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  • Sue
    Dear Sheila, Thank you for your warm and somewhat amusing welcome and as we both cling to our respective edges of the world, we can be sure that we are
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 2005
      Dear Sheila,

      Thank you for your warm and somewhat amusing welcome
      and as we both "cling " to our respective edges of the
      world, we can be sure that we are right where we are
      meant to be. :) The internet (electronic campfire) is
      our meeting place, along with a billion other people,
      but somehow we manage to squeeze ourselves in amongst
      it all, to exchange thoughts, kindness and enrich the

      I have to say that I have no experience of Japanese
      art, although I suspect you sell yourself short in
      describing your efforts as 'atrocities". Remember
      .... it's ONLY a piece of paper! It's in the DOING
      ... the coming into being of the creation itself, from
      your own volition ... this is what matters. If you
      have the impulse to return to pastels, then begin
      today! As to Goethes' Colour Theory .. it is the
      basis of all colour work, as I'm sure you know and has
      much to offer through prismatic exercises and the
      'seeing' of the physiological colours
      (complementary ) as suggested in E.C. Merry's
      wonderful book "Pure Colour ".

      My thoughts on art? Ever unfolding! For me, colour is
      the entrance to the spiritual world and as we steep
      ourselves in colour and their individual natures, they
      open doors to the healing of the human being and the
      mystery that lies behind the world of nature. Dr
      Margueretta Hauschka's work, not only her therapeautic
      insights, but her beautiful
      paintings, have been and are an inspiration to me,
      along with Gladys Mayer's astounding veils. Assia
      Turgeniev's line drawing has also led me in directions
      (freedom) which I never dreamed of in my earlier

      Personally, I love to work with pastels, but I also
      paint with the plant colours and I draw in both black
      and coloured pencils. My motto... have NO fear! It's
      only a piece of paper right? With this attitude, I
      have become less 'precious' about my likes and
      dislikes with regard to my own work and have
      discovered, surprisingly, that as others'
      individualities come to meet my compositions, they
      have a different relationship to them than I do,
      therefore .. every creative work appeals to someone!

      I have a query for you too. As you live in America and
      ( I'm presuming here, because I don't know ) have some
      understanding of Anthroposophy,
      I'm interested in your perspective on the
      Anthroposophical Impulse ( Michaelic ) in America and
      how you see it moving. I have recently reread Carl
      Stegmanns " The Other America " and am having
      difficulty in discussing this question rationally with
      Americans. This difficulty I would like to attempt to
      address. Nationalism interrupts a real
      discussion, but I sense the nationalisitic / political
      bubble is just about to burst as another
      nationalisitic / fundamentalist spell is cast. I am
      interested in peoples thoughts.

      To Carl from Canberra ... was it a fellow Aussie that
      made you emerge from your watching position? I'm happy
      that you have announced yourself .. thank you! :)
      Maybe this is the start of more interraction and that
      can't be a bad thing. We are social beings.

      Peace and love .... Sue.

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