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Re: Universal Love

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    Well written. ... very ... it is ... be a ... a ... same ... favor ... of ... him. ... away
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      Well written.

      --- In steiner@yahoogroups.com, "Mathew Morrell" <tma4cbt@j...>
      > Spiritual adulthood means shielding ones self from universal love,
      > which is a divine innocence overflowing from the goodness of God.
      > Universal loves permeates the universe with life and light, and is
      > especially abundant in the life force of the very young and the
      > old. Why then should we shield ourselves from universal love if
      it is
      > such a miraculous, life-giving force?
      > The "spiritual adult" has taken a step away from God in order to
      be a
      > protector of universal innocence, not its recipient. The same way
      > mother and father protect the innocence of their children is the
      > way in which the "spiritual adult" stands in relation with the
      > universe. He has negated mystical one-ness with the universe in
      > of the hardships and loneliness required to develop his own ego-
      > consciousness. The ancient process that involves the dissolution
      > the ego in exchange for cosmic innocence has become sickening to
      > He can not go back to cosmic infancy. He can only go forward---
      > from God's innocence and towards God's wisdom.
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