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The Epochs

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  • Mathew Morrell
    The epochs of mankind s inner evolution can be briefly summarized as follows. 1. The Hindu First Epoch. Begun 7227 BC. Extremely spiritual. Rejected the
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      The epochs of mankind's inner evolution can be briefly summarized as follows. 


      1.  The Hindu First Epoch.  Begun 7227 BC.  Extremely spiritual.  Rejected the material world because it is "maya"---illusion.  Total selflessness in service of spiritual principles.  Anonymity possesses all Indian philosophy.  Time did not exist in the Indian soul, nor in its expression-forms.  Only an omni-present Now.  A-historic. 


      2.  The Persian Second Epoch.  5067 BC to 2907.  Dualism.  Life is a battle between good and evil---Ahura Mazda against Ahriman.  The apocalyptic mind is born, in which history is perceived as the advancement of "the tribe" through catastrophic tribulations.  Man involved in the torturous act of becoming.  The aim:  re-unite the group soul with Universal Self. 


      3.  Egypto-Chaldean Third Epoch.  2908 BC to 747 BC.  Denied the soul's mortality.  Believed they were gods in flesh born from distant galaxies.  Excellent chroniclers of history---though non-interpretive.  Invention of sun dials and water clocks.  Believed the world existed in a time continuum, yet their idea of time was different than ours.  Time did not exist in itself, but was still bound up with the idea of space and the extension of space.  The present was an indivisible gap between two immeasurable expanses stretching into the future and the past.


      4.  The Greco-Roman Fourth Epoch.  Begun when Rome was founded, in 747.  Totally embraced their mortality, their human-ness and their materiality.   Return of a-historic consciousness, utter disregard for time, past or future.  The solidity of the present, of "man become," obsessed them, hence their fixation with statuary, Euclidean mathematics, conics, mathematical statistics, with things "as they are" as magnitudes existing purely in the space element.  The apex of materialism.


      **  The Event of Golgotha shook the foundation of Greco-Roman Man, sending a thousand shock waves through his "temples of rationality."  A new era of evolution begins, in which mankind begins to develop his individual consciousness, his I AM.  Instead of evolving through his group soul, his new temple becomes the temple of the "I".  Evolution is put in the individual's hands.    



      5.  We are currently in the Fifth Epoch.  Begun in 1413.  Development of the "consciousness soul."  The Fifth Epoch is divided yet again, into seven "rounds" or stages.  A new stage or "new age" arrives every 365 years, approximately.  The awakening of the conscious soul gives man increased levels of objective thinking, and of being aware of himself as an individual.  The rate of evolution has accelerated considerably due to individuals going outside the box of tribal-communal thinking, and making discoveries of the outside world through a different type of inner alignment of himself with the Cosmos.  Time speeds up, in terms of evolution.  Jesus himself, speaking of the Christ within him, states that he will "shorten the days," meaning he will accelerate consciousness, so where Time is experienced at an ever quickening evolutionary tempo drawing the `elect' into God.


      And if the Lord had not shortened the days, no human would be saved; but for the sake of the elect, whom he chose, he shortened the days. [Mark 13:20]

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