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RE: [steiner] The Dead Sea Scrolls

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    Dear Robin, I believe this article may have first been published in an early 1970s Anthroposophical Journal , although a prior printing may well have taken
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      Dear Robin,

      I believe this article may have first been published in an early 1970s "Anthroposophical Journal", although a prior printing may well have taken place elsewhere. It seems to me Hiebel, at the time quite elderly, was a wonderful and frequent lecturer as well as writer on Anthroposophical matters. It seems to me, also, Hiebel may have felt some connection between Jeshua ben Pandira [circa 100 B.C.] and the Leader spoken of in his article. Several years ago I noticed this writing available from, I believe, Anthroposophical Press but it may have been listed among one of the other Anthroposophical/Rudolf Steiner publishers.

      I am happy you find Hiebel's work of interest and I was amazed by his seemingly connecting the two Jesus children. I had investigated Burroughs [sic?] and others' work on the scrolls but Hiebel's indepth analysis and thoughtful connections always, for me, carried a deeply living Truth.


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      I read with interest the article in the Files section "The Dead SeaScrolls" by Frederick Hiebel. Could someone help to identify thisarticle: where did it first appear and when? This is particularlyrelevant in the sense that the interpretation of some of the scrollsis decisively linked to the time-frame in which they were written.Hiebel has clearly taken as his starting point the assumption that"the scrolls could have been produced as early as 100 B.C". This wasthe view propounded by the scholars that made up the internationalteam lead by Roland de Vaux. This team, working at the RockefellerMuseum in East Jerusalem, had almost exclusive control over a largeproportion of the scroll materials for almost 40 years. A racy accountof the machinations surrounding the work on the scrolls is given in"The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception" by Micheal Baigent and Richard Leigh. Nevertheless, there seems to be ample evidence that at least someof the (Qumran) scrolls can be dated as having
      been produced in theChristian era, in fact anytime as late as AD 66 - 73. This opens upquite new possibilities for interpreting such phrases as "the Teacherof Righteousness" - who might well be James the Just (or theRighteous),i.e., Jesus' brother. I have become very interested in the historical era in which Jesuslived, and in the following period in which the Pauline "impulse" andthe other branches of Christianity became mutually separated, and inwhich the four Gospels (or early versions of them) were written down.Anyone read any books on this theme that can be recommended (apartfrom the NT, of course ;-) Greetings to all: keep well! Robin King

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