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Re: [steiner] Botox Enlightenment, Ramtha Style

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    *******I have been impressed in my study here at the Goetheanum how Steiner had to rescue the disastrous Theosophical movement from its Luciferic
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 30, 2005
      *******I have been impressed in my study here at the Goetheanum how Steiner had to "rescue" the disastrous Theosophical movement from its Luciferic "light-bringers" who based their illusion-filled "New Age" neo-paganism on the denial of the Christ. Well, you could say anthroposophy similarly has to "save" the New Age movements of today, with all their unreal, confused thinking. Any movement that does not at least rise to being able to recognize the twin powers of evil that Steiner called Lucifer and Ahriman, is likely to do more harm than good--- as elitist as that may sound coming from anthroposophists.
         It's no accident that Steiner said that the Age that is ending was one where we human beings had to wrestle with the Mystery of Death---- hence the image of the Dying & Resurrecting God was placed before us out in the open, where before it had been shown only in the Mysteries--- where our Age is meant to work on the Mystery of Evil. Its dual character, and the dropping of the dualistic Good/Evil polarity, is essential. Part of this is recognizing that "evil" things like pain, sufferring, old age and death are not things to be denied & avoided, but are there for a reason. If we always remained in the bloom of youth, like Dorian Gray, we would never really see and know ourselves, would never grow up.
         The ego is strengthened by enduring pain, and likewise death is the darkness that makes us able to see the Light. We deny it at our peril. It is Ahriman who would like us to always remain in the body, here on earth.
         Death--- the periodical putting aside of the garment of the body--- is the treatment arranged by the Gods to enable us to overcome his influence. Aging thus is a sign of being saved from evil. Small wonder it was always regarded in ancient times as a sign of wisdom (the "Senate" in ancient Rome was only men in old age, "senatus" or seniors; Jesus didn't even start His Ministry until past the age of 30, because people were regarded as immature till then).
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      From: Mathew Morrell tma4cbt@...
      Subject: [steiner] Botox Enlightenment, Ramtha Style
      The superficiality of the New Age movement is most glaringly evident 
      in their view of death and old age.  They see no purpose in the aging 
      process, let it alone in dying.  To them, death and old age are an 
      indignity and not an evolvement resulting in increased spirituality.  
      It is something to be averted.  
      New Age proscriptions against old age include "alchemical" medicines, 
      special, vitamin-rich diets, or a wide variety of occult exercises.  
      In the 1980s, JZ Knight rose to fame proscribing a think-young/be-
      young doctrine of immorality, in which positive thinking would avert 
      the natural breakdown of the body's cells.  
      According to JZ, a day was coming in the near future when people 
      would halt the aging process and begin living for 1000 years or 
      more.  Of course, those people included JZ's followers.  They would 
      become "Christs" and never die, having learned to think and act 
      correctly.  In the 1990s her teaching evolved from this immensely 
      naïve view of immortality to one that is perhaps more intriguing and 
      complex.  She added that will and determination was necessary---
      immense will---hence the establishment of a "mystery school" in Yelm, 
      WA.  Intermixing new ageism and quantum mechanics with ancient 
      Eastern philosophies, her new method for immortality involved 
      breathing exercises that are supposed to open the brain to higher 
      frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum.   
      However, when occult exercises fail to transmute sagging fifty-year 
      old faces---and they always fail---prosperous new agers often turn to 
      plastic surgery, liposuction, breast implants, chemical peals, to 
      work the miracles that they could not create on their own.  C and E 
      didn't work miracles for JZ.  Despite over two decades of preaching 
      her doctrine of immortality, she herself is undergoing rapid aging in 
      what must be a humiliating process for her.  Without makeup, it is 
      easy to see why many consider her a plastic surgery disaster.  (Her 
      critics call her a Zsa Zsa Gabor lookalike.)  The cumulative affect 
      of her plastic surgeries is that her face has assumed a mask-like 
      appearance that is common among aging Hollywood celebrities.  One of 
      her celebrity followers, Linda Evans, has unfortunately followed JZ's 
      example, whose face shows indications of having received injectable 
      fillers such as collagen or Restylane in her lips; Botox to fill out 
      her cheeks; and tugging.  These are not spiritual people. 
      Is it any wonder why the New Age movement is fascinated by human 
      embryonic stem cell research?   Scientific researchers are making 
      progress, precisely where the New Age has utterly failed.  Never mind 
      the moral consequence.  The sparkling smile of youth means more than 
      the evil of harvesting human fetuses for scientific purposes.
      Mathew Morrell
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