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Re: [steiner] The Being of the Internet - a reply

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  • DoctorStarman@aol.com
    *******I agree with your assessment, Lee. I m afraid too many anthroposophists are simply old fuddy-duddies, knee-jerk reacting negatively against anything and
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      *******I agree with your assessment, Lee. I'm afraid too many anthroposophists are simply old fuddy-duddies, knee-jerk reacting negatively against anything and everything new. I have found that Steiner foresaw the internet, and in fact was trying to work out something like it to instantly transmit his latest findings at the Goetheanum to all the members. Any technology is neutral in itself but can be put to an Ahrimanic or a Michaelic use.
         Of course it's only information it transmits, not real human contact; but the same can be said of books! We have to re-enliven anything transmitted through such a deadening medium. And in fact, there were many people protesting the printing press, calling printing the Devil's Art, etc. Plus ca change....
      I downloaded and read the article "The Being of the Internet". It was very provocative and insightful. Yet, the tone of the essay brought up another example (which I commented on in another post today) of a tendency I find within AP. This trend can be bothersome and can detract from its mission perhaps- namely the tendency to paint a devilish (Arhimanic or Lucifer) picture of all things modern. As an afterthought, AP (RS) would say, "modern life must unfold as it is."
       We know the central theme within Christianity and AP concerns itself with the Battle between the forces of Light (centered around the Christ) and the fallen "Angels". Yet one can come away from such an article (and from RS sometimes) with a sense of hopelessness. If the AP and its offspring movements are the best source of redirecting negative spiritual forces on the Earth,  we are in trouble. Members and adherents are few in number and certainly cannot carry the burden of this work as a counter foirce to  the sheer momentum of technology, deadening consciousness, and the destruction of the earth.
      What is often not discussed is the power of the Good and ultimately, the Divine Being within which all this is taking place. It is beyond conception that God (or even the Father, the leader of the higher Heirarchies above the Christ) would stand back and allow certain things to exist or continue beyond a certain point. It would be an insult to vast evolutionary work and the dedication of many legions of Beings and of the principle of Good. In our universe, it may seem blacken space dominates light (Suns) but in the the spiritual worlds, it's the reverse, especially the higher we go.  There may be more to this Battle than we can know at this time.
      The Internet and computer technology have many purposes- perhaps some nefarious; and some assisting the common good. There may be more diverse occult intentions (than mentioned in this article) and some of those intentions may be designed to circumvent an all out explosion of the elemental web spiders. It is hard to believe that progressive Beings of would simply stand back without a counter measure or some tactic to redirect this trend.
      Surely, there is a battle going on but in some ways we find ourselves in a Fallen condition, yet again. How can we make free decisions while sinister forces work in the background while we are powerless to prevent them (through sheer ignorance and blindness.) The game is heavily stacked it would seem. Why would progressive Beings allow this "monstrous elemental web" to grow and enslave so many innocent people who are unconsciously using this technology for good- information exchange, creativity, acceleration of learning, etc.
      Yes, this medium has taken us yet another step away from a living connection with others and nature this is but a phase of evolution not the end all. If this were really a long term evolutionary problem (and beyond our normal control) very simple remedies could be created like shutting down electrical grids through natural disasters;  the development of anti-electrical smart weapons that can pulse out electrical grids (now available); or more simply boredom or to the extreme illness. Many are finding the net and all its flash more and more of the same each day. Eventually boredom and the recognition of the shallowness of the net  will dawn on people and they will find its time to pull the plug for awhile. If not that, disease and illness (childhood obesity) and neurological conditions like AD will be connected to this medium and recommendation will prevail- hopefully.
       And I am certainly not a Pollyanna- the perpetuation of nasty and abhorent content must be confronted in some manner. China may not be so wrong in censoring certain net content in principle.
      In short, though I found the essence of the essay profound and insightful, yet I found few solutions or alternative ways of viewing the full nature of the net and its offspring technology.
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