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Re: [steiner] Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

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  • eyecueco@netscape.net
    ... Joseph, I hear what you are saying, but, if you read the reference given, you will see that RS is talking aboutdeveloping stages of consciousness when
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 29, 2004
      Joseph Proskauer <JP@...> wrote:

      >Regarding Paulina's contribution:
      >We might explore what the problem is with "sacramental mystery 'stuff'".
      >Perhaps there's a problem whenever we approach anything as mere 'stuff' on
      >the one hand, or mystified ritual on the other.
      >Presenting anything to anyone of any age (perhaps especially children) that
      >we have not approached through our personal activity may lead to problems.
      >This is just as true with the 3 Rs, traditional stories, or the nature of
      >substances or life on the playground as it is with other spiritual matters.
      >I would say that some connection with an awareness that there is
      >'sacramental mystery' within all this 'stuff' is just what children, and all
      >of us, are seeking.  Perhaps if we recognize that the locus of the mystery
      >is as much within the seeker as in the world, we will be more likely to
      >approach it in a living manner, taking up questions of life with objectivity
      >and vigor as well as devotion.  Such an approach to the gifts of the magi
      >might be wonderful for a whole school community.


      I hear what you are saying, but, if you read the reference given, you will
      see that RS is talking aboutdeveloping stages of consciousness when discussing
      the three gifts.

      If you have been reading the 12 Holy Nights Lectures that Starman has
      posted (Lectures I & 2) you should be able to immediately see my point.

      Reading your pedagogical suggestions I had a mixed rsponse. Again, I would
      think that age and stage of development of the child would have to be taken into consideration in each suggestion.  Also, the question put forth,"What is your
      objective for the activity?"  Is it observationfor a science unit, or vocabulary
      development in social studies, etc.  
      If the objective is aid in developing in the young child a sense of wonder (directed
      toward deeper truths that  should never be given by way of cognition -think for
      instance of how the mystery  school initiate was not even allowed to spoke for
      seven years, nor was spoken  to except by gesture - then esoteric history gives
      the answer, which is drama,  storytelling, reenactment of the Three Kings drama.

      Before giving out something to another, of any age, it needs to be taken up and in
      and lived with for a long time. Esoteric truths are as dangerous as bullets when fired
      indiscriminately. The mystery wisdom student learned this the hard way though many
      years and many trials.

      There is a reason cosmic truths were handed down via myths to early man.  That
      reason is a very important matter to consider when dealing with the young child.  
      The young are recapitulating this stage of evolution.  When being to too heady, too cognitive, harm , not help is done.

      Most of your suggestions are cognitive from my read.
      Just because a matter might be tied to an esoteric truth does not mean that it
      is 'food for the soul' of all.  The new born baby has no teeth to chew steamed
      carrots, nor the young child to take up in his or her soul what it means to progress
      from Manas to Buddhi.

      Am reminded of how much damage is done to the child growing up in a 'Fudi family',
      i.e., Fundamental Christians.  The parents think they are saving the souls of their children
      by all that literalism, when, in fact, they are handicapping them.

      All I have time for on this as I'm currentlycommitted a project that has priority
      until completed.

      Kind regards,

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