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  • Mathew Morrell
    ** You have to cut-and-past the entire link for it to work properly. Here it is again. Please ignore the giant cod piece.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 26, 2005
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      ** You have to cut-and-past the entire link for it to work
      properly. Here it is again. Please ignore the giant cod piece.

      ** There's a small colony in Indiana where "mediums" live among
      themselves, without having to face the chaos of the popular culture.
      They earn their living through a book store and by providing
      customers with psychic readings offered to the public. My Mom
      visited the colony a couple weeks ago, received a reading, bought a
      book or two, and was impressed enough by the experience that she
      expressed a desire to rent a room at their multiple acre property,
      which is in a rural area outside Anderson, IN. The colony has been
      in existence for over 100 years. Has anyone ever heard of this

      ** Woldorf schools are seeking charter status, if you didn't know.
      But in Utah and California, and across the nation, receiving charter
      status is easier said than done. Seems as if the elites are
      threatened by Waldorf's religious approach. Here is an article:

      ** The developments in Iraq are becoming intriguing from a geo-
      strategic perspective. Now that Saddam's regime has been toppled,
      and the Sunni Muslims pushed out of power, Iraq is now a Shia nation
      like Iran. The two have formed a close union. Their union
      represents the re-birth of the ancient Persian Empire which formerly
      occupied these two lands. This empire precedes by millenniums the
      pseudo-morphosis Iraq, an artificial nation established by Western

      Greater Persia represents one leadership and one people of
      considerable military might undiminished by a border. Now Russia
      has something to fear. With Greater Persia at their Southern
      border, Russia must sustain strong diplomatic/economic/military
      alliances with America. Iraq and Iran cannot be trusted. But
      America can. The Chinese, as well, must start redirecting their
      nuclear arsenal toward Greater Persia; start pulling their own
      weight in helping secure the flow of oil. Iraq is a region that
      Putin, Chirac, Schroeder and China can't schmooze any longer and
      expect to soak oil for free under the bogus "oil for food"
      program. Persian oil is guaranteed to flow into free market
      economies from now on. Greater Persia has balanced the scale of
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