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Re: [steiner] Holy Week Study

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  • Cecilia Velasquez
    I am new to anthroposophy and new to the group, I probably wont be doing much posting because I am just trying to figure this out and finding a way to living
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 13, 2006
      I am new to anthroposophy and new to the group, I probably wont be doing much posting because I am just trying to figure this out and finding a way to living anthroposophy in my every day life. I find everything that Dr, Steiner wrote and spoke has a lighting effect in my life, but there is so much to read and do that I dont know if this life time will be enough to do it.
      I have two little girls the oldest is 6 and the younger is 3 and they kept me bussy. I am trying to learnd as much as I can from them.
      I just wanted to say that I really look forward to recive the calendar every week, I did notice that missing post, but I did feel that I have the right to ask, since I am new.
      I live in Peru, I appologize if there is something that is not well writen.

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      Hello all,

        It WOULD have been nice to do an Easter study together, just as it would have been nice to do our study together for the 12 Holy Nights --- but that didn't happen this past year either, which was a disappointment to me, as our online group here had done one every Christmas for several years now.  Right afterwards, after struggling so much to continue posting the weekly Calendar of the Soul mailings from the Goetheanum where I was studying for months, I missed sending it one week ---- and absolutely no one asked what happened to it. So I waited a few more weeks, and saw that no one noticed or asked. That brought home to me that no one appeared to be using them: it was a waste of time and energy better spent elsewhere. That's why I have not been posting here.

         The "new year" of the Soul-Calendar starts this Sunday, and perhaps I will start posting them again. But I would like to see this group which has such potential, find what it would like to do with the list. What a great tool for group study it could be. Ideas, anyone? What could we do better with it?

         As to your posting, Sarah: Dr. Steiner spoke about Holy Week and how there were events on each day---- the cursing of the fig tree on Monday, the "Moon's day" having to do with heredity, symbolic of the old initiation-path of the Hebrew religion now being barren---- and then Tuesday, Mars Day, showing the Messiah using aggressive force to expel the money-changers from the temple. The week can be used as a meditation to connect with both the planetary rulers of each day and with the events in the 4 gospels between Palm Sunday and Easter... if people desire to do so.


      sarahfe@... writes:

      Is anyone else doing a Holy Week study?

      Although I have been involved in forms of study during the  Holy 
      Nights at Christmas one way and another for about the past 5 years, 
      this year I have decided to mark the 8 days of Holy week in a similar 

      In addition to the Gospel accounts I am primarily using the relevant 
      chapter in Emil Bock's "The Three Years". Although I have found that 
      it also ties in with other books that I have been reading in a quite 
      remarkable way (although perhaps this should not be so surprising to 

      When I was young I used to have (or rather my brother had) a "Hot 
      Wheels" set. The track was attached initially to a high point and the 
      cars would run down the steep slope and around the track. Since they 
      soon ran out of energy we also had an electric booster thing which 
      the cars would enter and be whizzed out the other side with renewed 
      velocity. When I undertake an intense period of study I am always 
      reminded of this image. This is what the study does for me on a soul 
      level. So I would recommend it, however busy you think you are!

      So today is already Tuesday with only 5 days to go. But I will post 
      my thoughts on the days separately with the hope that other people 
      might pitch in with their own ideas.

      Whereas the Holy Nights is a time when people often work with the 12 
      signs of the Zodiac, as people in our community here have worked with 
      the 12 virtues for the past 2 years, Holy Week is a time to work with 
      the 7 planetary spheres, taking each one on the relevant day of the 

      I look forward to sharing ideas...

      Sarah FE

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