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  • Mathew Morrell
    Religions could be compared to psychic receptacles that condense and codify spiritual impulses into concrete, discernible expression- forms, i.e. religious
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      Religions could be compared to psychic receptacles that condense and
      codify spiritual impulses into concrete, discernible expression-
      forms, i.e. religious rituals, religious art and religious
      literature that allow us to collectively partake in the Spirit. The
      spiritual impulses that religions "condense and codify" are
      immensely varied, obviously, since religion itself has no value. It
      is the spirit that animates religion that provides each religion
      with their character and determines their value in regard to the
      individual. Ideally the individual would not need religion
      to "condense and codify" his spiritual life. He would be a living
      testament to these same spiritual impulses----a "priest" or
      an "initiate"---a human invested with innate knowledge of the
      supersensible realms.

      However, in reality, the vast majority of people have yet to evolve
      to that level. They need religion to act as a sort theater of the
      mind where they may be feel connected to something larger than them
      selves. Obviously the typical workman is not an initiate. He needs
      religion to "codify" the chaos of the world and "condense" the
      message into easily understandable stories, parables, poems, art,
      and music. The workman comes home at night, exhausted and hungry,
      without the time and resources to devote himself to spiritual
      disciplines. What he needs is inspiration---and religion provides
      it for him, for better or worse. Religion provides society with
      mystics, saints and apostles capable of hearing those epoch-making,
      apocalyptic trumpet blasts that are continually shaping and re-
      shaping the spiritual atmosphere surrounding mankind, subtly
      altering the whole of society.

      Now, religions also provide tyranny. Instead of bringing light into
      the world, at times some religions have brought darkness. Today we
      see the incredible evil that Wahibbi Islam has ushered into world
      and how this religion is being used to provoke national conflicts.
      We see Incan culture manifesting itself all the more strongly within
      the Central American Catholic Church which is the primary organizer
      of the illegal alien invasion of our US borders. We see Buddhism
      being grossly distorted within major metropolitan populations,
      warping its sublime message with eroticism, 60s psychedelic
      philosophies, drugs, and quack new age science. Major historical
      shifts are occurring as we enter the 21st century, predicated by
      Rudolph Steiner, that are constantly reshaping the face of
      religion. These shifts are comparable to earth quakes that turn
      asunder established forms---except that these shifts do not begin in
      the observable world. They're shifts in consciousness. In these
      eruptions, the religious landscape might expand to accommodate new
      spiritual impulses---that or shrink into outmoded forms. Currently
      we're seeing the fall of Christianity throughout Western Europe; and
      as the churches empty, the mosques are filling up. We're seeing the
      dramatic expansion of Islam in the Middle East as far as Canada,
      South America and Paris, France. In America, as well as in Europe,
      entirely new, rejuvenated forms of Western mysticism have blossomed
      in the fertile soil of religious liberty. All this begs the
      question. Will the 21st century religious landscape be blessed with
      heavenly features, silver mountains, blue skies and colorful alpine
      meadows, or will the apocalyptic trumpets hearken a parched, drought
      ridden landscape desperate for spiritual nourishment?

      Mathew Morrell
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