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2nd lecture

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  • Charlie Morrison
    I uploaded a .wps file into the 12 nights of Christmas folder, but I could not open it once it was there so I deleted it and then clicked on create a new
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      I uploaded a .wps file into the "12 nights of Christmas" folder, but
      I could not open it once it was there so I deleted it and then
      clicked on "create a new text" and pasted it into this. That made it
      possible for me to read although it was a bit awkward as there was no
      wordwrap. I see from your message that you can't even open it, Sena.
      So I'll copy it into here, and if you can move it into the proper
      folder, feel free to do so.

      All the best, Charlie.

      The Gospel of St. John, a Cycle of Lectures.
      Chapter 2.

      Esoteric Christianity

      The opening words of the Gospel of St John convey significant facts
      about our evolution and the evolution of our world.

      While we sleep, our egos and astral bodies are loosened from our
      ether bodies and physical bodies and are in a sense outside them. Our
      ether bodies and physical bodies could not exist in this state if it
      were not for the fact that the egos and astral bodies of higher
      divine-spiritual powers are active in them. These are the same beings
      that have been active in our bodies since their beginning on ancient
      Saturn. Nothing on earth can exist without a physical body, ether
      body, astral body and ego. Even minerals have these members, only in
      their case the ether body, astral body and ego remain in higher
      But we are favoured creatures compared to the minerals in that we
      have our other three members within us during waking consciousness.

      Our physical body first received its rudimentary form on ancient
      Saturn and was further developed on ancient Sun when the ether body
      was added. It became an inwardly living body on the Sun. Then on
      ancient Moon the astral body slipped into the union of physical body
      and ether body. At last upon the Earth the ego was added to the three
      lower bodies at which time the physical body was undergoing its
      fourth transformation. This is why the physical body that we now
      observe is such a complicated entity. Whereas a mineral such as a
      crystal is able to retain its form unless acted upon from without,
      our physical body is unable to do this of itself. Similarly our ether
      body dissolves into the cosmic ether when there are no higher members
      sustaining it.

      Paul taught Christianity to the people, but he also founded an
      esoteric school in Athens, the director of which was Dionysius, the
      Areopagite. Here they taught of humankinds' fourfold nature. But to
      observe this purely fourfold nature we must go back to the Lemurian
      period. Since that time, over many incarnations, our egos have
      progressively worked and will continue to work on our lower members.
      Transforming our astral bodies into Spirit-Self, our ether bodies
      into Life-Spirit and our physical bodies into Spirit-Man.

      Exteriorly we have a physical body, interiorly we are Atmic beings
      due to the permeation of divine beings, Also, exteriorly we have an
      ether body, and interiorly a divine Life-Spirit. The divine Spirit-
      Self permeates the astral body. At the present time our Spirit-Self
      is composed of two parts, that part of the astral body mastered by
      our egos, and that part which is the divine Spirit-Self.

      In the far distant future, after the Earth has been through it's
      Jupiter, Venus and Vulcan states our three lower members will be
      totally transformed into Spirit-Self, Life-Spirit and Spirit-Man. Our
      lower members will become totally spirit filled.

      Our power to express our inner life, speech, was only made possible
      on Earth. In the beginning the Word was with the Divine, but, it was
      present in us as a germ on ancient Saturn and has shaped us in order
      that now we can bear witness to the Logos, we have the ability to
      speak. Our whole bodies have been created and formed by the Word.

      The Logos created our physical bodies on Saturn, then it became Life
      upon the Sun. On the Moon our astral body, which is a body of auric
      light, was added. Life became Light on the Moon. We became capable of
      observing everything externally, of having a material existence on
      Earth because of the addition of our ego. We can confront the Logos
      but we are, at first, ignorant of it, we are in the darkness. The
      meaning of life upon Earth is that we should overcome the darkness
      and recognise the Light of the Logos.

      The first words of the Gospel of St. John now become clearer to us:-

      In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and
      the Word was a God (or divine). This was in the beginning with God.
      Through the same all things were made and save through this Word,
      nothing was made. In it was Life, and Life became the Light of men.
      And the Light shone into the darkness, but the darkness comprehended
      it not.


      That ends my summary of Chapter two.

      I have sent an accompanying photo to the file. It shows a beech tree
      that I always pass on the way to and from work. I feel this is
      relevant as I know that the tree has life in abundance, and I see the
      Light of the red sunset showing its power over the darkness before
      the night begins. And I am blessed with being able to share my
      feelings with others because the Word gives me the ability to do so.
      Now whenever I see this tree it will remind me of how we have evolved
      from our germinal state on ancient Saturn.

      I see the tree throughout its yearly cycle, sometimes at sunrise,
      sometimes at sunset; and in all weathers. This photo was taken in
      winter at sunset.

      Merry Christmas everybody, Charlie.
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