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Re: [steiner] the nightly review or the "ruekshau"

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  • LilOleMissy
    You re so very welcome, Chantel, and I m very glad you ve found an answer. From what little I understand, it seems to me the backward review predates what we
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 6, 2005
      You're so very welcome, Chantel, and I'm very glad you've found an
      answer. From what little I understand, it seems to me the "backward
      review" predates what we might call history, having been at one time,
      so to say, a "natural" component of mankind's inherent thought process.
      And you're right that Steiner did indeed mention it ["Inner Nature of
      Man and the Life Between Death and Rebirth"] and I was really very slow
      in making the proper connection, let alone its enormous importance.

      BTW, I like your signature very much! :)



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      On Feb 6, 2005, at 10:33 AM, Cheeseandsalsa@... wrote:

      Thanks Sheila,  I was just wanting some more information on it.  I
      thought maybe Steiner had mentioned it in some lecture and what not.  I
      am done with my assignment now anyway.  I had enough to go on.  In
      "Start Now" there is a section on it.  From what I remember it was a
      Rosicrucian practice.  The backward review, reverse order exercise.  It
      is another exercise to supplement the basic six exercises.  Thank you
      for always being so helpful.  L&L, Chantel
      To be alone without the gods~that is death. ~Holderlin
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