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  • Robert Mason
    To all: 888 recently called attention to Steiner s lecture series The World of the Senses and the World of the Spirit available at the eLib.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 20, 2006
      To all:

      "888" recently called attention to Steiner's
      lecture series "The World of the Senses and the
      World of the Spirit" available at the eLib.

      This cycle has been on the eLib for a while,
      but somehow I hadn't much noticed it. But
      recently I did download it and read it. And
      what a surprise it was! Maybe after reading
      piles of Steiner lectures over the years the
      eyes do tend to glaze over a little, and much
      of the material almost seems like just more of
      the same-ol'. But not this time.

      Flashbulbs go off all over the place. The
      first three lectures especially light up *KoHW*
      like the Vegas Strip; again and again the
      experience is: "Ah, *that's* why . . . ." --
      And much of the following lectures likewise
      lights up the cosmo-genesis and anthropo-
      genesis of *OS*. Wisdom is poured forth in
      amazing abundance. And the cycle ends with
      these powerful words:

      ". . . out of a rightly understood wisdom will
      a rightly understood goodness and virtue be
      born in the human heart. . . . the child of
      wisdom will be love."

      Even those who have been studying Anthroposophy
      for many years will find this series of
      lectures to be astonishingly enlightening,

      Robert Mason

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