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Re: [steiner] Anthroposophy Michael, Rosencrutz, Steiner

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    In the News for Members 2005 #1 on page 11 the author Ernst Katz I believe wrote it. He is writing about the mission of R.S. and he writes, It is a
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      In the "News for Members" 2005 #1 on page 11 the author Ernst Katz I believe wrote it.  He is writing about the mission of R.S. and  he writes, "It is a large stage, brightly illumined, back by a white wall on which is painted a great mural of St. Michael subduing the dragon.  Imagine in the front of this stage stands Rudolf Steiner, in his black suit as we know him from many pictures.  About, five feet behind him stand two figures, one somewhat to the right, the other somewhat to the left.  The one on the right appears in red regalia.  It is Christian Rosenkreutz, who renewed teh Mysteries for the Western World in such a wise that his students could remain engaged in worldly pursuits.  The one on the left appears almost transparent, of a bluish hue.  It is the Initiate who is most closely associated with teh Christ Mystery, the "Master Jesus" About fifteen feet behind these two on a slight elevation, stands St. Michael, and on a somewhat higher elevation about fifteen feet behind St. Michael stands the radiant figure of Christ, surrounded behind Him by a semicircle of angelic beings of the various hierarchies.  From Christ streams forward a rose-pink stream of divine love towards the smaller hill where St. Michael the Ambassador of Christ, stands.  He adds brilliant cosmic light to the stream of divine love.  Now this stream of light-permeated divine love streams further forward, spreading slightly, reaching the two Great Initiates of the Western World.  They focus the stream onto Rudolf Steiner in front of them."  Then, Katz went on to say that Steiner accepted this mission as an ambassador of Michael who is an ambassador of Christ.  ~chantel
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