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The Undisputed Queen of the New Age, JZ Knight

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  • Mathew Morrell
    Anthroposophists are doing a poor job realizing that JZ Knight s school in Yelm, WA. is, in fact, a cult. Although it s not cult in the traditional sense of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 22 11:56 AM
      Anthroposophists are doing a poor job realizing that JZ
      Knight's "school" in Yelm, WA. is, in fact, a cult. Although it's
      not cult in the traditional sense of the word---JZs followers live in
      their own homes and are self-supportive----it is very zealous and
      fanatical. It was also very controlling of people's lives.

      I can cite exact incidences when "the school" (called RSE, short for
      the Ramtha School of Enlightenment) goes well beyond being a
      spiritual center for learning and self exploration, thereby crossing
      the boundary separating it from being a cult.

      Two of the incidences involve people whom I knew personally. One
      went by the name Kitty Forber, a lady with whom I lived for over a
      month; the other was Lee Harris, a man who looks exactly like Charles
      Manson: coal black deep set eyes, long dark hair, short wiry
      stature, and a gaze that goes straight through you. I dated his ex-
      wife, Laura.

      Let me pause here just to state that there is a good side to RSE,
      which I'll expound upon in later posts. RSE never went so far so as
      to commit a crime (only money laundering and tax evasion). As a
      matter of fact, RSE always provided prompt medical attention to
      anyone who might need it during the retreats---and the retreats were
      grueling enough to require ambulances at times. One of the aspects I
      loved about the retreats was the awesome spiritual exercises (like
      finding your way through gigantic labyrinths, acres in size,
      blindfolded.) Because the retreats were high quality productions, I
      never minded shelling out the $1000 cost required to attend each

      You must understand that JZ and her followers see themselves as
      initiates. Therefore the utmost secrecy is demanded, according to
      JZ, to keep the teachings pure and untainted by non-initiates. In
      their opinion the average man and woman could not possibly understand
      the truths that are taught at the Ranch during the retreats. People
      must be initiated to understand them, hence the demand for secrecy
      and obedience.

      With that said you can understand the rational behind JZ's demand
      that her followers not follow any other channeler besides herself,
      not Mofu, no Phillip, no one! Moreover, she was highly contemptuous
      of any spiritual leaders, large or small, who came to town. Her New
      Age community was swelling in size in the rural areas surrounding
      Yelm, making it a virtual magnet for minor and major spiritual
      teachers seeking audiences. The reason JZs followers were flocking
      to Yelm was not only because the retreats were held there, but
      because it was supposed to be a spiritual oasis safe from the
      apocalyptic earth changes that were supposed to engulf the world.

      Lee Harris (Charlie) was one leader whom JZ confronted; he was told
      to leave the school because he was holding sessions at people's
      homes. Lee was a very charismatic man, known for his healing
      ability, and he was starting to develop a small following, which JZ
      was threatened by, evidently. Lee also taught knowledge that was
      outside JZs thinking, and this was simply not allowed. Lee quit the
      school, and didn't make a fuss about it. Last I heard he was
      traveling across the nation with his new wife, giving lectures, etc;
      in essence, living the life of a guru.

      The other incident followed a similar pattern. The lady Kitty Forber
      hosted a channeling session at her house, which was right across the
      street from the Ranch, on Yelm HWY. Phillip was the name of the
      channeler. Quite a few people attended the channeling seminar, but
      there was quit a malay during the seminar when guards from the Ranch
      walked across the street to confront the attendees. Shortly
      thereafter Kitty Forber dropped out the school and left Yelm.

      These incidences, and many more like them, represent unshakable
      evidence that RSE is a cult.
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