morrell, who wrote:

      >>I guess I don't see the relationship between
      the natural depopulation of Russia (i.e. East
      Slaves) and the genocide committed against the
      Jews by the Nazis.

      >>East Europe and Russia are suffering
      depopulation along with the West, at large.
      Italy, Germany, France, etc, are falling off
      the map demographically---as do all Late
      Cultures throughout history. Roman cities were
      ghost towns at the fall. We're also seeing
      depopulation in Japan, where the government is
      offering cars as reproductive incentives.<<

      Robert writes:

      Where to start . . . ?

      I'll pick the word *natural*. -- I don't think
      that very much that has happened in Russia
      since 1917 could rightly be called *natural*.
      Aided by the "Western Brotherhoods", the very
      devils of Hell rose and seized the Russian
      Empire and plunged it into the Abyss. Old
      Russia surely had her evils, but at least those
      were recognizably human evils; the evil of
      Bolshevism was something inhuman. The
      catastrophes that followed were not "natural"
      in any usual sense of the word; they were
      consciously planned. As FD Roosevelt is
      reputed to have said: if it happens in
      politics, you can be sure that someone planned
      it. (Maybe at a stretch, in a certain sense,
      you could say that devilish political
      occultisms are part of the "natural order",
      since everything that exists is "natural", else
      it wouldn't exist. But I don't think that's
      what you meant.)

      The article I referenced says: ". . . abortions
      [in Russia] outpaced births last year by more
      than 100,000". In what sense could such a
      massive violation of the well-known "natural
      maternal instinct" be said to be "natural"? --
      And how "natural" is it that the "Russian public
      in general, and especially the male population"
      has apparently lost the natural "will for
      life"? -- The Russians have been subjected to
      such horrors during the past century that very
      many of them have lost the will to carry life

      As you hinted, to some extent the same is true
      over most of Europe. And to some extent most
      of Europe has been subjected to the same life-
      sapping pressures: devastating wars, forced
      dislocations of populations, materialism and
      the concomitant loss of a religious world-view,
      etc. But I hope you can see that Russia has
      come in for special treatment (as has Germany,
      but not as viciously for so long). The
      "Brotherhoods" know that Russia (and Germany)
      has a special destiny and a special potential
      for progressive evolution, thus she has been
      singled out for special treatment. Do you
      remember that infamous map published in the
      late 19th Century, showing the projected future
      Europe with a "Russian Desert"?

      And Russia is still suffering especially.
      "Russia is the only major industrial nation
      that is losing population." Could the New York
      Times be wrong? Western Europe has her
      demographic problems (due perhaps to
      materialism and prosperity versus the
      materialism and poverty of Eastern Europe); I
      don't have the exact numbers handy. But the
      "labor shortage" there is being filled by Third
      World immigration (which brings its own kind of
      cultural disruption, which also serves the
      "Brotherhoods" to some extent). It was
      projected that "the [Russian] population would
      fall to 52 million by 2080". At that rate, how
      many Russians would be left by the Sixth Epoch?

      I don't know what you mean by *Late Cultures*.
      If you mean cultures that have been around for
      a long time, then it isn't true that they are
      all losing population. Look at India and
      China. If you mean dominant empires on the
      verge of collapse, then the loss of population
      might well be a contributing factor, though I
      don't know that it has been in every case. --
      But anyway, compared to the rest of Europe,
      Russia was a young culture, still in childhood
      before the First World War. She was just
      beginning to deal with the Enlightenment and
      industrialization. As Bondarev said, she had
      an "awaiting culture". And despite inept
      governance, in late Tsarist times her
      population was increasing rapidly.

      -- The point I was suggesting in connection
      with "holocaust denial" is this: There is such
      a frenzy about the so-called "Holocaust" of
      Jews during World War Two that anyone who
      publicly expresses the "wrong" opinion about
      the demographics or some other aspect is liable
      in much of Europe to criminal prosecution and
      serious prison time. In the rest of the West,
      even in the absence of criminal penalties, such
      dissenters are liable to various other kinds of
      serious reprisals. Doesn't it seem a little
      incongruous that we are living during a real,
      massive, ongoing "holocaust" in Russia, and not
      only are there no penalties for those who
      "deny" that "holocaust", but hardly anyone even
      notices it?

      Perhaps it doesn't seem incongruous to you,
      since you are an example of the "living in
      denial" to which I referred. You don't even
      see an intentional, planned "genocide", but a
      "natural" decline in population.

      And to pursue my point a little: There are all
      kinds of "holocausts" about which most people
      "live in denial". How about the Red Chinese
      "holocaust"? How many people killed there?
      I've seen the number *70 million*, but that's
      just a guess, and I think likely a low one.
      And that "holocaust" too is ongoing. But we
      (in the US) get along with the Chinese Reds
      just fine: they are "most favored" trading
      "partners". What sort of "holocaust denial" is
      entailed by all those cheap Red Chinese slave-
      labor gadgets in Wal-Mart? -- Another example:
      how many people "deny" what really happens in
      the local so-called "women's clinic"? -- And
      another: how much "denial" is there about what
      really happens in the "meat industry"?

      And so on. I was suggesting that there are
      many "holocausts" and many kinds of "denial".
      Maybe those who are so hot to stomp on
      "Holocaust deniers" might do well to take a
      good look at the world around them -- and to
      take a good look in the mirror.

      Robert Mason

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