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  • Mathew Morrell
    ** The video store down the block didn t carry any Fu Manchu movies. I had to buy them elsewhere. They should arrive in a week or two. Until then.... ** In
    Message 1 of 21 , Aug 12 11:11 PM
      ** The video store down the block didn't carry any Fu Manchu
      movies. I had to buy them elsewhere. They should arrive in a week
      or two. Until then....

      ** In essence the cultist lives in a fantasy world, or rather a
      shared fantasy in which more than one person is collectively
      involved. In the case of RSE, you have thousands: a whole community
      believing that they're master is an ascended god, and that the
      information that they receive from the Ranch is Top Secret.
      Collective illusion-making is a fascinating dynamic of a cult, RSE
      included; the delusions aren't lived by a single individual. The
      illusions are reinforced by the community. When you have thousands
      of people all forced into thinking the same thought and feeling the
      same emotions that creates a very powerful dynamic, a group soul.
      Although powerful, it hinders individuation of the ego, stunts
      personal growth, and makes having an ego wholly un-necessary.
      Thinking, willing and feeling is taken over by a collective
      organization of souls bound together by a thread of like-mindedness.
      The ego is absolved of the responsibility of having to think for
      itself; in effect, submerges into un-conscious state highly
      susceptible to brainwashing techniques. The "cultist" becomes, in
      Tomberg terms, a herd animal, "negating all that is individual and
      aristocratic in favor of devoting oneself all-the-more-strongly to a
      pride that is sub-individual and collectivized."

      ** Again, the objective of Ramtha's School of Enlightenment is to
      ensnare people in fantasy; or to be more exact, ensnare them in a
      philosophy in which fantasy supplants objective truth as the basis
      of reality. In JZs philosophy, there is no truth, nor objective
      reality. There are only individual realities based on a person's
      subjective understanding. Therefore fantasy is reality; a sort of
      Eighth Sphere in which the soul is unable to differentiate between
      what belongs to reality and what is merely thought.

      The word Eight Sphere is an old occult term from the nineteenth
      century. Today we might use the term "virtual reality" to describe
      the type of realm that the RSE student aims for in his/her spiritual
      practices. Their aim is not to live according to divine principles,
      after all. It is to give substantiality and dimension to fantasies;
      it is to exist on a plane of being where their own personal desires
      manifest themselves without limit; it is to replace a world based on
      divine principles with a world in which their subjective thoughts
      may achieve instantaneous gratification; where they live as if in a
      dream, without pain or suffering and without karmic atonement; where
      they may live eternally in the illusion of their own making.
      Ultimately, the purpose of the Eighth Sphere is to exist in a
      reality based on egotistical desires, where egotism reaches its
      fullest possible manifestation. Here man is subjected to the hell
      of his own egotism.
    • Mathew Morrell
      **A fellow wrote me regarding last month s post on the mechanical nature of thought. His email was well-thought-out and provided corrections and insights into
      Message 2 of 21 , Sep 13, 2006
        **A fellow wrote me regarding last month's post on the mechanical
        nature of thought. His email was well-thought-out and provided
        corrections and insights into what I had written on the subject.
        Hopefully he won't get mad if I post a portion of his email:

        "I fully concur with Matthew's reference to the mechanical nature of
        everyday thought. That's what the first "subsidiary exercise" (the
        first of the foundation practices for spiritual development given by
        Steiner) is about. You get a very precise sense of thought having a
        self-spinning, automatic life when you try to hold onto a logical
        train of newly-generated thinking around an every day object.
        Steiner also refers to the tendency of the head to become animal
        similarly. Unless I misread the Philosophy entirely, the moment of
        intuition, when thinking & concept become one is an expression of
        genuine spiritual
        activity. Reflective thought of the every day kind has the same
        relationship to the reality of thinking as a photograph to that
        which it "captures". Hence Steiner's often repeated criticism of
        Descartes' "Cogito ergo sum" because in thinking there lives not the
        sum (being), but the non-sum (non-being). So in order to think, our
        materiality has to die, & in knowing the thought (retrospective to
        the act of thinking itself) the spiritually resistent material self
        has to be recreated. I hope that's of some help - if I haven't got
        it wrong?"

        **Since the death of that Australian dude by the stingray we've
        heard a lot of speculation on the psychology of animal attacks. Why
        do they do it? One theory goes that animals only attack humans when
        the animal sees the human as a fellow animal; but if the animal
        handler approaches an animal with "tzelem Elokim" ---the Image of
        G'd"---the animal won't attack; it will subject itself in
        obedience. The animal may strike out against the handler, but only
        as a defensive measure: as a way of communicating its feelings and
        establishing bounds.

        Perhaps that's overly idealistic, I don't know. I have only a
        limited experience interacting with animals through the years---just
        horses (ferrier work), Llamas (cleaning), outdoor encounters with
        wild animals, fishing, hunting (in my early years, I don't hunt
        anymore), and taking care of my own pets. Certainly I've been
        exposed to men who could be considered master animal handlers.
        Although they weren't necessarily godly in their personal life, in
        their professional life, working with animals, they were masterful:
        in the "tzelem Elokim." To work successfully with animals it is
        advantageous to be purified of the crude animal configurations which
        project from the astral body.

        The unprovoked animal attack is exceptionally rare and arises, I
        believe, out of a breakdown in the man-animal relationship. A
        reversal occurs. The experience is terrifying because even the most
        seemingly harmless animal is capable of producing extreme damage to
        an un-armed human. When I was a child, a buck tried killing a man
        near my grandparent's farm in Winfield, KS during mating season.
        The man had to wrestle the buck into a farm pond, where he drowned
        the buck, or else the buck would have continued gouging him with his
        horns; it was like being stabbed repeatedly in the chest.
      • Mathew Morrell
        * We should probably be careful when attaching the word energy to Etheric, since it would be easy to associate etheric energy with other types of energy, such
        Message 3 of 21 , May 6, 2007

          *  We should probably be careful when attaching the word energy to Etheric, since it would be easy to associate etheric energy with other types of energy, such as magnetic energy, which operates freely and explicitly of the mind; when it is not this kind of energy at all.  Etheric energy isn't energy in the Newtonian sense of the word.  You can't package Etheric energy into fragmented mathematic symbols the way you would the forces represented by the Conservation of Energy Theorem.  We can, however, mathematically quantify kinetic energy or potential energy or rotational momentum and squeeze them into the CE Theorem (mgh + 1/2mvsquare + 1/2Iwsquare =  mgh + 1/2mvsquare + 1/2Iwsquare). 

          *  Lately I've been devoting much of my reading time to the study of viruses.  From a spiritual science perspective, they are astonishing little creatures.  Viruses seem to have no soul of their own and look oddly "empty" inside under a telescope, having few internal structures other than strands of DNA which they ghoulishly inject into host cells.  Technically, viruses are obligate intracellular parasites.  They occupy a foggy gray zone between life and nonlife in the sense that they're biologically inert; they cannot replicate themselves through meiosis or mitosis, and cannot generate their own energy, ATP (andosine triphosphate).  They're creepy, skeletal, almost spider-like forms that float around the body seeking life, which they themselves apparently do no possess.    Here is a link to a Web page showing a picture of the bacteriophage T4 virus.  Check it out.


          *  My French courses in high school might come in handy, after all.  Viva la Nicolas Sarkozy!  This is a person who knows where liberalism and socialism has taken The West---into the ABYSS.  Let's see if we can climb out.

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