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Re: [steiner] Lecture 1 Pt. 2: Apollo, Orpheus, Christ/Alignment

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  • DoctorStarman@aol.com
    sirius777@cox.net writes: there is currently another alignment going on. ... ********I won t say the article is wrong, but I ll just put in that it is
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      sirius777@... writes:
      there is currently another alignment going on.

      Mercury, Mars, Venus in Rare Alignment

      By Associated Press
      7:40 AM PST, December 26, 2004
      DES MOINES, Iowa — Three planets will align over the weekend, giving Iowans a glimpse at something they haven't seen for at least 100 years, astronomy experts said.
      Mercury, Mars and Venus will be able to be seen in the southeastern part of the sky before sunrise from Saturday through Wednesday, said Michael Bakich, associate editor at Astronomy Magazine.
      "Next to the sun and the moon, (Venus is) the brightest in the sky, so it'll be brilliant," he said.
      Mars will be to the upper right of Venus and Mercury will be noticeable at its left.
      It's been at least 100 years since the planets have aligned this way, Bakich said.
      He speculated that the bright star the Bible says wise men followed to Bethlehem to find Jesus may have been a similar grouping of planets.
      "Nobody really knows what's called the Star of Bethlehem was," he said.

      ********I won't say the article is wrong, but I'll just put in that it is incomplete enough in details to the point where it might leave a wrong impression in some respects. First, there is a conjunction of Venus and Mars about every year and a half on average, and Mercury is never very far away from Venus astronomically speaking, so I don't think the 3 being together is something that happens only once every 100 years, although it doesn't happen often. Second, it's doubtful that many in the Northern Hemisphere would see Mercury in the early AM since the conjunction is occurring in Sagittarius which never rises very high in the southern sky ----which is why I was not telling people to try, although I will be on the beach the next few mornings before sunrise. So don't be disappointed if you can't see it.

         It is possible, however, to see all the 5 visible planets as well as the sun and moon this week by rising before sunrise and looking east, south and west. The moon and Saturn will be setting in the West (near the Twins; it was the bright "star" near the full moon along with the twin stars Castor and Pollux), Jupiter will be high overhead in the south between the Lion and the Virgin, and Venus and Mars will be in the east above the brightening sky before sunrise, along with the elusive, seldom-seen Mercury. All these planets, with the exception of Mercury, can be seen every morning in about the same positions for the next 2 weeks, as the waning moon goes by each one in turn. I would draw a diagram but only those who receive e-mail today would ever see it.

         As for the Star of Bethlehem, Kepler (whose birthday we remember today and of whom Steiner spoke often and highly) worked out the truly rare conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn, which are only near each other every 20 years, and found a special one a few years before Jesus' birth --- a triple conjunction, also involving Mars---- which is a conjunction, yes, but a little different than a conjunction of Mercury, Venus and Mars. Kepler was the first to assert that that one signified to the Zoroastrians that their leader, the enlightened Zarathustra, was going to be born again ---and to the Jews, since it occurred in Pisces, which traditionally ruled the Jews ('Where is he who is born King of the Jews? We have seen His star in the East'). But we know what the 'star' was that led them to the very house where he was born---the radiant astral body of Zoroaster ("sacred star") coming back down to Incarnation at that place.

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