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Fwd: Bondarev and "The Philosophy of Freedom"

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  • Robert Mason
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    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 17, 2005
      --- finica rosu <haubach@...> wrote:

      > Michaelmas 2005
      > Hello friends,
      > Nelson Willby, proprietor of the Wellspring Bookshop on New
      > Oxford Street
      > in London, may already have sent you the following, but given
      > that he may
      > not have, I shall quickly type it, given that Russian author
      > Gennadi
      > Bondarev's new book, "Die 'Philosophie der Freiheit' von
      > Rudolf Steiner
      > als Grandlage der Logik des anschauenden Denkens. Religion
      > des denkenden
      > Willens, Organon der neuen Kulturepoche," may not be
      > translated unless
      > people are interested.
      > For those unfamiliar with Gennadi Bondarev, author of "The
      > Crisis of
      > Civilization: Anthroposophy at the Crossroads of the
      > Occult-Political
      > Movements of the Present Time," he is an anthroposophic
      > thinker not to be
      > missed. The present looseleaf version of this lengthy study
      > was translated
      > into English by Helga Schulte-Schroer in Vancouver, B.C., then
      > amended and
      > revised by Graham B. Rickett, the person willing to translate
      > Bondarev's
      > new work IF there is enough interest.
      > After reading the following, if you are interested, please
      > contact Graham
      > B. Rickett, 'Franaker,' Box, Stroud, GL6 9HP, United Kingdom.
      > International telephone: 011-44-1453-886468. [Calling the UK
      > costs about 5
      > cents a minute.]
      > More than ever, true thinking must be strengthened.
      > Please pass this email along to whomever you think might be
      > interested,
      > and especially to faculties of Rudolf Steiner schools. Thank
      > you.
      > Elana Freeland
      > ________________________
      > Translation of flyer introducing Bondarev's new book, Die
      > "Philosophie der
      > Freiheit" von Rudolf Steiner als Grandlage der Logik des
      > anschauenden
      > Denkens. Religion des denkenden Willens, Organon der neuen
      > Kulturepoche:
      > In this book the attempt is made to give a systematic
      > description of the
      > methodology which underlies Anthroposophy and which, at the
      > same time,
      > constitutes its essential core. This methodology has on the
      > one hand a
      > universal and on the other hand a subjective character - by
      > virtue of its
      > anthropocentric nature. It shows how the modern human being
      > with his
      > capacity for thinking in concepts can qualitatively transform
      > the
      > character of his thinking - and thereby also of his
      > consciousness - by
      > ascending from reflection to perceptive thought, and with the
      > help of 'the
      > power of judgment in beholding' [anschauende Urteilskraft] can
      > perceive
      > the ideas directly within the objects - just as this was
      > possible for
      > Goethe.
      > Such a transformation of the character of his thinking leads
      > the human
      > being to a metamorphosis of his own self, and ultimately also
      > of his own
      > species. And it is for this, above all, that Anthroposophy
      > provides a
      > basis in method. It shows how humanity through the course of a
      > long
      > evolution has, in a certain sense, arrived at a threshold and
      > also a point
      > of crisis, in which it becomes evident that the creative
      > forces of
      > abstract thinking are exhausted. This crisis can be overcome
      > and the
      > threshold crossed by each single individual only if he is able
      > to
      > transform the quality of his thinking through the forces of a
      > strengthened
      > 'I'-consciousness.
      > This metamorphosis leads the human being to freedom. For this
      > reason he
      > can only realize it himself in full independence - in contrast
      > to the
      > evolutionary metamorphoses of the past, thanks to which he
      > first became an
      > upright, then a speaking and finally a rational being (homo
      > sapiens), and
      > in which he was carried by nature and by the general cultural
      > development.
      > On this path the methodology of Anthroposophy will provide
      > invaluable
      > help.
      > This methodology can become the single unifying methodology of
      > all modern
      > sciences, as it describes the unitary sensible-supersensible
      > reality. The
      > subjective side of the methodology is expressed in the fact
      > that its own
      > reality arises only insofar as it is realized through each
      > individual
      > human subject, corresponding to the transformation of
      > consciousness he has
      > achieved individually. It assumes a special form in each human
      > being. In
      > order to master it, an assimilation of it in the form of
      > knowledge is not
      > enough; it needs to be learned through practice. Theory and
      > practice of
      > this methodology have been given in the best and at the same
      > time the
      > simplest form by Rudolf Steiner in his "Philosophy of Freedom
      > [Spiritual
      > Activity]."
      > G. A. Bondarev's book contains, therefore, a complete
      > structural analysis
      > of this work in which Rudolf Steiner presents the fundamentals
      > of his
      > theory of knowledge. Thinking takes place in the "Philosophy
      > of Freedom
      > [Spiritual Activity]" throught the movement of sevenfold
      > metamorphosis. A
      > living experience of this thought structure constitutes the
      > practical part
      > of the methodology of Anthroposophy.
      > _________________
      > "We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own
      > reality. And while you're studying that reality - judiciously,
      > as you will - we'll act again, creating other new realities,
      > which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out.
      > We're history's actors...and you, all of you, will be left to
      > just study what we do." - Aide to Bush Administration, from
      > "Without a Doubt" by RON SUSKIND, New York Times, October 17,
      > 2004
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