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The 144,000

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  • Mathew Morrell
    In keeping with the thread of our conversation, let me introduce the topic of, not superior races, but superior men, the mystical 144,000 that represent the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 14, 2005
      In keeping with the thread of our conversation, let me introduce the
      topic of, not superior races, but superior men, the
      mystical "144,000" that represent the stage in evolution when men
      truly, of their own wills, achieve lasting accomplishments through
      the art of living. I'll use the Book of Revelations as my authority,
      thank you very much. Not Blavatsky.

      In Rev. Ch. 14 we finally arrive at the sixth stage of evolvement.
      The "new song before the throne" is this new evolutionary impulse,
      the Sixth Epoch, where upon unfathomable knowledge becomes suddenly
      available. The accessibility of knowledge echoes a swift, powerful
      change in the spiritual atmosphere surrounding man, opening, to
      direct perception, the "everlasting gospel" which is the Akashic
      Records. A new music flows into our souls from this heavenly source
      as we simultaneous reach out with our individual wills to hear it.
      We are now deeply enmeshed in the strange, auditory, half-musical
      dimension of the Apocalypse. Now, though, knowledge is knowingness,
      a felt experience that resonates beyond the brain-bound mind.
      Merely to touch a flower is to know its hidden qualities.

      But, in the Apocalypse, there is never a moment of static equilibrium—
      not even peace. Peace and serenity comes at the expense of
      overcoming a conflict only for that conflict to elevate to another
      level. In quantum mechanics it's called symmetry breaking. The
      subatomic tension on an elementary level elevates to richer and more
      complex levels on a hyper dimensional state once the symmetry is
      broken. The war against Ahriman continues on in the next Epoch, but
      by then it will have developed a high degree of sophistication and
      complexity to qualify it as a supernatural war: white magic battling
      against black magic, the Ego of Christ against the Altered Egos of

      Even now, in our age, we are fighting a lesser version of this same
      war. As we watch TV our minds are being constantly manipulated by
      artful men and woman who are quit knowledgeable of the art of
      symbolism and how it effects the mind. Marketers and advertising
      executives are sometimes excellent psychologists who, if they follow
      the dark path, use their knowledge in egotistical ways. In like
      manner, politicians use words (and our perceptions of words) to
      mislead and manipulate, clutter the issues, confuse the unintelligent
      and neurotic, in order to control them. This is black magic!

      When is the Battle of All Against All, the legendary Battle of
      Armegeddon, it is now! The "days to come" aren't in the far future.
      They're here, you fool! The war is all around us.
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