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Soul-Calendar, Week 20 after Easter (Aug.7-13)

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    *******I will be travelling in Europe for most of August and so am sending out the next 3 weeks of Soul-Calendars early. - starman The Calendar of the Soul  
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2005
      *******I will be travelling in Europe for most of August and so am sending out the next 3 weeks of Soul-Calendars early.  - starman

      The Calendar of the Soul

        Rudolf Steiner gave out the 'Soul-Calendar' in 1912, 52 meditative mantras to enable us to experience the 'astral' (soul) events occurring within us and in Nature during the year, starting with the first mantra every year on Easter.
         These mantras for each week are well known to many students of Steiner, but the original "Calendar " also had 12 Images of the Zodiac, to be meditated with each month (to sense the working of the 'solar' forces in the cosmos), plus a listing of the Moon's phases & position in the signs each night (for sensing the 'lunar' forces), and a list of dates of births and deaths of spiritual figures and dates of events to contemplate on specific days. Here's the "Soul-Calendar" restored to this complete form. 

         The Sun, according to the Doctor, is under the influence of the constellation LEO from August 4th through Sept. 7th  in our era. Here's the symbolic image of the LION from the original Soul-Calendar, done from sketches and indications of Steiner's, colored with the corresponding color:

      This week's mantra.
          For those not familiar with the use of mantras: The anthroposophic path uses symbolic images like the above ("Imaginations") to awaken spiritual sight, and mantras ("Inspirations") to begin spiritual hearing. The meaning of the words of a mantra at first sight is not important, but rather reciting it and entering with deeper soul-forces into its inner experience. Also, these mantras were created in the German language and have their rhythms in that, so learning an English version is just a step to using the original; I've kept close to it in translating, so anyone can easily go from English to German.

      *  M A N T R A  # 2 0  *
      So fühl ich erst mein Sein,
      Das fern vom Welten-Dasein
      In sich, sich selbst erlöschen
      Und bauend nur auf eignem Grunde
      In sich, sich selbst ertöten müsste.

      So feel I first my Being
      That far from World-Existence
      In itself, itself loses
      And building only out of its own Ground
      In itself, itself must die.

      An interpretation of this week's mantra:
          This week one begins to feel one's self for the first time since 'losing' it in the light & warmth of the summer---- but along with this is the feeling that this self, isolated from the world, will perish along with all that one attempts to build from self, if that is the ONLY basis of one's creations. We feel the Ego, and that if we stay alone, we are lost.


        The Moon positions and phases for the week are listed below along with some of the spiritual figures and events connected with the days.                              

      Sunday,  August 7th.  Moon Virgo.   Asra. Cajetan. Donatus. Petrus and Julianus. Ulrika.

      Monday,  August 8th. Moon Libra. Cyriacus. Justinus. Romanus. Eseverus. Smaragdus. Ladislaus.
      Tuesday,  August 9th. Moon Libra. Cajetan. Ericus.

      Wednesday, August 10th. Moon Libra. Agathe. Laurentius.

      Thursday, August 11th. Moon Scorpio. Alexander. Gottlieb. Hermann. Radegunde. Susanna. Tiburtius.

      Friday, August 12th. Moon Scorpio. Clara. Hilaria. Sulpicius.

      Saturday, August 13th. Moon Sagittarius.   Hippolytus.

      ******* The moon will be seen conjunct the "evening star" of  Venus in the West after sunset August 7th & 8th.
          A bit higher up above Venus, the bright white "star" in the West is Jupiter. The moon will pass close to it August 9th and 10th.
         Venus is getting closer and closer to Jupiter and will conjunct it by the end of August.
      Dr. Starman
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