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artificial intelligence

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  • Mathew Morrell
    The existential implications of the telephone conversation left him with an odd sense of de zois nois---an unexplainable feeling of anxiety. He opened the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 10, 2006
      The existential implications of the telephone conversation left him
      with an odd sense of de zois nois---an unexplainable feeling of
      anxiety. He opened the drawer of his desk where there was a pint
      size bottle of Mc Cormick's whiskey lying on it side, but quickly
      closed the drawer. Logic told him that whiskey was not the answer.
      He was still a little hung over from last night's bender and didn't
      want to start another this early in the afternoon. Instead he opted
      for a cappuccino at a Westport coffee shop.

      The tall coffee shop windows overlooked the traffic on Broadway. On
      his lap-top computer screen was the DaVinci-esque anatomical drawing
      that he reviled and despised so much, but now gruesomely pondered
      while enjoying the cappuccino. The cranium was semi transparent so
      that it was possible to see the glowing optical computer fibers that
      connected the eye balls, the ears, and the nose to the crystal
      formations lodged in the mid brain. The crystal formations looked
      like transistors of some kind. The slimy brain matter was infused
      with red blood vessels but also with futuristic computer technology
      that was intricately incorporated into the brain's neuron and
      glandular structures; a data processing module was where the
      pituitary gland should have been, in the mid brain, and emitted a
      soft green glow. Giovanni doubted that normal, biological, organic
      functions could coordinate their activities with the mechanical,
      machine-driven intelligence of a computer. Yet the drawing was
      totally convincing; it had been produced with colored pencils that
      exacted a human being who looked otherwise normal, save for grain-
      size transistors and capacitors, and ultra thin optical circuitry
      interlacing the vital organs. From each transistor flowed circuitry
      that penetrated the flesh like tiny nerve fibers channeling enormous
      amounts of data. The body was half-computer, half-human, and,
      according to Billy Bayber, possessed incredible mental-physical
      abilities far surpassing organic human life.

      Observing the drawing increased his feeling of anxiety. Nervously
      he sipped the cappuccino while staring at the late afternoon traffic
      passing the coffee shop on Broadway. For the first time he begun to
      experience the ominous sensation that his nephew's art might be true
      and authentic records of actual realities existing outside the
      reality that he was currently aware of. At that moment is seemed
      possible that the reality he saw was no more nor no less real than
      the dream-realities that his nephew imagined in the far future, and
      that, perhaps, both their realities were true. No single objective
      reality exists, he concluded while staring at the traffic. No truth
      shines above all other truths. All there is is an infinite number
      of realities all equally true and all equally false depending on the
      subjective thoughts of the observer. There is no right and wrong,
      true or false, up or down. All that is true is existence itself---
      the void. The rest is an illusion.

      The revelation produced a feeling of nausea in his stomach. He
      lowered his cup on the table, and glumly reminisced about the
      Sorathian drones that his nephew prophesied. According to Billy,
      the Sorathians were people who seized to be truly human when they
      decided to surgically undergo the grueling implantation of
      artificial intelligence. Before being implanted with micro
      processing technologies they possessed normal bodies that performed
      all the necessary functions; they ate and drank to acquire
      nourishment; expelled urine and fesses; and thought using a brain
      unaided by mechanically generated frequencies. It wasn't until they
      digitalized their consciousness that they achieved the character
      traits that define the Sorathian drone: extreme intelligence and
      clairvoyant perception. The neurological implants that were placed
      in their brains were capable of storing, analyzing, and gathering
      data flowing into the brain through the senses. The consequence was
      that their perception of the external world was controlled directly
      by electro-encephalographic wave patterns that altered the
      electrical state of the brain.

      ...to be continued.
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