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Re: [steiner] The Two Sue's Theory

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  • Lee A.
    I just returned to my email after the weekend and whow what cat caught in a pile of string. It is still a cat though. Since my name came up, I will offer a
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 10 5:25 PM
      I just returned to my email after the weekend and whow what cat caught in a pile of string. It is still a cat though. Since my name came up, I will offer a simple explanation but before I do, there seems to be ample inner benefit from all the reactions that have come up on this. I asked myself,  What happened the work derived from the 6 month exercises? What happened to the time of personal reflection each night? What happened to, hold judgment until one knows for certain? And what happened to: if a light is bright enough, it can shine into any dark place and illumine it. 
       I always though one can discuss any subject and gain insight into it. One can also discuss any subject and compare its principles with AP or any other school. Without that,  an approach become rigid and self righteous.
      On to web Sherlock Holmes 101. In a recent post, I responded to someone and sent the email off. I then thought of something else to say on the same subject but the email from Yahoo was gone. I went back to the next read email I had  and sent something else. I may or may not have been Sheila's email I used  but it may have been. When yahoo auto responded, the sender and original sender seems to be been mixed up. That's it. No conspiracy. No mystery. Blame it on Yahoo. Not to question the why of the other things.
      Sue <aquariusrises2001@...> wrote:

      Let's investigate your wild accusations?

      Firstly, the 'poem' you credit as mine, is the fourth verse from the Foundation Stone Meditation
      .. Rudolf Steiner. Thought you might know this?

      Secondly, if I was going to steal someone's ID, why would I put my name to it?
      A little incriminating don't you think?

      Thirdly... using your logic... " one of them knows nothing about Anthroposophy " ... is this me?
      Are you sure?

      Fourthly ... your logic again... the other two are obsessed (or something similar) with ACIM.
      If you care to scan EVERY piece of correspondence on this subject .. you will see that I have
      NEVER entered into any discussion on this subject because I know nothing about it.
      I am NOT in the habit of discussing things which I know nothing about.

      And lastly .. something that you are ignorant of... (not surprisingly) is that Sheila and I are
      friends and have a great deal of respect for each other .. maybe you will notice that she did NOT
      include me in her list of deceivers?

      As an added thought.. why would I spend hours searching for the lecture from Materialism and the
      Task of Anthroposophy ... typing it up .. plus also the article from the ASinGB?

      I suspect you are quick to judge me, due to the comment I made about the perpetual student in
      response to one of your half cocked mails. Is this you? Just a thought.

      To be more clever than you Mathew .. is Ahriman's domain. .. for me, I will rely on Truth!
      I have nothing to hide.

      Peace and Love,

      Sue Barker.

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