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Re: End of Thread: Alleged Steiner Rosicrucian "Transmission"

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  • bscaro
    ... Brotherhood ... [[ ******So did the people who ruined the Theosophical Society, like Leadbeater. ... their fruits ... Lewis fruits seem to have been a
    Message 1 of 2 , May 27, 2005
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      > >> Lewis of AMORC also claimed connection with the Great White
      > himself.
      [[> ******So did the people who ruined the Theosophical Society, like
      > They lied.; they were self-deluded failures in initiation. "By
      their fruits
      > shall ye know them." What were their fruits? What, by contrast, is
      > anthroposophy's?]]

      Lewis' fruits seem to have been a large and successful organisation
      which perpetuated the R+C tradition for many years and introduced
      many hundreds of thousands to mysticism of one sort or another.

      I am no fan of his group, nor am I keen on promoting it, but in terms
      of what passes for success, it was not a bad effort.


      [[> *******I think this Steiner e-group could be put to far better
      use than to
      > allow people who
      > > seem to know very little about the spirit-being Anthroposophia
      which we
      > > followers of Steiner ]]

      Maybe we also are followers of Steiner ? Obviously in a different
      way, but there is nothing to stop people focussing on different
      aspects of a person's life or teaching in terms of what they 'follow'.

      I haven't tried to distort anything myself that I've noticed.

      Admittedly I am focussing on a small and atypical aspect of Steiner,
      but I do recognise that this is a small by-way and I am aware of the
      larger picture.

      And I have invited you to bring the breadth of your knowledge of
      Steiner to bear - in order to contribute to the discussion on those
      letters - if as you allege, they are not related to Masonry.

      Best regards

      Fra Ben

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