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RE: still more Bondarev material

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  • Robert Mason
    ... information abdout [sic] the so-called Holocaust this man wrote of. What did he mean by so-called , please?
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 18, 2006
      To "Starman", who wrote:

      >>I'm sorry, but I would ask for a bit more
      information abdout [sic] "the 'so-called'
      Holocaust" this man wrote of. What did he mean
      by "so-called", please?<<

      Robert writes:

      *So-called* was my word. I used it and the
      quotation marks to signal the need to pause,
      think, and not take the word at its usual "face
      value". *Holocaust* literally means something
      like *completely burned*, and was used to refer
      to the burning of the bloody remains of a
      ritual sacrifice on an altar. But that is not
      the meaning in this context; the political
      meaning has come to comprise a complex of
      supposed historical events, and this meaning
      has taken on such an emotional content that
      some people go kind of crazy about it. Even
      some whole countries have gone crazy about it.
      The situation has come about that the
      "Holocaust" has become a very effective
      propaganda support for bizarre and deleterious
      political agendas, and that people who
      seriously question some aspects of that
      "complex" are subjected to harassment,
      reprisals, and (in many countries) to criminal
      penalties. -- I wanted to raise a little red
      flag about the danger of being misled by
      prejudiced assumptions and being stampeded by

      It has been four or five years since I started
      discussing Bondarev (and the controversies
      around him) on the Web (in Steiner98), and more
      recently I had a grueling struggle on the
      Waldorf Critics list. If you want to see more
      of my thoughts (including some about the
      "Holocaust"), you can follow the thread that
      starts here (March 18):

      Also, on the "Anthroposophy Tommorow" e-list I
      had a discussion about Bondarev etc., in
      several threads, if I recall. They started
      around here (maybe):

      "Starman" wrote:

      >>Also I'd need more information to blandly
      accept the aspersion cast on the 7 members of
      the Vorstand, that they said this person,
      whoever he is, was expelled for anti-Semitism
      but they had some other "real reason." I know
      several members personally, some for years, and
      don't easily believe things said so casually
      about them.<<

      Robert writes:

      I wasn't speaking casually; I have been
      puzzling over this for years. I'll quote

      "The alleged anti-Semitism in Bondarew's book
      *Anthroposophie auf der Kreuzung . . .* was
      cited in the official statement as the putative
      cause of his expulsion from the Dornach
      Society. I say *putative cause* for several
      reasons: There was confusion in that the
      official statement was signed by head of the
      'Vorstand' of the Society and the head of the
      'High School', despite the fact that membership
      in the Society and in the High School are not
      the same; the criteria for membership are
      different. Also, there is no apparent anti-
      Semitism in the book; the expulsion statement
      did not cite a single anti-Semitic word.
      Further, there was no explanation of why the
      authorship of a book should be grounds for
      expulsion from a society supposedly dedicated
      to cultural freedom. And -- a somewhat
      different explanation for the expulsion was
      attributed in a Society publication to MSB:
      that the expulsion was also at the request of
      the Russian Anthro Society, for its protection
      -- but both MSB and the Russian Society later
      denied this story. There is another story
      around, that another member of the Dornach
      Vorstand, Zimmermann, said that the expulsion
      was to prevent a split in the Russian Society.

      "That publication was *Das Goetheanum*; No. 48;
      Nov. 28, 1999. The denials were in *Vestnik*;
      Easter, 2000. The 'story' I got from Graham

      -- More about this "story", this from
      Bondarev's publisher, Willy Lochmann.
      Apparently some Tombergians tried to involve
      Bondarev in an attempt to set up an alternative
      Russian Society, but he refused to co-operate:

      "AAG-Ausschluss Bondarews: . . . . Einige
      Menschen, die in Russland diese Gegen-
      Gesellschaft mit Bondarew als Gallionsfigur
      gründen wollten, trafen sich 1998 am Kongress
      in Den Haag. Dazu gehören vermutlich Willem
      Veltman und definitiv Harrie Salman, der zur
      Tomberg-Anhängerschaft zählt. Die Fäden im
      Moskau zog ein Mann namens 'Sascha' (an den
      Familiennamen kann ich mich nicht mehr sicher
      erinnern). Bondarew hatte sich, soweit mir
      bekannt ist, strikt geweigert, sich zu
      beteiligen. Nachdem er wegen der von der
      holländischen Landesgesellschaft erzwungen
      Ausladung (siehe: Null-Nummer meines
      Rundbriefs: 'Tagebuch der holländischen
      Kampagne' - noch nicht im Web) durch Veltman
      nicht nach Den Haag reisen konnte, versuchte
      ihn Harrie Salman telefonisch zur Beteiligung
      zu drängen. Dazu gibt es keinerlei
      veröffentlichte Kommentare."

      -- The first, most obvious, and most decisive
      reason for doubting the "given" explanation for
      the expulsion is that there is no "anti-
      Semitism" in the book, as was alleged in the
      official statement from the Society. I'll
      quote myself again:

      "Note that the statement did not cite a single
      'anti-Semitic' word from Bondarev, and it did
      not mention 'holocaust denial' at all. But
      why, if they really had to say anything, even
      erroneous, about the book, did the Vorstand not
      just leave it at that: Bondarev's opinions are
      his own and not those of the Society? -- Why
      the expulsion? The original Christmas Society
      statutes (now only 'principles') state that
      (#9): 'A dogma in any sphere whatsoever shall
      be excluded from The General Anthroposophical
      Society.' The expulsion, allegedly based on
      opinions expressed in a book, seem to me to be
      contrary to the very spirit of Anthroposophy,
      which, in our times, is the foremost teacher of
      true human freedom. I say *allegedly*, for I
      have to doubt that the stated reason was the
      real reason. -- You might want to read my
      closely related post on Anthroposophy Tomorrow
      for more on this

      -- I was asked for my opinion about the real
      reason for the expulsion, and I responded thus:

      "Again, I would have to guess. Maybe it really
      did have some connection with the politics of
      the Russian Society. Tension between a
      Bondarev faction and a Prokofieff faction?
      Maybe some of those CheKa-connected pseudo-
      Templars were involved? Somehow the desire in
      Dornach to raise Proky to the heights led to a
      drive to stomp Bondy into the dirt?

      "Bondy seems to have a way of rubbing a lot of
      people the wrong way, and not only Society
      apparatchniki. But it's not out of the
      question that those apparatchniki had some hard
      feelings about Bondy's criticisms of the way
      the Society was being run and by his suggestion
      that 'the Society has become a means of
      concealing something unknown'. Perhaps he was
      right with this suggestion, and that sinister
      'something unknown' used the supposed 'anti-
      Semitism' as a pretext to get him out of the

      "Maybe some of all of the above?"

      -- Those "pseudo-Templars" were mentioned in
      Bondarev's book as having long infiltrated the
      Russian Anthro Society. Apparently, there have
      been a lot of strange, sinister goings-on in
      and around the Russian Society for a long time,
      most recently and conspicuously the violent,
      mysterious death of Irina Gordienko.

      I will append the text of the official
      expulsion statement auf deutsch; you can find
      an English translation

      "Starman" wrote:

      >>Also, I know that it takes an awful lot for
      the Society to expel someone . . . .<<

      Robert writes:

      I hope you are aware that, according to the
      real, legal statutes of the Society (which are
      not those given by Steiner at the Christmas
      Conference), the Vorstand can expel any member
      for no reason.

      "Starman" wrote:

      >> . . . however, if he or she is aggrandizing
      to themselves the level of spiritual science of
      Dr. Steiner while at the same time saying
      things in diametric opposition to spirit-
      science, well that would do it! But even then
      it would take a long time to provoke such a
      reaction. They remember the split in the
      Society in the 1930s.<<

      Robert writes:

      There have been other expulsions besides
      Bondarev's. Around 1962 Rudolf Saacke was
      expelled with no reason given, but apparently
      for raising the "Constitutional Question". And
      in the last few years, since Bondarev, someone
      (I don't remember his name) was expelled for,
      it seems, expressing the "wrong" opinion on
      Swiss immigration; I don't recall the details.

      -- I realize that the censorship, official and
      unofficial, has been so effective that for many
      people the idea that the accepted story of the
      "Holocaust" might not be true is the most
      unheard-of thing they have ever heard of -- and
      that when they hear someone suggest that idea,
      they think . . . well, he must be some kind of
      Nazi. And I realize that many Anthros have a
      hard time taking seriously the idea that
      anything unseemly, much less sinister, might
      happen in the rarefied atmosphere of Dornach.
      Here is an opportunity to practice one of the
      six essential virtues recommended by Steiner:
      open-mindedness, impartiality.

      This second "idea" is of more special concern
      for Anthros than is the first; that first is
      more a matter of ordinary, straightforward
      historical research, to the extent that such
      is possible under the present circumstances.
      Unhappily, the controversy over Bondarev's
      relation to that first and associated ideas
      has largely dominated the discussion about
      him, and this has pretty much been the case
      for me on the Internet over the past few years.
      As I said in my recent Web posting, I would
      like to take the focus off this distracting
      controversy and direct the focus to the real,
      important substance of this book.

      Robert Mason
      From Rudolf Saacke's old website, March 1998
      (edit16-p01.htm):***Im Nachrichtenblatt der AAG
      mit dem fatalen Datum "8. Februar" 1998 wurde
      folgende Mitteilung veröffentlicht:

      "Zum Antisemitismus-Vorwurf

      In der letzten Zeit wurde, vor allem im Bereich
      Basel, die Anthroposophie mit antisemitischen
      Tendenzen in Verbindung gebracht.

      Selbstverständlich handelt es sich dabei um ein
      grundlegendes Mißverständnis. Aus dem Geist und
      dem Wesen der Anthroposophie ist es vollkommen
      unmöglich, zu irgendwelchen antisemitischen
      Äußerungen zu kommen. Die Achtung vor der Würde
      eines jeden Menschen und die Anerkennung der
      verschiedenen religiösen Wege und Überzeugungen
      sind ein Urbaustein anthroposophischer
      Menschen- und Welterkenntnis. Wenn einzelne
      Menschen, die sich auch mit Anthroposophie
      beschäftigen, zu solchen Äußerungen kommen, so
      kann das immer nur ein Ausdruck ihrer
      persönlichen Meinung sein, niemals aber eine
      Äußerung der Anthroposophischen Gesellschaft
      oder gar der Anthroposophie selbst.

      Eine besondere Rolle spielt in diesem
      Zusammenhang das Buch ,Anthroposophie auf der
      Kreuzung der okkulten Bewegungen der Gegenwart‘
      von Gennadij Bondarew. Darin wird die
      Anthroposophie in dieser Hinsicht gravierend
      entstellt. Insbesondere enthält die russische
      Originalausgabe Passagen, die in der deutschen
      Übersetzung weggelassen wurden, die besonders
      gravierend sind.

      Aufgrund dieser Situation hat sich der Vorstand
      entschließen müssen, Herrn Bondarew nicht mehr
      als Mitglied der Anthroposophischen
      Gesellschaft zu betrachten.

      Für das Hochschulkollegium: Dr. Georg Unger

      Für den Vorstand am Goetheanum: Manfred

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