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MUTE, originally aired 1963

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  • Mathew Morrell
    I don t have anything to say on Islam today. Instead, after watching an episode of the Twilight Zone last weekend, I ve been thinking about the topic of
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2005
      I don't have anything to say on Islam today. Instead, after
      watching an episode of the Twilight Zone last weekend, I've been
      thinking about the topic of childhood education. I recently
      purchased all 144 episodes of the Twilight Zone, thanks to EBAY, and
      this particular episode seems a whole lot more interesting than
      homicidal jihadists. In the story, three German families practiced
      a method of childhood education that is oddly anthroposophic; odd,
      because their method seems straight from the mouth of Rudolph
      Steiner. Consequently the children become telepathic.

      One family moved to the Pennsylvania wilderness, where they lived a
      reclusive life homeschooling their child, a darling, blond, little
      girl with soft blue eyes.

      But, herein is the problem. The parents die in a house fire, and
      the girl becomes an orphan. Because she doesn't speak and seems
      emotionally un-responsive, people automatically think she is a mute
      or has mental disabilities. The girl is neither. Her parents
      simply did not prepare her for the cruel realities of the outside
      world, so, when they die, she is in a state of terror, almost mute
      with horror, confused and dismayed. Her mind is highly tuned and
      not structured to understand the normal progression of modern
      language, which actually affects the way people think and feel, and
      therefore comprehend reality. Voices sounded garbled and barbaric
      because people spoke without "thinking" their words. To her their
      words were meaningless, devoid of thought-content: thus
      unintelligible. The girl is a savant whose mind has been groomed
      through years of discipline to think in a non-verbal manner
      conducive to extraordinary thought.

      This is the cruel tragedy. To integrate into human society, she
      must begin to speak through her mouth. But by speaking verbally
      through her mouth, she loses her telepathic abilities. In the end
      she sacrifices "the sublime" for the socially acceptable. It is
      among the most chilling Twilight Zone episodes.
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