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Re: [steiner] Tintagel Lecture

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  • LilOleMissy
    Sarah, Barbara - Thank you, Barbara, for citing the article by E.C.Merry! I ve never been able to trace down with certainty the actual lectures E.C. Merry
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 3, 2005
      Sarah, Barbara -

      Thank you, Barbara, for citing the article by E.C.Merry! I've never been able to trace down with certainty  the actual lectures E.C. Merry indicates Steiner gave, but at least I was fortunate to have been able to type this lecture for Chris Bodame from an early 1930s edition of the old Quarterly named "Anthroposophy", published by the Society from about 1928 through perhaps 1936, or thereabouts and given to me by a very early Society member. How could I have overlooked this?! ACK!

      I'll look forward to hearing from you, Barbara, when the time if right. :)



      Barbara Puky wrote:
      Greetings from Montreal,
      Do you know for a fact that a lecture was given in
      Tintagel? Do you have a date for this lecture? I can
      only find Torquay... 1924: 11. - 16. 18. - 22. Aug.
      in my bibliographic overview. There are several GA's
      during this period.
      When I tried to search Tintagel further I found:

      In these lectures of November and December, 1923, he led his hearers through the ancient Mysteries of Hibernia, through the Greek Mysteries of Ephesus, of Samothrace, of Eleusis, to the dawn of the Mysteries of the Rose-Cross in the Middle Ages. It was not until later, in the summer of 1924, that he, in a measure, completed this background by his description of that beautiful outgrowth from the Hibernian Mysteries, the Order of the Knights of King Arthur and the Round Table, and its subsequent union with the spiritual stream of the Holy Grail. These last lectures were given in London after the Torquay Summer School and Dr. Steiner’s visit to Tintagel.

      at: http://www.transintelligence.org/Occult%20Christological%20Research/king_arthur.htm

      PS for Sheila... now that Bobby has gone back again,
      I hope to be able to write to you. ;)

      Dear Sarah,

      It seems to me it might be in one of the "Kar. Rel." volumes. Do you
      have the exact date I could use to check through my collection? It's
      good to see your name in my email! :)



      Sarah Ford Elliott wrote:

      Can anyone tell me whether the Tintagel lecture has been
      published anywhere? I have a copy written on an ancient typewriter, but

      would like to use the lecture on our Teacher training course and
      would rather circulate a more official looking version. Even better if
      it were available online.
      Thanks for your help,
      Sarah FE

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