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Re: [steiner] Astrology questions 2

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  • DoctorStarman@aol.com
    ... *******Steiner explains in several lectures that he is referring to the time an Age SPIRITUALLY takes hold , which appears to be about 2/3 of the way
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 15, 2005
      gringoire@... writes:

      The second question is a bit more demanding...

      From an astronomical perspective, the spring equinox currently occurs at 6 - 6.5 degrees Pisces.  This would mean the age of Aquarius would begin in approximately 450 years time.  Yet Steiner's indications are that the age of Pisces began in 1413 AD and will end in 3573 AD (both approximate).
          I understand Steiner's reasons for placing the age of Pisces at this time (being connected with the development of the consciousness soul).  But this makes for a discrepancy of some 1100 years between the sensory observable and the spiritually observable beginning of Aquarius.  Doesn't this make all sidereal astrology unreliable?

      *******Steiner explains in several lectures that he is referring to the time an "Age" SPIRITUALLY 'takes hold', which appears to be about 2/3 of the way from the time the Sun physically begins to be in a constellation at the vernal equinox ---- I say 'appears', because it's hard to say it's "always" ANY fraction, since the constellations are unequal in size. (Look, for instance, at the dates for the Sun spiritually entering and leaving each sign now in the Calendar of the Soul----they don't match the physical astronomy of the measured constellations nor are they some constant fraction off from the 12 equal signs.)

         Steiner put the start of the Age of Aries at 747 B.C., for instance, although by then the vernal equinox had been happening away from Taurus for millennia, and was approaching Pisces astronomically. We figure it began occurring in Pisces sometime early in the Christian era (estimates vary), but he says it didn't take hold spiritually until the fifteenth century, the obvious start of our modern era. By then the vernal equinox had gone through about 2/3 of the physical constellation. If the same fraction holds good, the actual time the Age of Aquarius takes hold would be around 3700 A.D.

         But remember, we do not see or experience the stars as they actually are, but only an Ahrimanized copy of them. Sidereal astrology is an attempt to get back to the stars the way the ancient Egyptians could experience them, but few can do so. The 12 'signs' or "steps of the Sun", as used in ordinary tropical astrology, are not nonsense as sidereal astrologers would have it, but are a completely different system, one which perhaps should be called 'Elementology' rather than astrology, as it has to do with the 4 Elements (Ethers) working through the year, not actually the stars (although it's the stars that DIRECT same). But it's not that one is correct and the other incorrect: the sidereal shows the astral, the tropical zodiac the etheric.

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