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Re: [steiner] A Cu Chi tunnel

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  • Br. Ron
    I have been enjoying this thread immensely. Claude Bragdon s book The Fourth Dimension, a Primer to Higher Space is one of the most approachable treatises I
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      I have been enjoying this thread immensely.
      Claude Bragdon's book "The Fourth Dimension, a Primer to Higher Space" is
      one of the most approachable treatises I have read on this subject.
      One theory I have postulated concerning the "Big Bang" and the "'ere expanding universe,"
      is the idea of the hypersphere. While our habitual 3 Dimensional thought can't really
      get around this model, there are some clues that can point in the right direction.
      We tend to think of the universe as an expanding 'ball' but thinking with 4D symbols
      like the hypersphere, the periphery folds back upon itself.
      In other words, if I shot an arrow with enough force into space...in ANY direction,
      it would eventually end up where it started. (the 3D version of this is if you take
      off walking in any direction on Earth, you would eventually come back to the starting point.)
      4D models like the hypersphere and hypercube really don't have beginnings and
      endings in the classical sense, just new right angles in relation to the previous
      dimension.  (every new dimension runs at a right angle away from the previous dimension.
      ..'frinstance, a one dimensional line _________enters a new 2 dimensional
      space when a right angle is added to it L
      Then yet another direction (depth) is embarked upon with the 3D cube   
      The Tesseract is a 3D Cube where each new line runs at a right angle
      to the previous line.
      Now the challenge is, how do we add right angles to a sphere, as in the instance
      of a hypersphere.
      I get glimpses, but only mathematics can approach it so far
      Br. Ron
      Imagine, if you will, trying to escape a fourth dimensional tunnel. 
      Devoid of a normal beginning or end, you would be stuck in astral
      realm of sorts---subject to the laws of hyperspace.  How you would
      escape?  You can wander aimlessly all you want but wandering won't
      do you any good; you'll get no closer to the end.  In fact, you
      might go insane.  The psychological strain is akin to being suddenly
      dropped into an M.C. Escher painting.  Tell me:  How would the
      beginning and end appear in four space? .....

      *******I recommend two books to take some exercises from----first, a few years ago Steiner's lectures on the Fourth Dimension were translated and published. In the Theosophical movement there were a few people working with the idea of the 4th dimension about the turn of the 19th-20th century, like James Hinton and Claude Bragdon, and Steiner took their work as a starting point, such as the 4th-dimensional cube, hypercube or "tessaract". He continued with this throughout his life, so the lectures span the period from 1904 to the 1920's.

          Another Theosophist who started with Hinton's work was Russian mathematician P.D. Ouspensky, who unfortunately later fell under the influence of Gurdjieff; but before meeting him, he published a brilliant work entitled Tertium Organum. When Edgar Cayce in trance was asked how to understand and experience higher dimensions he recommended Ouspensky's book (along with Bucke's Cosmic Consciousness, American physician William Jay Hudson's Law of Psychic Phenomena and William James'  Varieties of Religious Experience, by the way). It has a series of exercises, developed from Hinton's starting-point, by which you can experience higher dimensions. I've used this book for 25 years and can testify it works.

         As a former Waldorf math and science teacher and projective geometry exponent, I would be happy to do a series of posts here about this, although we will still have the same problem with so many people not getting their e-mail in real time so that they will lose the diagrams (since no JPEGs are saved with the text messages on the web site). That would necessitate doing diagrams and uploading them to the Files section of the group, and then people would have to go find the diagrams there---- but since so many people refuse to use this method of communication as it's intended to be used there would be little other choice.

         I have been very busy but could do something like the above starting this month or next, if there's enough interest to justify the time expenditure, as there was not in the case of the astronomy last year.


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