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  • Sue
    As I watch the Benny Hinns and Kenneth Copelands of this world, languishing on their majestic thrones, working for their masters, the 3 great Beasts, I am
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 16, 2006
      As I watch the Benny Hinns' and Kenneth Copelands of this
      world, languishing on their majestic thrones, working for their
      masters, the 3 great Beasts, I am gripped by a sense of urgency
      for the fate of the human soul.
      Is it destined to be fettered to the dying earth? Although we are
      free to choose life, we are bound to die when we follow the piper
      of materialism. Is not the pomp and ceremony of organised
      religion - ALL OF THEM - ( perhaps even the Goetheanum has
      succumbed ) - the greatest manifestation of mankind's deep
      emersion into egoism and materialism?
      When Christ Jesus taught us to pray, we were told/advised to go
      into our closets (hearts/souls) and pray. Our God has become a
      personal God, Who in time will be revealed to be the God of ALL!
      The ONLY authority we need, mysteriously lies within our own
      Being. When we come to 'know thyself', we authorise ourselves
      to participate authentically and purposefully, in not only our own
      karma, but that of humanity. "There go I ! "
      Just like you, I can only speak from out of my own 'I' - from my 'I'
      experiences and knowledge. I have the freedom as an individual
      of earth, to think my own thoughts - to think this way or that. At
      lightning speed I am compelled to make a choice - every minute
      of every waking day. We are hurled though life, from birth to
      death, kept busy with the outer/sensory world and yet the human
      being intuitively hungers for something that seems to be
      missing in life. The soul calls to our hearts - FEED ME!
      We sleepwalk through our daily lives and revive our souls in
      bodily sleep. Each morning, when we wake to our senses once
      more, we are refreshed from our sojourn in this realm of the
      "unknown". We are distracted by the perceptions around us and
      forget where we go each night.
      Materialism would have you believe that this unknown world is
      beyond the 'ordinary' man's reach. ( hence the evangelists rising
      power ) Spiritual Science tells us it is there for EVERY human
      being on earth.
      Through our will/inclination, we can raise ourselves up to meet
      this "unknown" realm, but our intention must be earnest. Man's
      will is as yet, asleep to the task. And further, our intention must
      be good, filled with Love. How do we awaken the Will? Through
      Thinking! With our Intention filled Love, we Think Right Thoughts.
      The Path leads upwards from there. Thinking - Feeling - Willing!
      The Three Fold Human Being, armed to fight the 3 great Beasts
      ....fear, hatred and doubt!
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