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Media Industrial Complex

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  • Mathew Morrell
    At this point in history the WWW has been generally beneficial for mankind, in my opinion. At least it s been beneficial for those who wish to communicate
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2005
      At this point in history the WWW has been generally beneficial for
      mankind, in my opinion. At least it's been beneficial for those who
      wish to communicate outside the mainstream. The Media Industrial
      Complex---ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX---hate the Internet because it has
      created an alternative mode of information transfer, one that is
      cheaper, less restricted and more individualistic. No longer do
      media moguls own total control of the flow of information, but is now
      shared with individuals who have assumed the responsibility of
      reporting. Citizen reporters stand shoulder to shoulder with a
      virtual army of millions of other mavericks and pioneers who love the
      World Wide Web. For some us it is a way to meet people, exchange
      ideas, and converse in ways that were impossible 20 years ago.

      Some people hate our freedom. Communist China feels that the WWW is
      enough of a threat to their oligarchy that they continue to create
      more and more stifling regulations designed to repress Internet
      bloggers. The Internet is a slap in the face of elitists throughout
      the world who wish to manipulate world opinion through print and TV
      media. Now newspapers are going bankrupt. TV news rating have
      plummeted. Conversely, more and more people are getting their news
      through AM radio or through the Internet, ultimately going outside
      the powergrid established by the political forces that operate the

      Whereas, in 1961, President Eisenhower warned us about the military
      industrial complex, and rightly so, now all conscientious Americans
      debate the unharnessed powers of the Fourth Estate; this multi
      trillion dollar industry called the American media. As never before
      they're a perfectly orchestrated machine of one mind, undiminished by
      independent thinkers who might upset their political uniformity. Like
      a cult, with frightening like-mindedness, the media uses its power to
      discredit or ignore any thinker who emerges from the Internet (or AM
      radio) who doesn't align their ideology with International Socialists.

      God save us from the day when they take control of the WWW. Then,
      truly, it will be a monstrous web of Sorathian spiders.
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