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Re: [steiner] Science and Religion (cont.)

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  • Sue
    continued; I see Spiritual Science as a religion because it is THE GREAT RELIGION for ALL of humanity. In the School of Michael, one confronts his own humanity
    Message 1 of 5 , May 28, 2006
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      I see Spiritual Science as a religion because it is THE GREAT RELIGION
      for ALL of humanity. In the School of Michael, one confronts his own
      humanity AND the Guardian that leads to the spiritual world. Spiritual
      Science gives us the tools to take the vertical path upwards but we
      must never forget the horizontal ie. the community of man in which we
      live. If we ascend without Spiritual Science, we are caught in a
      phantom world of Imagination and can go no further. With Spiritual
      Science, the journey has no limits. It is only limited by our own
      understanding and fear.

      We learn in the Michael School about the three beasts - mainfesting as
      fear, doubt and hate. These beasts are the first beings we encounter on
      this vertical path. They insist that we become accountable for our own
      Thinking, Feeling and Willing. Michael gives us the courage to
      overcome. We find the counter-forces/faces of these beings who are
      destined to take us in another direction ie. only the downward vertical
      path, or only the horizontal path, or only the upward vertical. It is
      the Cross itself which symbolises the three paths. It is the sign of
      the Rosicrucian, a symbol of dying and becoming. The details can be
      found in Steiner's writing on the Rosicrucian eg. "The Secret Stream".

      There is another yahoo group called 'spiritual science', of which I was
      a 'member' for a short while. Within this group, as in most groups,
      there was one person who constantly espoused his 'wisdom', which was so
      abstract, that his words had a deadening effect on the group. I found
      myself questioning the validity of the group's title as the philosophy
      seemed to be more gnostic than Anthroposophical (what I perceive as
      true Spiritual Science), but I was dismissed and intimidated ( perhaps
      a fear of some in this group), so I left. My choice... no worries! My
      point is this and one that Steiner himself makes with regard to the
      orthodox religions, including Gnosticism and that is, that the world is
      still worshipping the old Jehovah/ Father God. The God of the Old
      Testament. It's as if the Son never came, or that the Son leads us to
      the Father anyway so why bother with the Son? With Anthroposophy, the
      cornerstone of our understanding is the Christ. The Turning Point in
      Time - the Mystery of Golgotha. Not Jesus - but Christ! In the
      worshipping of the Father God, Islam and orthodox religions are the
      same. Anthroposophy is the most difficult path because it requires our
      own Thinking to sort out the confusion. We have to leave our prejudices
      at the door and re-think our stand. This path is not without effort,
      nor is it easy, but it surely leads us to the Truth. The truth of the
      Triad. We have been tricked into seeing only duality - black, white,
      good, evil etc. I f we only ever see the duality, we are compelled to
      be one-sided - either one or the other. This is a lie. In Anthroposophy
      we always insert the one in between, while the two become polar
      opposites ( Luciferic or Ahrimanic) Without Christ, we are one-sided.
      Here is true Christianity. The Middle Path. It never denies the two
      sides, but sets about to balance them. Without the duality we could
      never have the possibilty of meeting the Christ. We cannot deny them,
      but we can meet them and redeem them.

      The most wonderful thing about Anthroposophy, is that we are free to
      think for ourselves. To individualise our journey - at least until we
      reach the 'top' - there, the view is the same for all. "Steiner says" -
      'why walk around the mountain to find the path upwards - begin from the
      point at which you already stand.' The path is unique to each
      individual --- how much more could the 'I' ask for?

      I encourage people to not be afraid... to not doubt and most of all to
      put aside their hate. As Michael says " to trust ... without the
      security of existence". Then we can truly LIVE!

      I also urge everyone to read "The Art of Goethean Conversation" by
      Marjorie Spock. We can learn much from this little book. How to truly
      hear what another is saying - even the Silence! How to engage in our
      true humanity, through our own silence and a sincere, unprejudiced and
      lively response to the actual subject being discussed. In this time,
      conversation is shallow, as one person talks over another and
      introduces a new subject (subjective). Even as one person is either
      talking or interjecting, neither actually hears their own words either.
      People perpetually speak nonsense or as Rudolf Steiner says "untruths".

      peace and love ... Sue.

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    • Durward Starman
      Well, Sue, I ve had a bit of experience the past few years in online groups, even before the owner of this list asked me to moderate it. And from that I can
      Message 2 of 5 , May 29, 2006
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        Well, Sue, I've had a bit of experience the past few years in online
        groups, even before the owner of this list asked me to moderate it. And from
        that I can say that it's just as well that a list is quiet, because most of
        the "talk", even on so-called 'anthroposophical' lists, is bad-tempered,
        trivial and not worthy of people supposedly on the spiritual path. Many
        people feel the medium itself somehow inhibits 'Goethean' conversation,
        where one soul truly meets another and significant things are said---- I
        don't think so, but rather that we are at many and varied stages of
        development as individuals, and this is a medium open to the masses;
        therefore, gibberish, scatological graffiti and infantile rantings often are
        the majority of the mindless "contributions". Just go into any chat room
        allegedly for the purpose of discussing one topic or another and see how
        little that topic is discussed and how much is people on their little
        soap-box, or getting ego-gratification, or flirting. So I favor quality
        rather than quantity.

        Also, in any group there are about 5% of individuals strong enough to
        speak out, while the majority are usually content to listen a large
        percentage of the time. We who post are therefore, in a way, the
        representatives of the silent majority and need to try to act as such, and
        occasionally one of the others will be drawn out into communication. As far
        as this group is concerned, for some reason an incredibly large number of
        people choose to have no e-mail delivered to their mail-boxes, meaning that
        a conversation in anything remotely approaching real time is impossible.
        They go to the web-site to read the posts whenerver they feel like it,
        meaning nothing is predictable or can be organized easily, as the failure to
        study together this past Holy Nights showed. So it requires patience.

        Perhaps people could post something here about how they are using or wish
        to use spirit-science in their lives. We have some Waldorf teachers here and
        undoubtedly a few people involved in bio-dynamic agriculture,
        anthroposophical medicine, the arts, etc. As some of you know, I have used
        it to develop an approach to astrology and practice as an astrologer. That's
        a pretty big subject in itself. I also am a painter and musician and try to
        bring higher consciousness into my work with both: I've been trained in
        painting but there seems to be no unified approach to music from out of
        anthroposophy to study yet.


        >From: Sue <aquariusrises2001@...>
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        >Subject: Re: [steiner] Science and Religion
        >Date: Mon, 29 May 2006 05:24:34 +0100 (BST)
        >To All,
        >The fact that everyone IS so quiet in this group, is a discussion in
        >itself. Apart from M. Morrell's fictional ramblings, it's as if
        >everyone is paralysed. I try to put myself in their shoes and ask
        >myself why people feel that they want to be a memeber of this group and
        >yet don't partake. Is it because they want to be on the periphery and
        >merely watch? (for what?), or is it that they feel they have nothing to
        >contribute? Or is it because they are afraid of saying something which
        >might be in error?
        >It is my experience, that the human being cannot perpetually take
        >without giving something back. There is no-one in this group, including
        >myself, who 'knows" everything. In fact I believe that those who feel
        >they 'know' everything are mistaken. The concept of a group, must
        >surely be the hope of honest discussion - a to-ing and fro-ing of
        >ideas, hopefully in a Goethean way - and since this IS a Steiner group,
        >one must presume that people either know something about Spiritual
        >Scince or want to know.
        >I am going to put my head on the chopping block and open myself up for
        >criticism and judgment!
        >I don't know how many peole here are anthropops, or even if they
        >understand Anthroposophy, but there must be a curiosity. It's tru that
        >through meditation, the Silence speaks, however the Silence can't be
        >heard by those who have not prepared themselves to HEAR!
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