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Re: [steiner] re:lecture III

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  • Jeff Auen
    Thanks. This was helpful and clarifying. jeff ... [Click Here!]
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 28, 2000
      Thanks. This was helpful and clarifying.


      Gisele Deibeck wrote:


      "Although Christ appeared only later, He was always
      present in the spiritual sphere of the Earth. Already
      in the ancient Oracles of Atlantis, the priests of the
      Oracles spoke of the "Spirit of the Sun", of Christ.
      In the old Indian epoch of civilisation the Holy
      Rishis spoke of "Vishva Karman"; Zarathustra in
      ancient Persia spoke of "Ahura Mazdao", Hermes of
      "Osiris"; and Moses spoke of the Power which, being
      eternal, brings about the harmonisation of the
      temporal and natural, the Power living in the "Ejeh
      asher ejeh" (I AM the I AM) as the harbinger of
      (Steiner - The Deed of Christ - 1st Jan 1909)

      "...Christ is also the guide and leader of all the
      beings of the upper hierarchies. He is an
      all-embracing, universal, cosmic being, and as He
      entered human evolution through the mystery of
      Golgotha, so did great events also come to pass
      through Him among the beings of the upper hierarchies"
      (Steiner - lost reference)


      > Gisele Deibeck wrote:
      > > Schure in his book "The Great Initiates", when
      > > speaking of the 'Transfiguration' on Mount Tabor
      > > (Matthew xvii, 1-3), writes of Christ:
      > > ..."What did He see, what did He hear and
      > esperience
      > > that night...? Over the shining cloud where He
      > stands,
      > > six characters in priestly robes lift a shining
      > > chalice in their united hands. They are the six
      > > Messiah who have already appeared on Earth; the
      > > seventh is Christ Himself and the Chalice
      > symbolises
      > > the sacrifice He must accomplish by His own
      > > incarnation."
      > >
      > > (This is my own improvised translation, please
      > forgive
      > > my English)
      > >
      > > Gisele

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