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Re: [steiner] Unexemplified Examples

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  • Natalie Park
    Hi, I m trying to figure out how to post to the group. This time I just using reply , see if that works... Questions: 1. Somewhere, long time ago, I read
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 1, 2005
      I'm trying to figure out how to post to the group. This time I just using 'reply', see if that works...
      1. Somewhere, long time ago, I read Steiner on eggs - something about eggs not being good for young children, bring out allergies to other foods, bring early change of teeth, etc. Now cannot remember where I read this: Any ideas?
      2.. Similarly, I read and can't recall where Steiner on spiders, as in form and movement, originating from cast off aspect of human being in earlier period of evolution. Any ideas where this might be?
      3. Also, something along same lines about dolphins. Any ideas where I might have read this?
      I read a lot of Steiner's work about 20-25 years ago, and have continued to do so over the years, however can't always recall where I read what?
      Best regards,
      (a New Zealander with common sense!)
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      What is it that you want me to prove?  I don't understand.  

      I wrote:  "The tying together of historical time and spiritual events
      is distinctive to apocalyptic religions, mainly Christianity." 

      Your reply to this statement was:  "Ok, prove it then - give just one
      historical example."

      I provided a list of examples.  Maybe they were not what you wanted
      to hear.  Scores of "events" fill the Bible, the primary one being
      the Event of Golgotha.  This occurred c. 2000 years ago:  the
      crucifixion and resurrection of our Lord.  Golgotha was not a
      metaphor.  It was a historical fact, but one that can only be proven
      and verified through spiritual introspection.

      The same applies for all other "events" in the Bible.  I don't think
      I or anyone could supply the type of hard evidence that is required
      to prove the physical reality of the event at Golgotha or the Michael
      Event or the future incarnation of Ahriman, especially since they
      occur on the spiritual dimension.  Even the anti-Christ would be
      impossible to prove if he were standing right before you—unless you
      had "eyes to see" his appearance on the Etheric Plane. 

      Until I know exactly what you mean by "provide an example" I can't
      help you anymore than this. Maybe Starman can.  In fact, where in the
      hell is he?  He's the expert on RS. 

      *******History is a vast subject: we have been through a re-education in how to think about it through anthroposophy. People trying to approach the spiritual understanding of history while wearing the materialistic spectacles of typical 'historical thinking'  are just bringing baggage along that makes comprehension impossible. One must greatly increase one's depth of feeling to even begin to really grasp human history.

         A few examples: as we have repeatedly mentioned here, the number 666 refers to a spirit-being, the anti-spirit of the Sun, who works in cycles of 666 years. There was a great event approximately 666 years before Christ and another culminating about 666 A.D.; the first was Greek philosophy, the second was Islam. In twice 666 or 1332 A.D. another evil movement reached its zenith in the time of the massacre of the Templars, setting back European history. Thrice 666 is 1998, when Osama bin Laden ordered all Americans targeted for death.

         Another: Steiner predicted more and more people would begin having spontaneous 'feeling-experiences' of the Christ, as St. Paul did on the road to Damascus (which is perception of the Christ on the etheric plane) in the 1930s. The modern phenomenon of being "born again" in such a direct experience dates to that time, when for instance Bill W. and Dr. Bob formed the Christian fellowship that was given the 12 Step spiritual Path of AA.

         If one is cynical about the Christ-Spirit or looks only for external "events" like dates of battles or what purely external history considers important, this is easy to sneer at.  But even dates of battles can be predicted by using Trithemius. Sept. 2001 is found to correspond to the Battle of Salamis in the last Micha-El Age, a great conflict twixt East and West.

         There are a couple of specific lecture-cycles, Turning Points in Spiritual History and Historical Symptomatology, for people that are not just asking rhetorical questions. I'm not yet convinced the good 'Frater' is doing any more than that .                    -starman

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