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Re: History

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  • Sena Fernando
    Thanks,Lorraine. I accept that there are elements of Western and Eastern philosophical traditions which are mutually exclusive , but I feel that we should try
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 5, 2000

      I accept that "there are elements of Western and Eastern
      philosophical traditions which are mutually exclusive", but I feel
      that we should try our very best to find common ground.
      I would like to quote from one of Steiner's lectures,
      on "The Ahrimanic Deception" (October 17,1919):
      "The Ahrimanic powers use all that is derived from old
      circumstances of heredity in order to set men against each other in
      conflicting groups. All that comes from old differences of family,
      race, tribe, peoples, is used by Ahriman to create confusion." This
      rings very true to me when I think of my beloved Sri Lanka, which is
      being torn apart by the war between the Sinhalese who are Buddhist
      and the Tamils whose religion is Hinduism. I know that Steiner does
      not in this passage mention the divisions caused by religious
      conflict, but I feel that his remarkable insight and foresight does
      apply to that situation as well.
      I don't want to give the impression that I am defending
      Buddhism against Anthroposophy.
      I feel that I have moved on from Buddhism, and that Steiner
      has given me an understanding of the Christ which I never had before.
      I agree with you that Steiner's ideas on reincarnation and
      karma are a great advance from the Buddhist viewpoint. It has always
      seemed to me that the Buddhist view of Rebirth defies common sense as
      it is combined with denial of the existence of an Ego or Soul.
      I hope that whatever disagreements we have in this forum will
      only help us to clarify our thoughts and increase understanding, and
      not play into the hands of Ahriman! I have found your messages very
      helpful indeed in clarifying my thoughts.

      --- In steiner@egroups.com, Jarvi <ljarvi@p...> wrote:
      > Dear Sena and Steiner group,
      > It is of course true that Steiner "incorporated the ideas of
      > reincarnation and karma into his system". I certainly didn't mean to
      > imply that anthroposophy has not stood on the shoulders of the
      > traditions which came before it. Anthroposophy is unique, however,
      > that it acknowledges the value and importance of all of the major
      > religious and philosophical impulses within an encompassing
      > perspective.
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